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  1. Central Control Flap Position - possible problem with the control motor
  2. Please help: 2001 Boxster S engine tapping
  3. LN bearing failure
  4. Headlight assembly removal
  5. code 70 solenoid valve
  6. First gas up of 2015...
  7. Pissed Off Wife Forces Husband To Set Fire To His Brand New Porsche- For Cheating
  8. Radar Detector
  9. Power Seat Upgrade for my Boxster?
  10. O2 sensor resistance behind cat - Duramtric reading
  11. 2000 Boxster Air Compressor
  12. Help with central locking problem
  13. Communicating on the Clamshell
  14. Just received my Durametric
  15. Transmission oil change
  16. 2016 Boxster Spyder
  17. 986 Forum Photoshop Challenge
  18. Planning a get together for guys in Ontario.
  19. an honest confession
  20. A reminder, to not be this guy.
  21. 986 Parts Katalog - USA
  22. Battery jump pack?
  23. Does anyone know the owner?
  24. Exhaust tube for the garage ideas?
  25. Clear-FX
  26. It's time to play "Identify that noise"!
  27. Getting IMS LN retrofit this week single to double row
  28. Why would you want to do this to your 944?
  29. Need help finding part number
  30. Parts
  31. 2003 boxster base bumper
  32. Classy side vents.
  33. 2002 Base Model Grill Removal
  34. Blend Door Motor Linkages - Need Picture
  35. Replacing the AOS
  36. Bosch replacement wipers
  37. Ims
  38. 2000 Boxster Owners Manual
  39. LN IMS retrofit
  40. Rear Brake Rotors
  41. locking lug bolts- how to get them off without proper socket ?
  42. Boogity, boogity, boogity! What's the fastest you have had you Boxster to?
  43. And Now for Something Completely Different
  44. Heat-A/C problem
  45. Skip the IMS??
  46. Another LED headlight thread.
  47. Out into the sunlight!
  48. If your Boxster was involved in an engine replacement
  49. transmission shifting problem only on 4th and 5th gear
  50. Lug Bolts
  51. My new stitched in rear plastic window
  52. Need top help....
  53. Sell 944 for a Boxster?
  54. Help please. I need an accurate measurement flange to flange.
  55. Recurring CEL Code P0605 Issue
  56. Boster plastic trim interior
  57. Passerby 986 driver help rescue a truck driver...
  58. Show me some pictures of your 17" rims on your car.
  59. Teaching stick in a boxster?
  60. I broke my steering wheel clock spring - how to correct install?
  61. New OEM Shifter Boot
  62. 01 Boxster S Value?
  63. OKC Members:
  64. Happy Birthday Johnny Danger
  65. Flyeyeskit
  66. One Dash Speaker Not Working
  67. Tiptronic Change!
  68. Perforated black leather for 2004 Boxster seats
  69. Ottawa, Ontario - Canada Members
  70. RallyX and road course - something different
  71. Air pressure
  72. Anyone a member of the Suncoast Region PCA?
  73. I did it and wish I didn't
  74. back from the body shop today
  75. Strange Behavior When Starting
  76. My AC not working
  77. Looking for Convertible top installer
  78. Can anyone throw out some advise please, trans cover.
  79. New motor for the Box??
  80. what tire size to run?
  81. What should I be paying for a 2000 Boxster S with 100k miles?
  82. My engine died... not from an IMS failure
  83. Sound Trouble
  84. Seat back won't lock
  85. Anyone in the Chicago area interested in checking out a 986 for me? (Compensation)
  86. Tire Inflator Recommendations for Track
  87. Being a tight wad.... rear track arm
  88. Help!! Side Mirror Replacement
  89. Honk *pop* Honk *pop*
  90. Best year?
  91. Max tire size on 9x18 rear wheel
  92. Durametric
  93. brake line rubbing
  94. Installed a PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust) - Photos
  95. Front hood latch
  96. New Replacement Top w/glass
  97. Anyone in Sioux Falls?
  98. Durametric
  99. Marylanders
  100. Traded in the boxster
  101. Little old lady from Pasedena....
  102. Going in for 60k service a little early
  103. Replacement leather seats
  104. Anyone with a set of 'deep six' Fuchs?
  105. Anybody done Vogtland springs?
  106. where are all the Porsches?
  107. how to fix a broken door handle
  108. Electrical issue?
  109. The Ying and Yang of Boxster Reliability
  110. How long do you expect your Boxster engine to last?
  111. out of Hibernation
  112. 03-04 Rear bumper with diffuser schematic?
  113. Great deal on wheels....
  114. Do you put top up when parking at the grocery store, etc?
  115. anyone have this subwoofer box?
  116. wing mirror issue
  117. Consistent top down an issue?
  118. CEL above 75mph
  119. CEL troubles
  120. New Owner. What would you do?
  121. Yes,No,maybe ?
  122. What damage do rough roads cause on a Boxster?
  123. How to replace a coolant tank in under 2 hours
  124. Gray to black...
  125. I'm excited- dropped her off at the body shop
  126. axle hop
  127. Coolant Tank Hell
  128. question about these wheels
  129. Cabin Fever
  130. Turn signal sound after code clear
  131. tracked a Cayman R!
  132. Failing Seats Leather, What to do?
  133. Manual 6S Lubricant I over thinking this ?
  134. intermittant 3rd brake light?
  135. what is this button??
  136. Seat/steering wheel adjustments?
  137. Seat back restoration...
  138. Houston we have a spoiler problem!
  139. Coolant Tank Cap Function
  140. Check this out.
  141. Racing the Porsche 911 GT3 and Lamborghini Huracan!
  142. Coolant Refill Problem
  143. DeSnorkle help!
  144. Passenger Door Would not Open from Inside or Outside - Solved?
  145. Soft Top Care Product recommendations?
  146. Soft Top Issue
  147. New Boxster Owner
  148. I've had a bad day, but not as bad as this guy.
  149. 986 S vs 987 mk2 base
  150. Taking the top off then putting same one back on
  151. Found a Canadian source for ATE Super Blue
  152. Tips for selling stuff in online forums
  153. Bluish white smoke while driving
  154. Ultimate back-scratcher for the car guy....
  155. Bench test an AOS?
  156. Zentops (or better) Contact info [INSIDE]
  157. Yearly Maintenance ideas
  158. Amount of fluids - motor oil, water, atf, mtf, coolant, hydraulic, brake…
  159. tiptronic trans like new
  160. IMS retrofit..Dealer is the Lowest Cost..what gives?
  161. Coolant Flush
  162. Where to buy the coolant tank
  163. Need Help
  164. So the other day I lowered the top and POP!
  165. Strange cooling issue...
  166. Gemballa door airbags
  167. rear diagonal brace removal question
  168. How much Lubricant
  169. Is this normal for a Tiptronic trans?
  170. Short shifter play
  171. When to shift gears (don't laugh, it's on a Tiptronic)?
  172. Drum rear brakes??
  173. Leather Restore / Cracks Fix
  174. The snow has started to melt....
  175. Anyone tried converting a basement into a garage?
  176. 2.5L Transmisson in a 2.7L
  177. Opinions on buying this 981
  178. Double Din Install
  179. Ultimate radio reception fix?
  180. A few notes on my 20" wheels
  181. Attention Virginia Boxster Owners
  182. Gts Routes
  183. K&N Engine Air Filter
  184. Faulty 1999 MPH Cluster
  185. Why does my "Low Gas Light" indicator stay on?
  186. Sir Tool usage and tips
  187. List of Model Year Changes?
  188. Max Rim Width
  189. need a battery ? Pep Boys unknown sale
  190. Driving the Boxster in the snow.
  191. I thought my back window was bad......!
  192. 03 - how loud should the door speakers be?
  193. Free to good home-Used floor mats
  194. Gt4 + walter rohrl
  195. 03 S knocking at idle (video)
  196. 986 vs Scooter in Taiwan
  197. Favorite driving attire
  198. I Bought My 996 Back Today!
  199. Disable passenger airbag
  200. Who has bronze wheels?
  201. AC LED Screen
  202. Another Window Drop Oddity
  203. Window "chrome" trim piece
  204. Water Pump, Thermostat, Engine Mount DIY Remarks
  205. This is too good of a buy.... Someone on 986Forum Buy it...
  206. triptronic fluid change amount
  207. Porsche: Oil Change intervals
  208. What did you find on CL today?
  209. Added Leather Door Panels... Very Nice
  210. Top down weather in Houston!
  211. Well I finally got my flange out
  212. "Automatic" OBD2 Accessory
  213. Whining noise
  214. Becker radio codes
  215. Boxster S 986 facelift soft top with glass window
  216. Where to buy new tail light bulbs?
  217. TDC setting question.
  218. Anyone in Harrisburg?
  219. Kissing in a Boxster
  220. Woody's Boxster Grave Yard
  221. Sleep mode
  222. Brake Calipers re-paint - help
  223. Meet Jake & Charles @ the Lit meet in LA this Weekend
  224. I might as well start another thread
  225. Got my first axle out
  226. I think I may have messed up my hub today
  227. Rear Litronic Leveling Sensor Placement
  228. PPI necessary when buying from a Porsche dealership?
  229. What $$ can i expect to get from a 2003 Boxster w/Blown Engine?
  230. Timing Chain out of Position
  231. Used porsche car parts off ebay
  232. Top Spots
  233. Ughhhh wrong MAF part
  234. GT3 Tek rear diffuser
  235. non externally replaceable IMS
  236. Coolant Expansion Tank Repair
  237. Coming up in my hometown
  238. Headlight wiring need to be replaced
  239. Good Bye 996
  240. What color is this boxster?
  241. RIP Mr. Spock
  242. Bought my first Boxster (finally), should I do any service on it based on its Carfax?
  243. IMSB - Did I Dodge A Bullet
  244. 04 911
  245. battery and maintainer question
  246. Radio Code = "WAIT" ... always
  247. Interior trim upgrade
  248. Will an AC/Heater Controller from a 2002 fit in a 1999 Boxster?
  249. Out of Region Purchasing Assistance?
  250. Disable Alarm