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  1. Short shift kit on a 997 assembly??
  2. Another NEW-B
  3. Anyone know what the number is for the bulbs on the doors
  4. Center windscreen bracket (trim)
  5. Thinking about spacers for summer wheels
  6. Just how crazy is a person who owns a warehouse full of Porsches ?
  7. Does Porsche use a proprietary OBDII connector!?!
  8. Anyone have a set of plain center wheel caps...
  9. Difference between Litronics and HID conversion?
  10. Interior Light Problems
  11. Drive it like it was meant to be driven
  12. Replacement Tires
  13. Rear Adjustable Toe Arms on eBay
  14. Castrol Syntec (5W-40)
  15. Rookie tire question
  16. Ppi?
  17. Mass Air Flow Meter Nightmare!
  18. Avoid/Beware of eBay seller Deutsche Parts USA.
  19. Boxster key
  20. Well I'm back........kind of
  21. Need Advice - Coolant
  22. Dumping coolant
  23. Replacing fabric covering rod
  24. 996 C4S Test Drive Report
  25. How can I know if top relay switch is bad?
  26. What is the difference betweem litronics headlights and HID conversion kit?
  27. Boxster left me stranded on the side of the interstate highway...but...
  28. Spoiler at half mast!
  29. Painted muffler flat black...
  30. Brake noise
  31. 2003 OEM glass convertible top installed on an 01 Boxster
  32. Coolant drip
  33. Oil on cyl heads?
  34. 2001 Boxster S KM/H gauge faces
  35. Where is door switch
  36. Light switch in rear lid inverted
  37. It went ploosh and squealed
  38. Key remote battery dying
  39. One Lazy Saturday Afternoon
  40. Jake has pictures
  41. Trouble shifting into 2nd, 4th, & 6th
  42. Lowering the top clarification
  43. Handling changes with lowering springs?
  44. Mo' better tunes...
  45. Silly question about door speakers
  46. Boxster S Spoiler Switch
  47. Hit 100K today!
  48. Extra carfaxes to burn...
  49. xenon light trouble
  50. What will 100 octane gas do?
  51. PCA awap meet
  52. PSE exhaust
  53. How to clean muffler tip of a 550AE?
  54. 2002 Boxster S for $18k, good deal?? A couple of Q's
  55. Doors wont lock, windows dont work-help
  56. Radio won't turn off.
  57. Poor porsche, Rich porsche
  58. When to Change Tires
  59. Door locks sounds horrible
  60. Check Engine Light
  61. Window not going down
  62. Boxster Tie Rod hitting top of Air Duct right side only
  63. Help needed with rear suspension
  64. Weird sound from under the dash
  65. Maintence advice for recently hibernated '02
  66. Air pressure in Kuhmos
  67. Miracle on Page Mill Road?
  68. Odd problem
  69. Interesting bit about short shift kits
  70. Clutch Replacement: what performance mods to do?
  71. Air Filter Recommendations
  72. SUNCOAST - How often do you order from them?
  73. Time may change me...
  74. License Plate Bolts?
  75. Oil around intake manifold (pics)
  76. I effing love my Boxster.
  77. Performance Difference between Auto & Manual Boxster, Your Thoughts??
  78. Don't go to
  79. New Member / Caliper Re-Paint
  80. Where can I buy blown internal motor parts?
  81. Ran her off the road today!
  82. Tree sap on the seats
  83. Short Shifter keeps poping loose on my Boxster
  84. Car won't start yet top will go down?
  85. CEL 1128 & 1130
  86. San Jose,San Fran, Orange Co. guys...Help please.
  87. Panama!! it has arrived
  88. How come I can't log in?
  89. Anyone bought these wheels?
  90. Roof wont close
  91. appetizers and steak
  92. Cleaning orbital buffer pads
  93. Wheel Size on 2003 Boxster S
  94. Meridian Blueish Riced out Boxster
  95. Laissez le bon temps roullet!!! and all I wanted was a little Zaino...
  96. Short shifter loose?
  97. Remote key and other problems, Help
  98. Paint Roll Bar - need to remove it?
  99. A question for Jake
  100. April Panorama
  101. Mysterious coolant leak
  102. Error Code assistance
  103. CEL Code experts please help!
  104. Leather shifter knob
  105. Tiptronic? Opinions?
  106. I want to build a TTOD car
  107. No More Boxsters ?
  108. Pedro Muffler Video
  109. MAF sensor, 2nd time in a week
  110. Vacuum Line Brake Booster
  111. Bumper Suggestion?
  112. Chipping the car
  113. Oil change - rookie mistake or just a fluke
  114. Instruction Books - Nav System - CD stacker
  115. This would be fun...
  116. LMFAO!! You'll Laugh at This, Guaranteed.
  117. Coolant loss after replacing CV axles
  118. Code P1126
  119. Knocking at idle goes away when clutch is engaged?
  120. Too Funny!
  121. Problem giving copy of Boxster S title?
  122. 2000 Boxster Repairs
  123. Newbie Q's
  124. wind deflector clip for Boxster 986
  125. Serpentine belt
  126. FYI the CDR220 can play 10 CDs
  127. Problem with winshield wiper delay mode
  128. Looking for a Boxster for a photo shoot in NYC
  129. Boxster S with a Salvage Title
  130. Just got exhuast done w/ 3.6L
  131. Hey, we are in Automobile Magazine
  132. Target
  133. anyone with a dansk exhaust?
  134. one headlight on
  135. Brand new convertible top for sale
  136. Who has an Elise????
  137. Teardown Pictorial on Boxster Engine
  138. Lubro Moly?
  139. OEM Porsche 5mm Wheel Spacers, Lug Bolts, and Locks
  140. ECU upgrades - worth it?
  141. Strebo bypass and Fabspeed muffler?
  142. Need Help Installing New Windscreen...
  143. 2000 Boxter S. Need a clutch in that Atlanta Area. DiY Friendly?
  144. HELP! How do I test the two-tone horn RELAY?
  145. Good/Bad experiences with e-Bay Motors?
  146. Check out my new hood badge!
  147. Here's an interesting look at things to come...
  148. Security Lug Bolts
  149. 986 wheels between years
  150. Muffler rust
  151. ODBII Scan and clear codes
  152. Teen Driver and Boxster
  153. Help Lil Bastard
  154. Cold morning starts
  155. Oil change question
  156. How I fell in love with 356...
  157. Ignition Issue?
  158. Boxster Convertible Tops
  159. Lug bolt key
  160. Wait code on the stereo
  161. Engine Code P1128
  162. RMS / Clutch / Flywheel
  163. driving below 2800 RPM = trouble?
  164. Front Boot doesnt pop
  165. Stumbling/misfiring/check engine light!!!
  166. Need Carfax check & purchase advise
  167. WARNING!! NOT for the faint of heart! Poor Boxster.
  168. Where can I get a logo or sticker for the batwing?
  169. New M535
  170. when i step on the gas on my boxter nothing happens
  171. My boxster is upset with me..
  172. Secondary Air Injection Malfunction
  173. Water pump - DIY? How much is fair to PAY to get it fixed?
  174. Oil filter spring?
  175. Front Kick Panel Removal?
  176. All Electrical Out, Except Engine Starts & Runs, Lights, Dash Lights & Radio Work
  177. Check these out!!!!!!
  178. question regarding cv boot change
  179. Washing the engine
  180. Air Bag Deactivation
  181. Dead Battery -- Trickle Charger didn't work?
  182. Track day numbers
  183. flickering orange interior light
  184. What to inspect in almost new 2006 Boxster S?
  185. Squeaky Clutch and Brakes
  186. Halogen Headlamp bulbs question - xenon / blue lights?
  187. So why a Boxster?
  188. Key programing question
  189. Bad O2 sensor kill HP?
  190. Does anyone have $140k disposable income he wants to give me?
  191. CPO Upgrade - For New Prospective Owners
  192. Nice roads in NC
  193. Can You Afford To Drive A Ferrari?
  194. Dashboard gauges stop working
  195. Weird problem
  196. Can't Open Doors Manually...Suggestions?
  197. Upgrading rear speakers
  198. Replacing Emblem
  199. I'm Married!!!
  200. Powdercoated exhaust tips
  201. Boxster Cover Help?
  202. Cleaning Tiptronic Shift Selector Switch
  203. Alarm question - Alarm remote not locking car
  204. staggared wheel question.
  205. Is there a special tool to remove Alternator?
  206. Alternator
  207. Liability only?
  208. Looking for the oil filter removal wrench
  209. Amazing car collection in Michigan
  210. Test drove 2006 Boxster S for a day
  211. CEL Help
  212. Can someone do a CARFAX search for me?
  213. New member,new porsche.Question?
  214. Redline transmission fluid
  215. For those of you within driving distance of Carlsbad, CA
  216. Warranty - should I do it?
  217. Is Nitrogen worth it?
  218. Got a little weather today
  219. Water
  220. HELP! Need directions for high/low tone horn replacement instructions
  221. Electric Golf Trolley
  222. battery just died
  223. Need boxster logo
  224. Air Compressor
  225. What to swap MY02 to MY99
  226. Power steering whine.
  227. Where to buy Owners Manual Leather Case
  228. Spacers Question
  229. battery power
  230. The 914 - The Boxster of the '70s
  231. Boxster badge 'adjustment' advice needed.
  232. Rear Trunk cable replacement P/N
  233. Steering wheel fitment
  234. Has anyone had a leak at the rear of the oil sump cover?
  235. Don't want to start a holy war...but
  236. Heat, A/C not working right
  237. Hail of an Afternoon
  238. Wheel touch-up paint source?
  239. Vancouver/Fraser Valley/Lower Mainland BC Canada
  240. Rim repair in the NE?
  241. Caliper DECAL question
  242. Mobil1 grease
  243. Custom Exhuast for Boxster with 3.6L motor?
  244. How to switch from Kilometers to MPH?
  245. Replacement motor question
  246. Valentine One Mount Location
  247. Stebro cat delete pipes installed
  248. Car insurance for your Porsche - how to get options covered
  249. Paint / Clear Coat Question..
  250. Will bigger rims and lowered suspension effect PSM???