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First Porsche - 04 Boxster

Initial impressions are great handling and sharp looking. Still breakin in engine so no idea about overall performance. Ride is very nice for 18 wheels and stiff suspension. Smile factor very high.

For the price the interior is very cheap almost laughable ( I looked at 05's before settling for a 04 and the interior is much nicer ).
I have the Bose system and the audio is very poor ( they should be able to do much better than this in their top of line audio system).
Stock seats are not very comfortable and manual adjustable???? ( btw 3k+ for good power seats w/memory is a shame ).
No tilt wheel available ???
Don't get me started on cup holders.

I have owned 98 MB CLK320, which from a luxury wiz bang feature standpoint was a very nice car. Holds value like no other. However not much of a sports car.

Got rid of a 02 Miata LS for the Porsche. Great little car for the money. Held it's value remarkable well. However a little cramped for me and I'm short and of course could not get out of it's own way if it had too.

Daily driver is 02 BMW 330Ci. This is a all around great vehicle. Perfect blend of performance, luxury, and reliability. I only hope that the Porsche will make me as happy.

05 Harley EG Standard that is very jealous since the Porsche showed up as it is not getting out much

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I do not own a Boxster, but do have somethings to compare it to since I have been on a test driving spree lately.

99 Boxster (Non-S)
- I absolutely loved the car, great throttle response, crisp handling, love the feeling with the top down. Has enough torque that it can be easily driven around down. Very responsive. Its almost like the car knows what you are going to do before you do it. Very neutral when it comes to handling, no understeer and only oversteers when you want it to.

05 S2000
- Another car I absolutely loved. This is a true 240 hp go-kart. Very nimble and agile. Like the boxster, the car seems to know what you are going to do before you do it. Handling is very crisp. Lacks the low end torque to make it a serious daily driver. Interior is very cheap looking, but controls are positioned very well. Everything within arms reach of the driver, passenger has no control over anything. I think this car has the best gear box on the market right now. A simple flick of the wrist is all that is needed to change gears. My main complaint with this car was the fact that it was very tail happy. Now it was definately predictable, but just the fact that the car was so prone to oversteer annoyed me more than anything. The ride is very harsh and unforgiving. I would not want to take this car on a very long trip.

04 Lancer Evo 8
- Another very fun car to drive. This car is a completely different animal that a Boxster or S2000. It has loads of low end torque and when the turbo kicks in you get an incredible rush. Interior is put together nicely. You can't really beat the feeling of a redline launch in an AWD car. The backseat was a little cramped and I'm only 5'7." One of the major complaints I had about this car was the fact that it definately liked to plow through corners. It did not fit my driving style well at all.

04 350Z
- If this car was about 800 lbs lighter it would be a total monster. Loads of torque and power throughout the full rev range. Very nice interior. Great gearbox and very precise handling, for a 3000+ lb car. The main complaint I had was that it acted like a 3000 lb car. You could just feel all the weight and that made it a chore to try to drive on the edge. If you are looking for a 2 seat grand touring car this is where you should look. In my opinion the best car of that class on the market.

Hope that helps a little. I will update soon as there are still numerous cars on the list.

05 GTO
05 Elise
05 WRX STi
05 Mustang GT
- Chad
- Computer Engineering student at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN

1984 944 NA

"Live Fast, Live Young, Leave a good skid mark" - James Dean
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5th Porsche

The Boxster is my 5th Porsche and the most all around fun. It is the most precise to drive and the best driving car I have driven. I have had faster cars, but none that were so much fun to drive. I bought it in Plano, TX and drove it home to Oregon. I love it and have done many mods to it. I can't come up with a car that I would rather have.
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My 01 Speed Yellow S is definately the fastest, best performing car I have ever owned. Actually, except for a buddy's Viper and maybe the Kawasaki 750 I owned in law school, it''s the fastest thing I've ever driven.

What makes the Boxster S so special is their everyday usability compared to most comparable machinery. You can't drive a Ferrari or a Lambo on a day to day basis, even if you can afford to maintain one. Only a Corvette has an equal combination of reliability, performance, and image. And with a Vette, you still have a GM, engineered by a committee, machine. The Boxster has better steering, better handling under most conditions, and almost as good of acceleration with barely half as big a motor. Ya gotta love it

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First Porsche - '03 Boxster

I've had my Porsche Certified 12K '03 Boxster for one week - its my daily driver too and from work which is a 50 mile trek each day. I had a small problem with the passenger window which was quickly remedied by the dealer (Champion Porsche - excellent overall experience with them ) with a new regulator. My last car was an '04 Audi TT (Champion Audi) which I loved dearly - but - it was no comparison to the Porsche! The Boxster drives like a much more substantial automobile, more pep and power, road holding capability, and the Tiptronic S acts differently than the TT tiptronic did. The shifts are not as diffuse as the TT's were and the Porsche feels much as my '03 VW Beetle Turbo S 6 speed manual did - only with alot more power of course. My Boxster is every bit of what I dreamed - only more.
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'04 Boxster S, '99 996, C5 Stroker, '05 Elise & '04 GTO

First Porsche was a '99 996. At the time I also owned a 383 stroker C5 vette with 464 RWTQ and 446 RWHP that ran 11.7 ET's. The PCar was great in traffic, nimble & the flat 6 sounded perfect. The interior was so-so. Acceleration was good but not great.

The C5 stroker was a monster accelerating & handling was good as well (lowered, coil-overs, beefier sway bars & 18 inch wheels). Not totally reliable after heavy mods though. The interior was terrible & build quality was so-so.

Traded both the C5 & the 996 for a rosso mondiale Maser Coupe that I still have. The Maser has one of the best interiors in th business...leather everywhere. The cabin's design, black with red piping & stitching, is perfect for long trips. The Maser's paddle shifters in sport mode are quicker than any manual shifter. They work well at speed but are lousy in stop & go traffic (jerky). The V8 offers good grunt & the sound is good straight out of the box. The Maser is a consumate GT and that's what I use it for...extended trips. Last year I drove it to NH, VT, ME, MA in the fall (from my home in Miami). The day after I bought it I drove to GA, SC, NC, TN & KY with one of my sons. I also drove it to the Porsche Driving Experience in Brimingham on another trip. Negatives regarding the Maser: the shifters aren't good in traffic, the paint seems soft, the sound system is passable but not good. In terms of quality issues...none on mine after 15K miles. This will be a long-term keeper.

Last year I bought an '04 GTO as a commuter car while I got on the waiting list for an Elise. The GTO's muscle was entertaining. The interior was better than most any GM product. Good seats in particular. Many bits looked OK but were basic plastic though. The shifter was grade B at best. Exhaust note rumble was a B+. Handling at higher speeds was not as collected as any of the others mentioned here. Exterior styling was non-existent-- good for melding-in with other cars but nothing to look at.

The Elise came in much sooner than I expected. Sexy styling. A+ exhaust with the Quicksilver exhaust. Outstanding handling--one of the best in the world for a production car. A+ acceleration too when it's on the boil...the type of shove in the back that the P-Car Turbo provides. A visceral driving experience. Decent shifter. On the low side: the shell is an egg-shell...one bump & it cracks to the tune of $6K for the front clam. Some people complain about ingress & egress-- I'm 6' and don't complain on that count. No torque. And last but not least, the AC can't cope with Miami's summer heat. It was fine November through May, but once the summer arrived I had it in the shop 3 times to try to fix the AC...which led to the heavily discounted left-over '04 Boxster S I now drive as a daily driver.

The Boxster S also looks great, despite its age. The engine has the note I enjoyed on the 996, especially with the top down. I find myself turning down the radio to listen to the exhaust. The interior is better than the '99 996's. Acceleration is much quicker than it feels, but no muscle car. Handling is very good...not as tight as the Elise, especially over bumps. Creature comforts are generally good-- B+. The AC works. The Bose system sounds fine (although audiphiles will always want more from it). The automatic top is easy to operate. Stowage is excellent for a 2 seater. In Miami the Boxster is as common as a Beetle at this point...easy to blend in & I don't get too concerned about leaving it with a valet if I need to, although I still search for the safest parking spots wherever I go. The biggest negative is concern over the possibility that the Litronics will get stolen here. I bought the Boxster as an entertaining yet practical daily driver. It is that & more.
Miami FL
'04 Boxster S
'03 Coupe Cambiocorsa
'03 RSV Futura
'99 Victory V92C

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Test drives

Here are some sports cars that I've driven and my impressions of them. I have a 2000 Boxster S and my previous car was a 2000 Boxster:


Loved the 9000 rpm redline, but you get tired of it if you are driving it everyday. The thing that bother me the most is the tail swinging out in tight corners. Great for drift racing, but not an everyday sports car. Also, the average age of owners seems to be in their 20's. I'm almost 40 and I don't feel right driving it.


I actually ordered this car in 2002 for the 2003 year. Drove the demo before taking delivery and cancelled the order. Nothing wrong with the car - good looks, power and handling, but just didn't like it.


Fast car with loads of torque, great brakes. Heavy car, but power compensates for it. Good value for overall performance. Performance is at par with 997, but at 2/3 the price. However it doesn't have the sexiness of the Boxster. It's like Pam Anderson vs. Julia Roberts. Pam Anderson is not that great of an actor compare to Julia Roberts, but she has sex written all over her!

Lotus Elise

Handles like it's on rails and good power. Didn't care too much about the sound of the engine. Some people love it, but not for me. Quality feels like a home made kit car. Rattles everywhere and very tight inside - My shoulders were touching the passenger the whole time and I'm 170lbs! Great autocross and track car, but not an everyday sports car. Price is about right for it.

996 Cab

I always thought that this would be my next move up the food chain. Has more power on paper, but certainly does not feel like it. It actually feels slower. Doesn't handle as good as the Boxster and didn't care too much for the looks from the rear. It's also about $15K cdn more than my car for the same year. I'll pass this one for the move up.

997S, Boxster and Boxster S

Everything is right about the 997S - power, handling, braking etc. But didn't get the same feeling as the first time I drove the Boxster. I was dreaming about getting the Boxster for over a year before I took the plunge. Took another year before moving to an S. I'm very happy with my S and I don't dream about getting the car I want anymore........for now.

Well, I was lying, wishlist for my Boxster S

GT2 bumper (I have the factory sideskirts already)http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Porsche-996-GT2-Style-Front-Bumper_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQcategoryZ33640QQitemZ8002 069271QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW
18" Gemballa Competition wheels with R compound tires http://www.wheelenhancement.com/getpic.php?pic=42_83_Lapis%20blue.jpg
MO30 suspension
+35hp performance upgrades (chip, exhaust, air intake, cat bypass) http://www.fabspeed.com/

Already did the B&M Short Shifter and just love it.
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I recently bought a 2004 Boxster S.
I think the best way to express my opinion is to relate the following:

Several weeks ago I had a problem sleeping and went downstairs. After awhile my wife came down to see if I was OK. She found me in the garage sitting in a lawn chair. I was admiring my Boxster with a glass of Pinot. She said "unbelievable" and went back to bed.

The bottom line for me is that the car is like a beautiful woman! She is great to look at AND drive.
2004 Boxster S (sold to my son...so still in family)

Now have a 2006 Cayman S
Basalt Black/Stone Grey
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Quick Info
99 Boxster
Zenith Blue
52k Running Damn Near New
I have not regret a second of owning the car. It is great,has speed,handles,and breaks well. The best aspect of the car is that you dont have to drive it hard/fast/stupid to enjoy it,just drive down the street and listen to the exhaust note with the top down. I did not know running out to pick up some Epsom salt for my dad's broken finger would be so fun. Being young(18) and having money(work at grocery store and for eBay) I receive some rather upset looks from people,so jealous people do not compliment me often unless they are younger then me. When I let my dad drive the car he receives compliments all the time. I have driven BMW's,VW's,Audi's and I can honestly say I would not trade it for a S4,M3,GTI 1.8T. Only complaint is the shift knob,but I am ordering a MOMO Anatomico short version shortly. I have heard some complain of the interoir but I have no clue as to why it is made from quality,granted I have the Hi-Fi upgrade to the stereo and a painted center console I would assume its not too different then a stripped stock one. A couple of recommendations would be to change to the updated 2003 taillights and order clear side markers($175 shipped new),painted valve stem caps($15) and matching Boxster license plate frame($40). I could have lived without them but since I had the money and said "why not?".
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2004 Boxster S
now 6000 kilometers

Some cars that I've driven:

1989 Chevrolet Camaro RS
240hp only. A fun and spacious car. Not a bad pony car.

1996 Chevrolet Camaro
The engine was the 3.8L but the room for mods made it interesting Everything from stock was basically worthless so had to put in few usual mods such as suspension (bilstein, eibach), borla and added an intercooler. A good friend of mine later added a dyno supercharger after I sold it to him. Good torque, but handling is similar to handling a mule.

1994 Chevrolet Cavalier
Bought it used for work car, but had serious reliability issue (engine and brake system didn't last).

2000 Honda Civic GTR
Still driving this as my second car. This is the only car I own that never breaks (no, not even once), cheap maintenance, super mpg making it a good grocery car I am considering trading it for a newer model of 2005 Civic (Hybrid) though for the sake of our earth

2004 Nissan Skyline
Only test drove the car. First impression was the engine was quite smooth, okay torque, but cheap and rattled interior, cramped back seat just killed it.

2004 Chevrolet Corvette
Well, yes I'm a Chevy fan. Test drove it. Corvette actually is quite nice but considering the size of local street in Japan (small), this car becomes almost impossible to drive, not to mention to park. I would love to have it as second car though...

2004 Porsche Boxster S
Test drove it and never looked back Nothing to complain really and have smile on my face everytime I drive it.

The only problem with the boxster is that not many people drives this car in Japan and being a 2 seater and living in rural area in Japan make the jealousy factor quite high (had cars spinned their tires behind me, car stopped in front of me for no reason in 2 months of driving. Unbelievable). Well, hell, grow up, it is MY money, I earned it and I AM enjoying spending it
2004 Porsche Boxster S
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more reviews.....and im sure i will get slamed!!!

i gotta tell you, i have a 2002 and i liked driving it, alot. althought it is one of the most troublesome cars ive ever seen or owned!! i have not had one solid week in 4 years that this car didnt break or have some light come on or some problem that required a few thousand to make right. i have traded it as of saturday but the interesting part is the dealer knows that the car does not run!!!! i have the alarm control unit out as the car had about 8" of water in the floor and the carpet is soaked. it ruined the unit, carpet, and the car is totaly inop at this time. i cant even get it towed to porsche to get it fixed because there is so much water in it. tonight i filled the shop vac up 1.5 times (6.5 gal vac) and this is the second time in 3 days!!! cant get the hood open to see if the drains are plugged, and the red lead in the fuse trick does not work when the alarm box is fried, and no there is not a cable either (i took both inner wheelwheel wells out). i have to tear out the carpet and replace it, and get the car to the dealer ($400 to tow it there at least 4 times a month) to spend $1200 on keys programing and a box. this i am sad to say is money well spent as when it is done, i am having it towed to the dealer i bought my other car from. i cant trust it to make the 125 mile trip without breaking down. so is it a good car? for me the cost of upkeep doesnt outweigh the joy of driving. i suppose those sunny florida days are fun,....... but the thought of a breakdown has loomed large on every trip since day 2 of ownership when i met the local "hook" operator for what bacame the 1st of close to 200 tows!!! i know ill get slammed and you will all say oh look it is his 3 post and waaaaaa. but the truth is i have been as loyal to the company as the germans that made it famous. it is an ok car that is as practical as a pair of daisy dukes at a jenny craig meeting, and not at all comfortable.sorry....you can all pile on,but remember this when it is your turn, you have eachother to ask for tips and advice, so be nice. also if you have a bad experience as i did, dont think of a law suit or any type of legal action,althought they calim they have an american base in atlanta, you must sue them as a foreign corperation and that cost a minium 3k just to get the ball rolling.......just pay the bill at the dealer and smile, thats all
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Originally Posted by Brucelee
Wow, I am 55 and planning on taking the US Marine fitness test on my 56th birthday. Perhaps I should just take a nap instead?

Ugh, those were the days, Bruce...20 pullups, max of 80 situps in 2 minutes and a 3 mile run in 18 minutes. Semper Fi!
Mantis - Atlanta area
2006 Boxster S
2005 Cayenne S
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Originally Posted by TerryB

Several weeks ago I had a problem sleeping and went downstairs. After awhile my wife came down to see if I was OK. She found me in the garage sitting in a lawn chair. I was admiring my Boxster with a glass of Pinot. She said "unbelievable" and went back to bed.

I got busted doing the same thing, how funny. Grigio or Noir?
Mantis - Atlanta area
2006 Boxster S
2005 Cayenne S
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I had a lot of people looking at my BoxsterS last weekend. At a local autocross, only the third time I have raced this car, I ended up winning my class, winning the PAX index, and having the 4th fastest time out of 60 competitors. I had to flog the bejesus out of it to beat a fast young kid in a new Evo SM, but managed to clip him by .10 sec.

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Smile Yes, I was a maniac!

During my 23 years practicing medicine, I indulged my youthful fancies by owning 12 sports cars: (3) 911 Turbos, (3) 911s, (3) NSXs, a Viper R/T 10, Lotus Espirit S4S and a Corvette ZR-1. I guess my wife was correct when calling me "a maniac" (something I heard on more than one occasion).
Disgusted with the state of medicine, I retired several years ago. Uncertain about the future, we "downsized", selling our Lake Las Vegas home, my '96 993 Twin Turbo/2000 NSX, my wife's '03 E-55 AMG and moved to Florida. To replace these terrific cars, we purchased a 6-speed Volvo V70R wagon. I have been in a state of withdrawl ever since.
Not wishing to tempt fate-or start WWIII at home-I resigned myself to driving drudgery. To my incredible surprise, my wife presented me with a pristine 1997 Boxster for my recent birthday. Joy of joys, the "permagrin" has returned!
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Coming from far faster cars, I'm surprised a 97 Boxster does it for you.

I do love mine. But I've never had a Turbo! It would probably be hard for me to go "backward" that way.
'97 Boxster (Black Hole for 42,000 Dead Presidents and counting) - 122k
New motor, transmission, suspension, and on and on and on it goes...
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'00 Boxster - 5-Speed - Speed Yellow on Black

Randall's first post...ditto.

A few other things:

1) It fits the tall, sexy woman who drives it to work every day.
2) Even with the lower hp, I can still keep up with the best of them (Ferraris get really upset) in the North Georgia twisties.
3) Being on other forums where they dog the P-cars, then say "so many people ask if my.....is a Porsche" and being able to reply "nobody asks me if my Porsche a......"
4) Being able to answer the age old question......it's POR-SHA.
5) I own a freakin' Porsche!!!

Love this car!
1987 928S4 Silver Metallic (980)/Navy (TP) 5-Speed
2000 Boxster Speed Yellow/Black 5-Speed
1966 Wife White/Brown Top
1986 Daughter White/Brown Top (Sold!)
1992 Daughter White/Blonde Top
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Yes, I was a maniac!

Originally Posted by RandallNeighbour
Coming from far faster cars, I'm surprised a 97 Boxster does it for you.

I do love mine. But I've never had a Turbo! It would probably be hard for me to go "backward" that way.
If this were 2003, you would be correct. In fact, the Boxster is no match for my previous cars in terms of acceleration. I will say, however, the Boxster's steering, handling and "tossability" is vastly superior to my ZR-1, Viper (both were pieces of junk, but that is another story)and 1988 911 Turbo (lift throttle oversteer), while slightly better than my 1995 NSX-T (a disappointing car).
My 1996 993 TT (stock) and 2000 NSX (special order coupe, modified by CompTech, Dali Racing) were well and truly special machines. Retrospectively, I very much regret not keeping one of them.
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Nice car, I like the handling, but didn't like the lack of torque. Liked the reliability and looks

Solstice GXP

I really wanted to get this car and drove the base solstice. Handling is good but not quite the precision of the boxster. The engine technology is incredible and provide a much more cost effective platform for modification than the boxster. The GXP will eventually be out accelerating the boxster s. The interior is very cheap. There's little room to store anything. It's really not very practical. Fit and Finish overall is just ok.

Cadillac CTS-V

Nice car... just not the right car for me in my life. Felt a little heavy. Transmission was better than expected, ride quality was nice, fit and finish were pretty good.

MB SLK 350

I really liked this car. It had the right combination of torque/hp. Liked the hardtop/convertible . Looks and drives much better than expected. Nice compliant ride. If I could get a used one 35K I probably would have gotten one. Not much trunk space though and questionable reliability.

04 Subaru STI

I love this car and still own it. I have extensively modded it: about 500 hp on 100 octane/ coilovers etc. Incredible reliability. This claws around the corners while the porsche is like a scalpel. The torque is so much better in the sti that it makes me wish for about 50hp more in my boxster.

03 Boxster S

Love this car. I honestly didn't think about it because I drove the the base 2000 boxster and felt it was gutless. The handling seemed pretty good and engine sounded pretty cool, but not enough go to experience the visceral sensation of speed. Overall I was more impressed with the S2000.

However. I liked that the Porsche had enough storage for clubs and for luggage. I recently revisted the porsche boxster and decided I would try to test drive it. I liked a few things about the 2003, like the glass window.

What a fun car this!. It has reasonable power and the sound is only what a porsche could be. Brakes feel great. Handling is superb. I didn't understand what refined meant until I drove the boxster... I know the difference now and I can appreciate the delicate balance in handling/power/brakes that the boxster has. I sold my 58 corvette about a year ago so I've been longing for a drop top. I love this car! This is my 3 day of ownership. Now I feel like the rest of my life can begin.

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Please include your model (e.g. Boxster S) in the title of your post.

First off I have a 99',5 spd.,55k miles.

We invite you to tell your story of why you love your Porsche

- I wanted to by myself the best 18th birthday present possible and I did.
- The handling from the factory is great!
- The acceleration is fast,not super fast. I don't care what anyone says but from 40 mph+ these 2.5L get up and go.
- The car stops on a dime.
- The look of 30+ year old guys who pull up to me when I'm driving and shake their head in disbeleif.
- The Porsche Whine from the engine is intoxicating
- The open air around me from a busy/stressful day is theraputic,nothing can beat cruising with top down.

Compare it to other performance cars that you've driven (or driven against!).

I haven't been in many others performance cars only some modified A4,M3s, and some Mustangs.

Modified Audi A4(99' 5spd.)
-The Audi IMHO is a nice car stock....It doesn't feel right modified. One day when I have kids perhaps one will do.

Modified M3s(96' & 97')
-Great cars from the get go! Handling is alright,speed is there,braking is alright. I never felt a presence from either M3,it was just a car to me.

Mustangs(Too many to list,I have been in every one)
-There are way too many of these on the road. To me IMHO,its a sedan with an aggresive looking body,unless you get a GT,those have some speed. I can't find out why people like these,maybe for a high-schooler but not for me.(No offense)

-99' Zenith Blue 5-spd...didn't agree with a center divider on the freeway
-01' S Orient Red Metallic 6-spd...money pit...sold to buy a house
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