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  1. Goodbye Base. Hello S.
  2. One way check valve next to vapor canister
  3. Boxster S Front bumper cover trim
  4. porsche emergency kit...what do you carry?
  5. Suddenly my Boxster won't start - what do I check first?
  6. which spoiler lip to order ? 996 GT3 front bumper
  7. Buying salvage cars for parts
  8. Clutch pedal travel
  9. M96 Engine Disassembly
  10. regarding the Porsche 911 in taken 3...
  11. Which bulbs to use ?
  12. Battery completely dead
  13. Rolex 24 Discussion
  14. blown speaker, worth replacing or upgrade? also want AUX-in
  15. :( I don't think it's worth fixing :(
  16. She made it home
  17. Goy my new front and rear bumpers and wheels on the way.
  18. Wheel refurbishing question
  19. What are the Big Trips planned for this year
  20. Wire mesh deflectors for head rest
  21. Oops
  22. Need a Boxster Parts Catalogue With Diagrams
  23. door speaker boxes for 98 - there are 2 sizes?
  24. check out my stealth 997
  25. iPhone 6 holder
  26. Naturally Aspirated Cars- The Future Collector's Car?
  27. Trying to place the triangle, toolkit?
  28. How much are my wheels worth..?
  29. Worth it to have used/rebuilt engine installed?
  30. Clutch Suggestions.
  31. No Reverse after rear passenger axle broke???
  32. Do you check your lights?
  33. 1997 Boxster 18 inch Rim fitment Question.
  34. Help with roof lining
  35. Scrapping an engine. Anything worth saving?
  36. First Boxster
  37. An Encounter - pull over right away
  38. An Encounter - why not?
  39. Velcro pad sticking up from soft top - what is this?
  40. Matchboxster
  41. Replaced all 02 sensors, still getting CEL. Aftermarket exhaust?
  42. Got the Boxster back... (IMS upgrade)
  43. The Turbos Are A-Comin'!
  44. re-gluing dash leather?
  45. Porsche 991 S with PIWIS 2 tester
  46. If you have not see this is neat
  47. New sewed in rear windows - do they leak?
  48. Coolant Question
  49. Looking for Capt. Black
  50. Replacing coolant sensor
  51. Warm gear lever and transmission tunnel.
  52. How about a South Bay cars & coffee meet this Sat, Jan 24th - Location Announced!
  53. $20 and Stock 18" Wheels
  54. strange behavior with ignition switch.
  55. KW V3 install question
  56. Problems Balancing wheels
  57. tapatalk not working?
  58. Parking on a slope
  59. Alpine TuneIt app
  60. Things my wife says
  61. Water Pump Replaced, But Problems Remain
  62. Need help on what I thought would be an easy part find.
  63. spent some time with Jake Raby today
  64. How do I get in touch with an admin?
  65. Detailing Question W/O Water
  66. Engine temperarture pass 180 F problem solved
  67. First drive in a while
  68. New rims - replacing the old turbo twist
  69. Boxster with S-Car-Go built 3.8L
  70. Interior Upgrade complete
  71. Circuit Werks high flow cats
  72. Uh oh! Bellowing smoke from tailpipe. :(
  73. '03 wheels fit a '97...right?
  74. Anyone have any idea what exhaust this is??
  75. Brake Pads - Replacement Estimate.
  76. Dealing with troublesome users - OT
  77. 986,350z, mini cooper s, etc.
  78. Boxster quiz..
  79. Porsche Bosxter Rear Tail Lights
  80. Boxster Spyder Roof Skin Paranoia
  81. Dropped engine sump today
  82. HI EVERYBODY!! (Hi, Dr. Nick!)
  83. [996] Is this orgiginal or sportsystem?
  84. Need Some Help Deciphering a Blackstone Lab Report
  85. Freakin cold but still starts
  86. Winter Boxsters For Sale
  87. How much engine movement is normal/how much means bad motor mount
  88. Magnaflow CARB catalytic converter for 02 2.7L Boxster
  89. Fourteen Years of Mod
  90. Concerned
  91. Boxster Hard Top in Maple Valley, Washington - $500 eBay
  92. Wood Dash Kits - worth it?
  93. 275 Tires on 265 rim
  94. Apple Carplay in the Boxster?
  95. Interior Refurbishment
  96. Four spoke steering wheel colored crest availability ??
  97. Sanity check - my coolant went about a quart low after WP/Thermostat change - air?
  98. Reduced diameter Boxster 986 tiptronic steering wheel
  99. Cheapest ever fill up
  100. GT3 Delete and Racing Seat
  101. Odd shifting
  102. 986 Door won't open from the outside.
  103. Need some Advice
  104. AARG! How do you remove the windscreen??
  105. Best option for replacing plastic window?
  106. Car transport
  107. Front hood release cable broken. Is this a pain to R&R. Any tips?
  108. Door micro switches - latch or handle?
  109. Anyone running 19" Victor Innsbruck or Victor Baden wheels?
  110. New Boxster owner in Japan
  111. Looking to form a DIY group near Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, PA AREA
  112. Free Jag if anyone is interested!!
  113. Always thinking about you guys! :D
  114. Visited RUF and RWB shops in Taiwan (50+ photos)
  115. Looking to form a DIY group in CT/Ma/RI/NY
  116. That's better
  117. Down but not out
  118. short vacuum cleaner sound - electric pump?
  119. Took Boxster on Ghost Town trip....
  120. Has anyone seen these vanes? Just curious
  121. 99 Boxster ICV replacement part question
  122. Transmission mounts do not mate
  123. Do you have to remove the top shelf behind tbe seats to remove the front engine cover
  124. Missing Mesh
  125. 05 Boxster (987): Upgrade 17" Wheels?
  126. considering buying an 05s
  127. Heat not so hot
  128. A modern barn find
  129. Leather interior question
  130. Last thing I wanna do...
  131. Thinking about twin turbo.
  132. RUF 993TT Carnage
  133. Base 986 Caliper Reconditioning (and Painting)
  134. Sport Design Wheel question
  135. Does leaving your key in the ignition, even when off, drain tbe battery?
  136. New member saying hi and a question!
  137. Soft-top Push Rod Ball snapped after replacing Top
  138. Anyone here in Bangor Maine? Need a dropoff point.
  139. Car Clubs/Meetups in the NJ - Jersey City/Hoboken area?
  140. WTB GQ4x Univ. EPROM Programmer
  141. Dead Battery '00, what electrical connection to use?
  142. IMS Retrofit - Warranty/Break-in
  143. Some thoughts on "Porsche Purism"
  144. Cold morning.... Crank but no start.
  145. Yellow lights
  146. 20" wheels
  147. 01 Boxster Base: Grinds on 3rd gear shift over 5K RPM
  148. Fix the top or not?
  149. Interior Restoration on 986 Boxster
  150. ABS and PSM lights come on
  151. Will Porsche ever be independent of VW again?
  152. Any DIY'rs in CT do lock/IS mechanism install?
  153. Hello, I'm new to the forum.
  154. Headlight Questions - Which Bulbs? PIAA, Osram, Philips
  155. IMS bearing removal without special tool??
  156. Squeaking front suspension
  157. TX Fluid
  158. reasons for the failure of hydraulic systems
  159. Reason for the failure of hydraulic system
  160. Interior door handle light
  161. Seat wire harness removal
  162. Porsche Mechanic as a Career Choice
  163. When is driving a Boxster no fun at all?
  164. 2015 Porsche To Do Resolution
  165. Winter has officially arrived! Plus "my other car"
  166. man cave/garage AC and heat
  167. Happy New Year! Be Safe.
  168. Cars of the Year
  169. GT3 console delete
  170. Natural Leather definition/description
  171. Strange loss of battery power...
  172. Beater Boxster rear trunk lid..
  173. Battery/Maintainer question.
  174. Shennandoah va mobile mechanic
  175. Where did you buy your aftermarket wheels from?
  176. GPS mph accuracy
  177. Can my kids ride in my new Boxster?
  178. Whick Lube ?
  179. It Sneaks right up on you
  180. Powder Coated my Calipers
  181. Rev flat spot after MAF cleaning
  182. Stripes
  183. Looking for a PDF for a 99' Boxster
  184. Anyone now what this is?
  185. Rear spoiler ideas?
  186. Wheels Spacer Safe Size Range?
  187. First time driving a 'Box' in the snow.
  188. Front bumper cover
  189. Weekend of Projects
  190. Booster seat
  191. Finally took some decent pics of the "Beater".
  192. Just replaced my AOS-worst job ever!
  193. Wheel Lock Key
  194. Wanting to buy Porsche Boxster... rebuilt engine
  195. New brake rotors and pads.
  196. Finally back in the saddle!
  197. There are no stupid questions...
  198. Anyone get any cool Porsche related stuff this Christmas?
  199. Particle wave
  200. Wanted to put stealth bulbs in my litronics....
  201. Any regrets?
  202. Happy Holidays
  203. Dang! my son's Boxster was hit, not gonna buff out
  204. How important is a glass rear window?
  205. Boxster to be Re-named the 718?
  206. Swapping automatic tranny to manual
  207. IMS replaced on Tipronic
  208. The Bugatti Chiron, AKA the Veyron Successor, Will Be a 288-MPH Animal with E-Turbos
  209. Owner wrecks 707hp Dodge Challenger Hellcat 1 hour after buying it...
  210. Gas Prices
  211. Stereo Upgrade - opinions needed
  212. Front windshield
  213. Windows fog after rain - airbox not draining?
  214. Relay Chart -looking for one
  215. Motive Power Bleeder
  216. Crash course in auto body...
  217. How long to warm up a 10 year old Boxster?
  218. Ride and Handling
  219. Anyone not have a problem with their Boxster lately ?
  220. How to spend $41 for radio removal tool
  221. Windows Mobile Application Development is in Action for Spe
  222. Meet up at the Gilmore Car Museum
  223. Another suspension question
  224. Loud high pitched squeal ONLY on deceleration
  225. Choosing which model
  226. My gas mileage is improving
  227. OT: Help me re-locate a thread...
  228. Anyone have seat covers?
  229. Shanghai Porsche 918 Crash
  230. If your Boxster s 6 speed fill plug is stuck, try this
  231. haggerty insurance will not accept my boxster
  232. Just rolled in for clutch/IMS...
  233. Temp gauge and a p0117 fault code
  234. Buying Brakes and Rotors off Ebay
  235. Are 986 Litronics plug-in-play?
  236. Odd window glitch.
  237. My trunk lid is different and no spoiler
  238. Want to buy new rims
  239. Help in finding a product
  240. AOS failure questions
  241. Under 10k miles Boxster with Raby Upgrades!
  242. Busy Day
  243. Who's going to be first to install this on their 986?
  244. Winter tire question
  245. Seat connector
  246. What's your daily driver?
  247. Random Alarm
  248. Toyota's 850-horsepower Camry is insane!
  249. How much does it cost you to renew your tabs each year?
  250. New 2000 Boxster Owner