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Remember your first ride in a sports car?

I was fourteen when I had my first ride in a sports car. I was sitting on the 'hump' between my two older brothers in a '56 Jag XK140. The car was black with wire wheels, a split windshield and cut down doors. It was in Quebec one summer night in August , 1967 , on the 640 Hwy. I remember when we hit about 120 MPH all the dust and dirt lifted off the floor and got in our eyes. Good thing no one else was on the road that night.

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Does a Mustang count? LOL
I was 13 and there were 6 of us in the car ..... and then 3 of us in the trunk.
I just remember it being dark and hot!
Oh wait, 1967 too.
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two trips, first one drove a brand new mg sprite from calgary to edmonton, and then a short time later repeated the same trip in a brand new TR6 w OD in the pouring rain. my dads cousin had a austin healey mk3 but i can't remember getting a ride in it...

best drive was in a 1950's merc 300sl gullwing coupe, once around the block.

03-r1100s, 11-f800st, 09-987.2, Norton Commando
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How could I forget !
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Don't worry … I've got the microfilm.
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March 1969 - going over the River Severn on the then new bridge which goes into Wales in the UK.
My cousin had recently bought an Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA (the lightweight alloy bodied job) and while I was over visiting he asked me if I wanted a spin - whoo what a car. I remember watching the tacho sweeping up to the redline in every gear except 5th - something no other car I had ever been in could do that!
It took me another 2 years to buy my first Alfa 105, after which I had another 6 over the next 20 years.
When I last spoke to my cousin, he still owned the GTA - probably worth a lot of money now....
2001 Boxster S (triple black). Sleeping easier with LN Engineering/Flat 6 IMS upgrade, low temp thermostat & underspeed pulley.
2001 MV Agusta F4.
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The year was 1957!

I was a young Lieutenant stationed in Iceland. I had seen a 1956 Austin Healey driven by another officer back in the states and I decided that I had to have one. I bought a 1957 100-6 from an Icelandic dealer and had it shipped back to New York. Terrific little sports car and loads of fun to drive. I eventually bought a 1960 Mark ll and later a 1965 3000. Sure wish I had kept one of them.

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10 years old, walking home from school when my Scoutmasters son stops in his XK120. Took me for a 10 min ride. 4years later I bought a wrecked Spitfire and the vicious cycle has yet to stop. Just one more car Honey, this is the car I really want. Ed
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my dad bought a 1970 Jaguar XKE convertible when he came back from vietnam. my brother & i were born several years later. once we got old enough, we would sit on the rear decklid with our feet behind the front seats, holding on to the headrests. mom & dad would drive us all over the place. wonderful time.
'99 Boxster
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First time I was in a proper sports car driven hard and to the limit was in 02 in a Toyota soarer twin turbo..... Was the most amazing thing feeling the torque that thing had!

When I got home I made my mum sell her mg and buy an s2000.... That thing was awesome, best decision she ever made!
2000 Boxster 2.7l, IMS, RMS upgraded
Clarion NX501 GPS Head Unit
Focal 3 way splits, Alpine 4 channel amp
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Ever see the movie "Hooper" with Burt Reynolds ?? Remember Tony the AD with the bull horn ?? He was born and raised in my neighborhood. He was the first guy I ever saw run for pleasure and not 'cause someone was chasing you.

Well, he had a BRG Triumph TR-3 and when I was 7 or 8 he took me for a spin. Been hooked ever since.

To the point I had a BRG TR-3, and a Spitfire (they were called "chick cars" too) a TR-250, a Midget, 67 MGB, the list goes on.

Before I bought the Boxster, I had considered a TR-6...I'm glad I changed my mind.
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My fathers 1959 Mercedes 190 SL, I pulled all the knobs off the dash board when I was three years old.
2001 Boxster S 3.6L, Zeintop
"Calling upon my years of experience, I froze at the controls." - Stirling Moss
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In the early 70s my uncle had an older Jag XKE. That's my earliest memory of riding in a sports car. My first car (high school) was a '70 MGB. It's been an incurable addiction ever since.

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1975. A buddy bought a Triumph TR4. No power but still a blast to cruise around in with the top down. Even though the car wasn't white, our theme song cranked as loud as the cheap stereo would go was "The Boys in the Bright White Sports Car" (Trooper).

He traded it to another buddy the following year for a 396 Chevy 4-door boat. The new owner repainted it fire engine red, and it was like: Wow! Where was that car hiding?

He was driving it down the freeway a year or two later and one of the wheels and associated suspension fell off. (No one hurt.)

2001 Boxster, 5 spd, Seal Grey
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JD...How funny...now there's a total "chick car" package.

Back on topic; my elder brother purchased a 1969 911S (Tangerine) back in 1973, when I was a Jr in HS. He actually taught me to drive it and I was hooked from that point on (wish I had that car now). My first Porsche was a 1974 914 "Bumble-Bee", as that's all I could afford after college. Countless 911s later, I am fond of my Box and have taught my son to drive and am working on my daughter.
2002 Boxster S
1973 911 Green FrankenMeanie
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Mid 70's spitfire. I was about 6 I think. LEt to a fascination with MG's and British cars, followed by an all to rocky love affair with one, and now back to the roadster relationship with a Boxster. Still love the look of the old brit car though, something really well done about the old fenders just classy looking.
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1982 in Germany, I road in a new 911 on some crazy winding roads near Langerkoph. I was amazed at how many G’s that car was pulling through the corners. A couple weeks later I enjoyed a cruise in a Targa (with the top off)… I was sold, I wanted a Porsche!

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I don't remember my first ride in a sports car, but my first ride in a Porsche was awesome!

I flew out to California to visit some Family/Friends and my Dad's friend picked my up in his 1999 white C4S Cab. It had the coolest wheels and a GT3 front bumper. His wife brought their other car so she could take my luggage and I could go in the Porsche.

It was about 9 or 10 at night when we left the airport and we had some fast fun on the way home.

I'll never forget that.
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I bought an old mk4 Austin Healy Sprite when I was about 19 ('79). It had the same engine as the 1275 GT mini. I can't remember if it was fast. The drivers door wouldn't open and so you had to climb in with the top down. When you changed gear the back end whipped sideways. Found that one of the U bolts on the rear axle had no retaining bracket. When it came time to sell it I took it to local car auction. Bidding went to 150 pounds. Auctioneer said 'you'll not get much more than that son'. I said no thanks paid the fee and took it home. Next auction day when the sun was shining I entered it again with the roof down and the cover buttoned down got 350 pounds and later sold the hardtop for another 20.
A few years back I bought an old Lotus Eclat. Not too pretty to look at, but that was a fast car.
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My first sports car and the love of my life, a 1971 Triumph TR-6...

1999 996 C2 - sold - bought back - sold for more
1997 Spec Boxster BSR #254
1979 911 SC
POC Licensed DE/TT Instructor

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Datsun 240Z

I was in college when Datsun brought out the 240Z. I couldn't afford one, but the salesman didn't know that. British Racing Green with a medium brown interior. I'd been driving a '58 Fairlane, so you can imagine the difference in handling. I couldn't believe the visceral reaction I had to that car. The look, the feel, the smell all added up to one exciting drive. Sure wish I could have afforded one.

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