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  1. IMS bearing and dry sump
  2. Accepted into Grassroot Ultimate Track Car Challenge
  3. Audi Club at Spring Mountain
  4. DIY Airdam REV 2
  5. NASA ST and a question about swan necks
  6. PCA Announces New Spec Boxster Shock Package
  7. Heading for WSIR in a few hours.
  8. Tire suggestions for 2001 "S", light track use
  9. Can you daily drive a Porsche Boxster/Cayman? Maintenance cost?
  10. Mardi Gras Prep!
  11. I built a rally car, now what?
  12. Lightweight Battery?
  13. Almost lost it but no!
  14. ROW tune, anyone have the file?
  15. Building a 986 S for SCCA CS Autocross for National competition
  16. Cage Install
  17. Fire extinguisher system setup
  18. anyone have a 5spd out and can measure something?
  19. Track Pads Questions
  20. Anyone running the spec legal H&R rearsway bar?
  21. The old Adjustable LCA-question..
  22. Brake fluid, time for a flush, what should I use
  23. What front anti-roll bar do I want for Track Work?
  24. Tricky corners, how to know when to stay in 3rd and when to go into 2nd
  25. 996 GT3 Swaybars
  26. Dedicated Rotors for Track Use?
  27. Joining the Porsche family, track rat style.
  28. AiM Solo 2 connection
  29. Anyone running a transmission cooler?
  30. Accusump Install (oil cooler vs. filter plate)
  31. Spec Boxster Dreams on Hold
  32. Novice DE - Question about tires
  33. 987 6 speed vs 986 6 speed
  34. Lightweight wheel setup for AutoX
  35. Air pressure
  36. Second session back on 10/5 - first day on track since May
  37. Accusump - some data
  38. Anyone use a non standard CV joint or axle?
  39. Tow Hook Specs?
  40. Wow, switched from EBC to Hawks
  41. Season opener
  42. New Jersey Motor Part
  43. Additional Camber & Wider Fronts
  44. Spec Boxsters/PCA Club Race at Rennsport
  45. First Tract Day, Advice & Tips?
  46. X51, deep sump needed?
  47. Circuit of The Americas (COTA) Track Event February 22-24, 2019
  48. 1st race in 986
  49. Road Atlanta Track Weekend November 17-18, 2018
  50. "...Not gonna go an faster in this car without taking out your wallet..."
  51. Been a long 4+ months of working on the Boxster (kinda long)
  52. Intermountain Region Porsche Club of America at UMC.
  53. Need help with Spec Boxster no-start issue
  54. Noob Question
  55. Harness and seat question
  56. New 17x8.5 wheel approved
  57. Anybody running sparco Ergo seats
  58. Another track day failure.
  59. rear subframe crack
  60. faster through corners
  61. 2002 986 68mm Throttle Body and plenum
  62. Ride Height
  63. What transmission fluid are you all running?
  64. Choose a new Porsche Boxster
  65. First track days in the boxster!
  66. Watkins Glen 6-13-18
  67. A very wet track at Mont Tremblant
  68. 17x9 front rims for square setup
  69. 996 3.6L into 2001 Boxster Race Car
  70. Front fender vents
  71. Optimal negative camber
  72. Best Video & Data-Logging setup?
  73. Inner CV spitting grease..boot intact
  74. Exhaust noise reduction for HPDE
  75. Casualty of the track.
  76. Weekend at Pocono
  77. What Track Spares do you bring?
  78. Wheel hop
  79. Limp mode, no codes ?
  80. NHP headers - brought back to life
  81. RComp tire initial break in heat cycle
  82. A dilema... sort of.
  83. Track Day Host Sued for Accident Damages
  84. Few laps at VIR with E36 M3 (perfectly matched cars)
  85. Pad retaining pin
  86. SPB in Austin forsale $15K.
  87. GT3 Control arms - help with shims
  88. PSS9 Questions - missing a part
  89. Anyone have a template for a dash panel?
  90. The street car that wants to be a track car.
  91. oil pressure gauge install
  92. need a favor, 99 or older
  93. Suspension for track car
  94. Transmission mounts...RS
  95. Camber w/out GT3 Arms, avoiding the penalty
  96. New Sparco seat for 2018 (QRT-R)
  97. 4 weeks to my first SPB race
  98. Woody's Parts WRL 2018 points leaders reward
  99. Plated LSD setup
  100. Boxster Front Suspension Design Category (For Classing)
  101. A couple of sump questions...
  102. Ride height?
  103. Race Capture - Podium Live
  104. Those with aero, what spring rates are you running?
  105. New NASA time trial class TT5: finally a fit for Boxsters
  106. Fiberglass top install. What do I need?
  107. Rear GT3 control arms and sway bar, worth it?
  108. Lightweight race doors
  109. A few pics and vids from Roebling Road December 2017
  110. WTB Black square SPB Wheels?
  111. Anybody using a GT3 master cylinder
  112. Summit Point with VRG
  113. Control arm rebuild
  114. Chuckwalla
  115. Change distilled water coolant?
  116. Looking at a 2001 S
  117. track oriented suspension
  118. harness reduction
  119. Circuit of The Americas (COTA) Track Event February 23-25, 2018
  120. Having trouble with heel-toes
  121. Track season over?
  122. Do video games help
  123. Racers. Do you worry about oiling issues, or do you just drive?
  124. racing seat recommendations?
  125. What not to do at WGI in October
  126. Do you remove the aluminium bumpers?
  127. How many miles is too many for a DD and track car?
  128. Tire tests from this summer
  129. Spec Boxster (or Track) Candidate - Wiring Done, 3rd Radiator in, etc. Cage-ready
  130. Has anyone welded gussets between the pipe and A-pillars?
  131. Need some help on suspension modifications please.
  132. Hot tire pressure
  133. My first DE
  134. SPB operational costs
  135. 1998 Spec Boxster race car for sale
  136. Save 42% Off MSRP and Get Up To $70 Back with KONI!
  137. Anyone running time trials with a wing?
  138. Under carriage cover for engine?
  139. Splitter impact on brake cooling?
  140. Mont Tremblant HPDE
  141. Do 97-99's have OBDII wires for sensors?
  142. Wheel Fitment and Spacers
  143. Accusump install
  144. Floor mounted pedal box?
  145. PSS9 rebuild
  146. Running 2.5 core value
  147. Trip report and footwell camera showing my heel/toe downshifts at Road Atlanta
  148. Joining the SPB field
  149. Horrific oil smoke at the track
  150. Steering Wheel Question
  151. Shakey brakey!
  152. Quick Release Steering Wheel Hub
  153. GSR Power Steering Delete Pulley manufacturer?
  154. Just getting into this
  155. My '03 track build
  156. I love my little S
  157. Daytona Track Event December 8-10, 2017
  158. Accusump: Moroso or Canton?
  159. Headers
  160. Used Hoosiers
  161. someone buy these wheels (not mine) ...
  162. Safe Spec Boxster Tranny Temp
  163. Trip Report: HPDE at Summit Point WV with Trackdaze
  164. Battery Tender LiPo in Boxster
  165. First time the Boxster has let me down at an event
  166. Do solid transmission mounts cause timing issues?
  167. NASA TT4 prep. Estimates of current hp needed
  168. Diagram of Fulcrum pin locations on Transmission?
  169. What do you look for in a Spec Boxster candidate?
  170. Roll Bar Fabrication. Advice on Mock-up Needed
  171. Replacement KW Spring URGENT
  172. Ride height
  173. Educate me: 5-point Harness & Steering wheel
  174. BMW Car Club Bans Cars with Advanced Driver Aids
  175. Wiper wiring
  176. Looking for a new tire
  177. Nasa st4
  178. Test pipe vs gutted cat noise
  179. PASM, PSM, ABS, ASR, ABD, EDTC, etc...
  180. Slicks for 17" wheels
  181. MOMO Steering Wheel Airbag Sensor?
  182. HVAC wiring diagram to convert to switches
  183. Rotating track tires?
  184. Brembo Brake Rebuild Kit
  185. Spec boxster de snorkel legal?
  186. hoosier new a7 P255/50ZR16 - $110 shipped
  187. Power steering fluid leak
  188. Brey Krause Roll Cage Kit for 986
  189. Anyone have a digital splitter template?
  190. Motorsport product retailer in San Diego?
  191. Autocross Lessons -Old video
  192. 2 days on track at Thunderhill Raceway starting tomorrow
  193. New video by Paradigm Shift Racing - The 4 elements of a perfect corner
  194. Shifting issue
  195. AZ PCA DE Track Time
  196. EBC brake pads
  197. Michelin Pilot Super Sport (255/4R17) Availability
  198. My adventures both on and off the race track
  199. OEM Center Console Delete
  200. Rennline Stud/Lugbolt Conversion
  201. FS 1999 spec boxster built by tuner RS
  202. Anyone running manual steering?
  203. Sheridan top
  204. STOLEN Race Car - Salt Lake City
  205. Heat Exchanger delete+oil cooler added
  206. Weight
  207. Jumping into SBP
  208. HPDE signups
  209. Turbo Twist Wheel Question.
  210. FS: Tow hooks/straps for 986
  211. track wheels and tires
  212. Passing
  213. Aerocatch install
  214. 2000 Boxster Lower/Stiffer
  215. 2000 Boxster Recaro Profi XL
  216. Need Advice - Tow Hook
  217. Lessons learned from racing in the rain
  218. Track Rotors for an S
  219. wasser gruppe
  220. wheels
  221. Veterans Day
  222. 3 Day HPDE event at Sebring Nov 18-20, anyone going?
  223. racing at local track put on hold
  224. Spec Boxster brake pad questions
  225. Steering wheel for Spec Boxster
  226. Lightweight exhaust that meets noise restrictions
  227. UGH - Clutch or tranny problems
  228. Went for a big spin last weekend, unusual ABS interaction
  229. Alternative rear toe links
  230. Wings Engineering 3rd Foot
  231. Brake pad wear
  232. High performance clutch recommendation for dual mass flywheel
  233. 20' Trailex CTE-84180 Enclosed Trailer
  234. Spec 986 vs. Spec Boxster? (Since when are there two)
  235. Trackday Instructor Shortage?
  236. FS: Boxster S with Audi 4.2 V8 engine and lots of MoTec
  237. Future of Laguna Seca Raceway
  238. FOR SALE: 1999 Spec Boxster SPB. Well developed. Multiple Podiums
  239. Buttonwillow - 11/7 and 11/8
  240. Next mod
  241. Has anyone managed to transport 4 wheels in a Boxster w. passenger seat removed??
  242. Recommended track day tire size?
  243. Is anyone using KW coilovers
  244. 2003-2004 boxster S with abs/psm error
  245. Sport Cup 2s vs Pilot Supersports
  246. slammed into a curb
  247. FS: Swift springs for PSS9 shocks (Spec legal)
  248. Custom Roll cage builders in San Diego
  249. Question for you racers regarding "Banging" sound at shifts
  250. DE day at Lime Rock.