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still worried about oil starvation?

TTP Automotive GmbH Turbo Technik Pietz

Oil Saver Kit (Twin Oil Pump) - Articles

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That first link is interesting, I had not seen that particular breakdown of issues before.

Right turns - oil starvation due to oil being pulled away from the pickup point in the sump. The have a baffle for that.

Left turns - same starvation issue as right turns with the addition of oil collecting in the front of the right cylinder head. This I guess is where the extra pump comes in. Oil gets to the front of the cylinder head in turns? But since the pump on the left side is in the front all is good, but since it is in the back on the right side we need the extra?

Does this apply to sweepers? Like at Roebling Road Raceway the whole track is basically right hand sweepers with 2 left hand sweepers - turn 3 which is high speed and turn 5/6 which is lower speed.

Or does it apply to turns with really hard braking right before the start, or hard braking very shortly after coming out of the turn.

Does this apply to a track like Daytona with all of the long high speed banked left turns? Is a banked turn like a coordinated turn in an airplane? Like if you had a glass of water it would be perpendicular to the top of the glass even in a bank.

Just thinking out loud. My understanding is that this is only an issue when running r-comps?
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Yes very very interesting. I was considering installing Accusump to my car along with proper oil baffles. I already have 160 F thermostat, 0,5 LN sump but this is probably the "solution" although it is surely a little costly.
On another note, here is a picture of me in December while driving a Radical SR3 on the Alcarras track in Spain for a weekend. Man that were nice couple of days. 1250 lb, 250 HP, paddle shifters and sequential gear box.

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dude - I was just drooling over this on ebay:


not a real fan of sport racers, but I could get behind one of these. more bang for your buck open wheel, however - can find a non-competitive formula continental for $10k and still be scary fast.
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Somebody on here has done Accusump for under $500 by buying the parts directly and not one of the pre-made kits. I don't recall who it is though.

For non R-Comp guys like myself, I am given to understand that my biggest possible issue is if my oil gets too hot, and I lose oil pressure or shear strength (I am probably saying it wrong but whichever it is that happens when your oil gets too hot)

I have the 160 thermostat and at my last track weekend (in cool January weather...) The needle did not budge off of the 180 except for my last session when I ran part of the track in a lower gear so I could launch out of a couple corners better. The other time it budged was sitting in the grid waiting to go out on the track and we got delayed because of an incident.

I know that once you get going the thermostat will be wide open and the engine will get to where it is going to get to, but if I start a session lower due to the low temp thermostat maybe that result in less time at the higher temp? Again just thinking out loud.
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G forces aren't the root of the problem. Starvation from thermal breakdown, thermal expansion and pressure bleed off are the roots of the issue.

We've ran these engines in pro racing without more than an X51 sump plate and good oil that maintains viscosity to 280 F

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I am sure Jake is correct.He knows more about this subject than Porsche!
But for users who do no more than 'spirited' driving,is all this extra equipment necessary? If using the 'right' oil guards against all the issue Jake mentions, the slight premium for the 'right' oil seems both trivial and easy.
A +2qt.deep sump would provide a little extra cooling and a buffer against temperature spikes? And way cheaper/simpler.

The TTP Oil Safer is approx $1,900 -$2500++delivered.cough
There is some similarity(reported) to a Porsche system:
996 107 980 00 'oil pump'
996 107 984 02 'suction tube'

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