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  1. pics of my box s after h&r springs installed
  2. Small Dings and Scratches
  3. New 18's, what size tires
  4. GREAT Perspective from 'The Other Guy'
  5. Workshop manual
  6. Anyone from Belgium?
  7. Questions about Rear Main Seal
  8. 986online and Hurricane Wilma
  9. porsche and Apple
  10. longer wheel bolts
  11. What is a OBD II reader?
  12. Busted Tranny!!!!!
  13. Junk in the Front Bumper Openings...
  14. Exhaust Heat Shield RATTLE !!!
  15. Hood Latch
  16. alarm beep
  17. Where is the engine number located?
  18. Visor airbag stickers
  19. Anyone here in the Sacramento region?
  20. Coating
  21. Lug Nuts Rusting Alot More In Front
  22. New Porsche owner and new to forum
  23. Installed the Non-Smoker Tray/Shelf/Cubby
  24. Well Darn it. I wrecked my Boxster today
  25. The dreaded "Check Engine" light
  26. the worst thing that could possibly happen when you loan out your boxster
  27. Electric windows
  28. how do I clean the rear plastic window
  29. Litronic Fuse Size?
  30. Replacing rear fog and break light bulbs.
  31. help! loud rattle in front of engine ...
  32. Porsche navigation unit
  33. Mich Pilot Sport's used for all season?
  34. Everything you could care to know about oil and oil filters..
  35. Sea Blue Leather
  36. Car colors
  37. What you think of the Z4 M?
  38. All turn signal lights flash by itself when alarm is on for awhile.
  39. Installing Rear Bumper Guard.
  40. Installing Rear Bumper Guard.
  41. Heat Sinks
  42. Good Mechanic in Vegas & Warranty
  43. Winter Tire Sizes
  44. How long the battery lasts
  45. Looking for some good deals?
  46. Red Clip? Help please
  47. Cheap Fixes
  48. Autobahn mirrors?
  49. Delivery tonight, someone speed the day up.
  50. Testing with Porsche...
  51. Signal Stalk Column
  52. Jack Pad comes with the car?
  53. Waxing with Klass all in one?
  54. Turn The Sound OFF, Please!!!
  55. Replacing Spoiler
  56. Any 550 Edition Owners? Please post pics
  57. 987 Sports Seats
  58. Autocross...Wow!
  59. dashboard lights
  60. Yup, it finally happened this weekend. Ripped rear window
  61. Some Loser Keyed my Boxster!
  62. Anyone have MobleGuardian tracking system?
  63. what kind of brake fluid does box s use
  64. What size spacers would I need?
  65. Clutch "squeeking"?
  66. PASM poll
  67. How much does a re-alignment go for?
  68. gotta get me one!
  69. Did anyone have this problem?
  70. Do aftermarket shift knobs fit?
  71. Wow I love my Boxster,does anyone else feel like this?
  72. Fantasy Basketball for 986 owners
  73. Golf fit GI...too beaucoup
  74. Porshe logo/name
  75. 402 Users
  76. First Oil Change...Not too good.
  77. Bumperettes on a 987
  78. Winter Tires
  79. Are there any affordable aftermarket wheels?
  80. Language setting!
  81. Yummy 430 and Carrera GT
  82. Alarm/passenger door/windows inop
  83. replacing headlight
  84. HUNTING IDLE and CEL problem
  85. Preventing Flat Spotting
  86. Dumb ? - Boxster Tool Kit
  87. Just received my new Lloyd mats..I am Impressed!
  88. Fuel Injector Cleaner?
  89. Advice on must have upgrades for a newbie
  90. 997 Rims on a 987?
  91. Squeaky Brakes
  92. It's arrived!!
  93. Stupid spoiler tricks...Be honest.
  94. Changing Dash Speakers
  95. Rattling in rear in reverse and 1st gear-what is it?
  96. paintless dent removal (PDR)
  97. Great Tech Q&A Articles on Oil Leaks
  98. Bulb sizes
  99. Where do you put the flat tyre?
  100. Trying to Change Oil On My Own
  101. How do you protect your Boxster when you park it?
  102. Battery Maintainer
  103. Pcm/mp3
  104. Turbo look I with 17mm spacers on the rear axel?
  105. 5mm spacer option
  106. Boxster: Awfully Low to the Ground?
  107. Painted Air Intake Vents
  108. Litronics Wanted
  109. Speedster Covers
  110. Door Entry Guards Carbon Illumin ??
  111. Two stupid Boxster tricks- now check engine is on
  112. 15 Porsches out for a drive!
  113. Caught the smoke!
  114. To store or not to store?
  115. Boxster Shift Knob
  116. New Porsche Owner and New To This Forum
  117. Quick thoughts on my first drive in a boxster..
  118. Service Bulletins for 2005
  119. Tool Kit
  120. Replacing SunVisor Mirror Cover!
  121. Do the Boxsters have brake pad sensors which indicate wear?
  122. center console cup holder
  123. Just did the 30k service..
  124. How to paint Calipers?
  125. BBS Wheels
  126. Anyone want to trade a dash storage pocket for a cd holder?
  127. 2005 Ashtray Replacement
  128. Schnell Short Shift Kit
  129. Key cap replacement?
  130. Found instructional DVD's
  131. Hinge replacements...
  132. Boxster Owners Unite!!! Where are you on the map?
  133. Replacing the shift knob on a '97 Boxster
  134. Boxster Maintenance Schedule
  135. Baseball
  136. If you drive conservely how long are tires and brakes good for?
  137. replacing center console
  138. A/C drain
  139. Hello and here are my first questions about buying a Boxster
  140. Nitrogen in Tires
  141. question about lowering
  142. Automatic Airbag Shut-off
  143. Tires from Costco?
  144. 987 mirror enhancements
  145. Finally found a floor jack!
  146. HELP ! Exhaust gases/headache inside NEW boxster
  147. How to hard wire a radar detector?
  148. Porsche owned by VW???
  149. Convertible Top Covers
  150. Winter wheels/ tires for 987
  151. (Another) White Smoke from the Exhaust Incident
  152. hydraulic fluid smell anyone?
  153. Porsche wheel cleaner = P21S?
  154. Owners with beige /tan interior, please help
  155. Boxster car cover instruction sheet
  156. *Poll* How fast have you gone in the Boxster?
  157. How old are you?
  158. Convertible top malfunction light on
  159. alignment after new wheels?
  160. How to do an oil-change on 99 Boxster?
  161. Of Great Interest!
  162. Rear Tail Light Installion
  163. My Situation to Ownership - Your Advice???
  164. Here's something Everybody Needs...
  165. So whats the story? Are Boxster seats prewired for Heaters or not?
  166. Auto Show & Underground Show in Anaheim *PICS*
  167. General newbie detailing questions
  168. Carrera vs Carrara
  169. Interesting Woofer install
  170. Painted Roll Bars
  171. considering 2005 boxster, need advice
  172. Oil Change!
  173. Installing new top with glass window
  174. Hello...our first Porsche
  175. Removing base of seat
  176. Help w/ horn!
  177. boxster help
  178. Quick question.
  179. Off the topic, but has anyone imported a car or a motor bike to the US?
  180. Boxster Sales Are Way Up In USA
  181. Mazda RX-7
  182. Porsche's Sales Numbers
  183. Which coolant to use?
  184. Leak Down Testing How To
  185. 2003 Chrome Tail Pipe Finisher
  186. Radio buzzing/distortion
  187. Viper In Vegas
  188. 19" wheels
  189. manual gearshift pops forward in 2nd gear
  190. Where is the best place to find a good used boxster ('05/'06)
  191. Road Atlanta/PCA 50th report
  192. Fun five minutes...
  193. Is it normal for oil "dripping" sound after a short run?
  194. What does the oil separator do?
  195. Sport Exhaust
  196. Why Do Certain Colors Cost $$
  197. Best Wax for White Cars
  198. Cigarette lighter
  199. Public comments about your Boxster
  200. Still learning about my Boxster
  201. Oil Filter Wrech
  202. Could someone help me?
  203. Angeles Crest
  204. 02 boxster
  205. Micro Fiber Towels
  206. Leather Care
  207. Wheel Bearing
  208. Smart Top
  209. i am now a "waiter." booyeah!
  210. Car care Products
  211. Looking for independent shop in South NH
  212. Porsche Car Care Products: Question & Comment
  213. Anyone know speaker specs?
  214. Ignition problems!!
  215. Anyone in here from Sacramento? Know of a mechanic?
  216. Los Angeles Mechanic
  217. Anyone with an opinion on adding rear speaker package?
  218. Anyone removed their BOXSTER emblem on the trunk?
  219. Cayman is growing on me...
  220. Difficult quest.........But I trust!!
  221. Topless Love...
  222. Spoiler doesn't retract!
  223. Windstop
  224. Changing from reg oil to Mobil1?
  225. Anyone ever used this?
  226. turbo wheels
  227. trans axle keep falling down-any ideas?
  228. Dash lights don't work???
  229. Wahoo! Post #1000!!!
  230. Where can i find clear taillights?
  231. Garage paint
  232. PA Winter is Coming
  233. heated seats... worth it?
  234. Argg.. Stealership prices..
  235. Storing car question?
  236. Road Atlanta
  237. Hardtops???
  238. Extended Warranty for a 97
  239. Clear coat repair? Repaint?
  240. Zenith Blue with newer boxster tail lights.
  241. This is very interesting!
  242. Monday production date
  243. carfax request!
  244. Installing onto top of Engine
  245. Lumbar support for stock seat
  246. Choose a Wheel
  247. What kind of front end is this?
  248. Hi Guys! New Boxster S owner, some general questions!
  249. Pcm 04/2001
  250. Hand Break sensor not working