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  1. Match Factory Glazier White paint for front bumper
  2. Water in battery area 1999 Boxster
  3. 1999 Boxster Door Lock Issues
  4. 2006 top on a 1998 Boxster
  5. Spark Plug Tube Removal Tool
  6. Mystery connector
  7. Upgrade Speakers and Amp?...or not?
  8. 8mm hex socket stuck
  9. Full led tail light swap
  10. Full led tail light swap
  11. Cowl drain
  12. Cowl drains
  13. Bleeding clutch fluid
  14. PDR on your own!
  15. Blowing LOTS of smoke
  16. All the Road & Race videos at Neil’s official site
  17. Water under passenger seat - should I remove seat, and if so, any gotchas?
  18. Metal Clamp for Underbody Plastic Coverings
  19. Making a better air oil separator
  20. Short Shifter from Parts4Euro.com
  21. RPM not passing 3000 Problem
  22. Carbon fiber center console fix needed
  23. Tail light upgrade (replacement)
  24. How to: Remove and clean the Throttle Body and MAF Sensor (with video)
  25. Replacing the rear suspension bracket
  26. Windshield Washer Fluid
  27. Rear Bumper Removal with Pictures
  28. Wtb: Spe
  29. Garage Door Opener
  30. Metallic Rattle on warm idle - 986
  31. Simple DIY: Battery tray refurbish
  32. Axle Boots, Disconnect What?
  33. Clean-look ParkAssist
  34. Transmission gear oil change made easy.
  35. How to: Replace anti-roll bar bushes (sway bar) (with video)
  36. How to Disable DRL, 2002, 986, Canadian
  37. Replacing Bad Gauge Cluster LCD (pre 2000)
  38. Electrical Problems
  39. How to: Replace ignition coil tubes and seals (with video)
  40. Add hard rear storage shelf and speakers to '98 that had soft shelf.
  41. ignition switch
  42. How to DeSnorkel & Removing side vents on your Porsche Boxster
  43. Exhaust Manifold Gasket Replacement
  44. Sidelight and Taillight remove raised lettering
  45. How to: Change air filter and cabin filter (with video)
  46. A sister to adopt
  47. How to: Access the engine / Service Mode (with video)
  48. CEL: Repair advice is needed
  49. Notes on Headlight Switch Replacement
  50. How to: Fix your air con by topping up the gas (with video)
  51. DIY cheap vaccum gauge inWC
  52. Trunk cable release fix
  53. How to check and replace ignition coils and spark plugs (with video)
  54. Headlight tray to fender
  55. removing instrument cluster to get at ignition switch
  56. DIY Painted Buper Guards for about $70
  57. drop link
  58. High speed only radiator fans
  59. Problems with Engine Transplant
  60. DIY Manual radiator fans control
  61. Wheel paint color?
  62. How to: Brake caliper rebuild (with video)
  63. Boxster 986 sporty sound!
  64. How to: Fit braided steel brake lines / hoses (with video)
  65. Swap in LED tail lights
  66. wheel refurbish.
  67. Courtesy light projecting logo
  68. How to: Replace brake master cylinder and booster / servo (with video)
  69. Best way to wire an amp in the frunk?
  70. 2007 Foglight removal
  71. 18" Sport Classic II wheel refurbish
  72. How to weigh you car for cheap with bathroom scales
  73. E-gas accelerator pedal service
  74. Headlight question
  75. Audio Help
  76. Pedal extension!
  77. 986 soft top remote control
  78. How to: Check brake pads, disc thickness, hoses, master cylinder, booster(with video)
  79. Boxster seat replacement
  80. RS door pulls (latch release inside)???
  81. How to start servicing your car yourself (with video)
  82. Help reprograming a gauge cluster
  83. Can I replace the burnt lens in my headlight?
  84. anybody try the pelican ims retrofit kit?
  85. seat separation
  86. How to: Change brake fluid by yourself
  87. Full detail video
  88. Removing pins from the amplifier connector?
  89. How to remove a car wheel, check tyre condition, thread depth and inflate correctly
  90. Lifting and Jacking a Boxster
  91. Painting Calipers Red
  92. Brake Pad change guide DIY
  93. Engine Oil and Filter change guide DIY
  94. Can I Replace the Dashboard?
  95. Couple of questions
  96. Headlight Removal
  97. Adding variable intermittent wipers on an early box, the easy way
  98. DIY PSE with electronic valves?
  99. What can I do about a cracked plastic window?
  100. Saving Brembo
  101. wheel bearing tool needed....
  102. Key Fob programming?
  103. New Cat Delete Pipes
  104. How do I de-power my rack?
  105. Rear right brake hard line
  106. Upgrading Two-Way Power Seats
  107. Durametric Alarm Fault I32
  108. Engine Compartment Fan Manual Switch
  109. LN spin on oil filter adapter
  110. Idea for roof control hack...
  111. Upgrade from non-DOT Matrix to DOT matrix cluster?
  112. ECU, ABS, Traction control...
  113. HELP! 986 battery is dead,Can´t open Trunk!
  114. 3D Printed Boxster Parts
  115. Ims guardian drain plug...
  116. Car Won't Start
  117. Rear trailing arms replacement guide DIY
  118. Sound system overhaul
  119. Krylon Fusion for Plastic Trim
  120. Memory Seat Retrofit
  121. HELP: Mesh Headrest Inserts
  122. DIY Double DIN Pioneer SPH-DA120 installation
  123. 986s new engine
  124. Which wheels do you like better???
  125. No Clutch pedal
  126. A/C module (dead simple) removal instructions
  127. Car won't run
  128. need help with repainting tool
  129. help with stock amplifier plus ipad
  130. Exterior door handle drivers side not working
  131. Depo tail lights
  132. Replacing rear trailing arm question.....
  133. Interior door pulls
  134. Model year 2000-2004 Convertible top relay mod
  135. Door handle, pulls removal, bin lids removal and refit
  136. Quick 'oettle' exhaust question
  137. Help me find my leak
  138. Clutch, pressure plate, flywheel 4 Boxster S with 3.6 swap
  139. After-Market spoiler for 1999 boxster
  140. Yep another post for the car to turn over but not start.
  141. headlamp stalk fault
  142. Damaged Boxster S - 2001
  143. Rear Speaker Mounting Plates
  144. Changed my oil today, a small scare and a oops
  145. Flapping noise in dash
  146. Boxster 986 hard top mounting bracket/plate removal.
  147. Remote keys not working tried all resets help please
  148. Kill that DRONE!!!
  149. Booklet tray under the steering wheel
  150. Hard top fitting hack
  151. 986 3.2S Engine and Gearbox drop out
  152. Adding OBC stalk without removing steering wheel?
  153. AC drain tube
  154. Headers, 200 cell cat & China Muffler install
  155. Horseshoe Console removal
  156. DIY - HAES 4 Channel Amp Gain Boost Mod
  157. Bluetooth and In-dash USB
  158. convertible top motor trouble
  159. How to remove/replace retractable wing motor
  160. Where is the AC drain line?
  161. Removing plexiglass windscreen from frame
  162. Air Bag Warning Light
  163. Turn signal broken
  164. Water pump and thermostat gaskets
  165. I anybody using Callahan brake rotors?
  166. Replacing a non lighted visor mirror
  167. Just installed a new top
  168. Adding door speakers and wiring Part1
  169. Another audio upgrade thread
  170. Instructions for front strut replacement?
  171. Stripped Coil Pack Screws
  172. Car leveling and oil change
  173. Stripped Caliper at bleed valve.
  174. No 1st or reverse
  175. brake dampener - Replace?
  176. Clutch hydraulics
  177. How do you polish headlights?
  178. Hole in water tray
  179. Torque Wrench Question
  180. Accusump installed
  181. Question on OBC upgrade - Broken Tab
  182. Autöcar sensor ideas
  183. Clear engine cover made
  184. Re glue soft top
  185. Wiper motor removal
  186. Vertex strut inserts...
  187. DRL with blinker - possible?
  188. New Brakes .... What to buy?
  189. OEM looking START-engine button: The idea...
  190. Radiator Cleaning
  191. Relocate Temp Control - 2000 Boxster
  192. engine blower fan noisey
  193. about ready to start the IMS project
  194. RMS...Curil T or no Curil T?
  195. 2003 Top with Frame on my 2001?
  196. HELP with dashboard switch for top
  197. Seat Trim Cover Replacement
  198. Engine coolant
  199. Painting Brake Caliper
  200. Replacing Electronic Change-over Valve
  201. Haven't seen this convertible issue anywhere...Curious if anyone has done it DIY
  202. Cylinder misfire!! P0304 - LOOK FOR THIS!!
  203. Engine compartment blower
  204. Rear Spoiler Removal on 986
  205. I had paint & primer left over, so...
  206. Repaired and Reconditioned My Seats
  207. oil fill tube
  208. Help--seat bottom
  209. Strut swap question
  210. Seat deinstalled
  211. 6 speed swap
  212. Secondary Air Injector Pump
  213. Waterpump Replacement
  214. 3rd Party Keyless Entry DIY (Why Not?)
  215. bummer ignition switch change
  216. Come Join the "I Changed My Own IMSB Club"
  217. Audi transmission Swap DIY Thread
  218. Water Pump Hose Question
  219. Speedometer cluster surround
  220. Windscreen plastic replacement
  221. Rear cluster upgrade
  222. DIY: Making cheap spare keys
  223. Easy way to change the expansion tank
  224. Installing Pioneer AVH 4000NEX with Euro Motorsport Double DIN
  225. DIY Coolant Tank Replacement in Under 2 Hours
  226. Ignition live!
  227. new radio resets when power is off
  228. Retrofit Cruise Control
  229. Change my face
  230. Need Help w/ Depo LED tail lights
  231. Push button start install
  232. Blankety-blank shift knob
  233. Dollin' up the interior
  234. Intake plenum and 911 throttle body
  235. audio guys: is an output converter needed?
  236. Boxster 2.703 with Bose - need help/info on changing head unit
  237. diy water leak from edges
  238. BMW X5 LED Foglight retrofit
  239. Wheels on a boxster, will these fit?
  240. How I refinished my wheels.
  241. My take on 986 bumper grill mesh
  242. Will 99-01 996 bumper bolt on to '02 986?
  243. DIY Remote Range Improvement
  244. Fixing a boogered thread
  245. Porsche lettering opinions
  246. Doing IMS. What else should I do while I'm in there?
  247. Refinishing OEM Turbo Twist Porsche Wheels
  248. Boxster cup holders?
  249. DIY: Updated tail lights
  250. How to : eBay headers