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  1. Need opinions on a summer project.
  2. Has anyone ever driven in a parade with someone between the roll bars on the back?
  3. Condensation on inside of the windows
  4. Bose Upgrade
  5. New Member - Need Tire Help!!
  6. My new 981 S
  7. Happy Fathers Day
  8. Carpet Catastrophe!
  9. No more speculation! We roll the U.S.-spec Alfa 4C onto a set of scales.
  10. Previous owner visiting my Box
  11. How rare is this 986?
  12. It's here! My new 981 :-)
  13. Durango Motor Expo
  14. Need help
  15. Another SSK Thread!
  16. Looking for a Boxster, what to buy with my budget?
  17. Sloppy Shifter
  18. How many 2008 black top/grey interior rs60 spyders were made ?
  19. This looks like a nice 987
  20. What do you do when you are waiting for parts?
  21. Calling all 986 Geometry Experts!!!!
  22. Shaky n/s mirror
  23. Steering wheel question
  24. Details Emerging On Next Boxster Engine with Twin Turbo Overhaul
  25. New Member greeting from North Carolina
  26. Short Throw Shifter
  27. need help front bumper cover
  28. Red Brake Calipers
  29. What to do about my seats
  30. Amazingly I like driving to the drugstore
  31. Boxster Based Kit Cars?
  32. I was surprised how clean my engine was
  33. I have a confession to make - 986 vs 987 S
  34. Cruise Control
  35. Your thoughts on fiberglass bodykits...
  36. Dipstick stuck!
  37. The search is over found my Boxster
  38. Oil Thread
  39. Base vs S
  40. Engine compartment fan, suck or blow? Pictures please.
  41. Few issues need help
  42. Odd Starting Problem
  43. Xtreme body works (Jeff) headlight review
  44. OBC install who has done this ?
  45. taking my 99 box to a car show
  46. 2008 Boxster S vs Base
  47. Having issues with your convertible top mechanism drive gears?
  48. Shaking steering wheel at high speed
  49. Porsche’s new flat-four engines: from 1.6/210bhp to 2.5/360bhp
  50. Panorama magazine?
  51. bike rack
  52. tipping the valet in your Porsche
  53. Favor to ask if you have an SK synchrometer
  54. Top treatment question
  55. locked keys in trunk please help
  56. New Meds, might as well sell her :(
  57. Porsche dealership service definitely has two levels..
  58. Overheating sometimes
  59. CEL and single code P1130
  60. The sound the new Boxster GTS makes!
  61. Why 2 Speedos?
  62. OBC will not activate
  63. rattle driving me nuts !!!
  64. Can't determine interior color?
  65. Porsche dealership service definitely has two levels..
  66. Boxster starts but won't run
  67. 996 C4S Cluster install
  68. lost headlight piece
  69. 75K Service Estimate
  70. Would You Rather? Ferrari 360 Modena vs. Porsche Cayman S
  71. Replacement Fire Extinguisher
  72. Mini Cooper Convertible.
  73. Best Mods for Power?
  74. First encounter with a cop in my boxster!
  75. Car alarm
  76. Used Red Clip, now top will not operate
  77. Bergdahl vs. Johnny D
  78. Dumb Question - Oil Filter Adapter
  79. Retired military
  80. Anyone ever hear/seen a boxster drag car/build?
  81. minor oil leak ?
  82. Canadian GP
  83. Production numbers
  84. deck plate truck
  85. Are these 18" wheels original?
  86. A nice picture
  87. Rear break light - upgrade
  88. Hardtop useage in Summer
  89. Serious Engine Damage...
  90. Anyone here ever flush their coolant?
  91. oil level way low on gauge
  92. Hi~I am new here
  93. Wet Frunk after service
  94. New to me 2000 Boxster - what to do out the gate (maintenance)
  95. Why America's love affair with convertibles has run off a cliff
  96. war on neighbors cat
  97. Device in halogen headlight
  98. Headlamp connector/socket pin help?
  99. Boxster S still available
  100. Coolant Question
  101. First thread, Kinda emotional story, first Mods, lots of pics!
  102. If I had only one drive before I died
  103. Ugh! LCD crapped out
  104. a couple issues
  105. Leather Dash Question
  106. The only thing that annoys me with 986...
  107. Looking for Boxster Mechanic in CT
  108. How to tell if my Boxster has a PSE exhaust?
  109. What's your favorite song while driving a boxster
  110. Anybody ever go to the Florida International Rally Motorsports park, aka "The Firm"?
  111. Direct Fuel Injection on Base 987 - II
  112. Awesome drive on FM455
  113. anyone have a single din navigation installed (flip up screen)
  114. Swapping the bulb and color of a Stereo unit?
  115. just discivered fog light
  116. need to name my box
  117. Better than stock security?
  118. AOS or more?
  119. Spoiler Won't Operate at Speed
  120. Start up rattles
  121. Sold My Miata and bought an 01 Boxster
  122. Mirrors are reversed ???
  123. some questions
  124. CEL light is on for the first time..
  125. Hard starting 2001 Boxster
  126. Tire 2 to 1
  127. Jim Clark rally , Scotland .
  128. I got my Boxster back from the shop after the "Deer" repair
  129. Little Video From Today
  130. Brake pad question!!
  131. Would you?
  132. Battery / Storage Dilemma
  133. What Would You Mod on 2006 Base
  134. What tire pressure guages are you using?
  135. Help me price my Boxster for auction.
  136. "The 50 Years of the 911" will be on the Velocity channel tonight 10-11pm EST
  137. Hardtop/Speedster hump install
  138. Total Loss?
  139. Local Auto Parts Store
  140. Finally pulled the engine out and its a goner
  141. So I Have This Launch Code?
  142. Ferrari Collector Madness
  143. Think your boxster needs work?
  144. Good PPI in Chicago
  145. Just got new 987.2
  146. I'm ready to order a new top with glass rear window
  147. Just bought a one owner 04s
  148. Mint 2003 boxster blown engine at 34k
  149. I screwed up while bleeding my brakes
  150. Water pump .....
  151. Detailing Shop, NJ
  152. LED replacements for stock cluster bulbs?
  153. ims guardian question
  154. Can anyone run a VIN for me for options list?
  155. Raising the seat
  156. Some hater called me a PRI&K
  157. 3.2 vs. 2.5 insurance
  158. Slow blinking coolant light diagnosis
  159. What are the best and worst replicas you have ever come across?
  160. Humming noise - engine compartment
  161. Floor Jack
  162. Adding rear speakers
  163. Bad brake booster??
  164. Wheel rotate?
  165. Used Boxster Buying Advice
  166. Bikini sun cover
  167. all dressed up and ready to go
  168. Boxster CF supplier.........
  169. New owner needs advice on upgrades
  170. 3yrs Garaged Boxster. How to prep it for driving?
  171. Just Great Car Pics
  172. Litronic problems
  173. Flat or gloss?
  174. A favor, please
  175. Help - does my air intake tube look right? Can't reassemble it
  176. Brake fluid question
  177. Passenger seat won't tilt forward
  178. steering wheel question?!
  179. Code clearing question
  180. Brake fluid flush, now soft pedal?
  181. Fake S?
  182. Has market value went up?
  183. Adjust Spoiler Deployment Speed?
  184. 986 in a prank
  185. Getting ready for the Holiday Cruise
  186. Painted bumperettes look great!
  187. Formula 1 documentary - NBCSN tonight
  188. Give me a brake!!!!
  189. Brake bleed kit?
  190. Correct oil filter number
  191. Porsche Shop in Bloomington-Minneapolis Area
  192. CEL off and on
  193. Headlight Switch Bad? Or Worse...
  194. New top recommendations?
  195. Finally, my new toy arrived!
  196. Cracked Transmission cas Boxster S 2002.
  197. Becker cdr 220 radio code needed!!
  198. Have you seen these? Help!
  199. Boxster S 02 vs. 04 deciding which to buy
  200. Radio changes stations for a few seconds
  201. rwhp and other performance
  202. Knocking in the engine compartment
  203. Fuel in the US.............
  204. No matter what...
  205. Leave two toned or paint to match?
  206. About what year?
  207. A good day - too fast for Johnny Law
  208. Porsches in the movies.
  209. Ontario Kitchener/Guelph/Cambridge Area Meet
  210. Classic boxster comparison test
  211. Boxster Price Check
  212. The Original Boxster Prototype
  213. 987.2 gear ratios
  214. Strange Coolant Issues
  215. PPI in Franklin, TN
  216. No high frequency audio from door speakers
  217. Lights "fast flashing" when parked..
  218. Boxster as Daily Driver
  219. Clear cover for front bumper...and lights
  220. Dropping the engine -difficult P/s hose
  221. 40K Budget - To "S" or not to "S"
  222. Boxster Engine Connections -a diagram
  223. Boxster Stamina
  224. Replaced ignition switch now box won't start
  225. Killer deal on a nice 2001 S
  226. Metal Debris in Oil... Now What?
  227. Dealer installed drl problem
  228. 2000 2.7 mt boxy cooling system problem?
  229. does 07 cayman have ims issue
  230. Oil for a Boxster S
  231. My 2000 Boxster Green machine !
  232. DE Pics
  233. 1st DE event!
  234. F355 for sale with parts and labor rates
  235. When did two-seat sports cars stop being manly?
  236. Does a front strut brace make a noticeable difference?
  237. A bit nervous about a screeching noise...
  238. Window drop issue cured, now locking issues instead
  239. And the top quit.
  240. Oh well, I am back..... You were right folks! New ride!
  241. this exhaust to be installed next weekend
  242. Hot Pink Wheels Boxster
  243. durametric survey
  244. Refilling and fuel cap
  245. Krispy kremes
  246. Bentley Manual
  247. No audio from door speakers
  248. I just bought a beautiful mess... care to express an opinion?
  249. Drove the New Macan 'S' tonight!
  250. 997 powered Boxster