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  1. 986 S engine with 996 flash?
  2. Replacing catalytic converter on my boxster!
  3. How to rebuild Tarett front camber plates
  4. 1 DIN to 2 DIN conversion
  5. Ignition Switch Screw and Dash Screw Clip where can I buy??
  6. Android rear view mirror with reverse camera/GPS/DVR
  7. 3D Printed Stereo Center Console Control Center
  8. Secure your center cap crest
  9. Headers and high flow cats
  10. Help pcm 1 radio unlock code
  11. Diagnostic tools
  12. Clunky noise from front end
  13. Broken Top Sensor
  14. Replacing a 97 Boxster lock actuator with VW parts (with comparison Pics)
  15. DRL hack
  16. Ideas for re-activating parking lights in converted headlights
  17. Exhaust Bypass - Different Approach
  18. Whining noise at 2900rpm
  19. Outer Tie Rod Replacement Question
  20. Fix sagging soft-top coming unstuck at rear
  21. fitted new soft top, not closing properly
  22. Removing the liner from a top
  23. Third Brake Light Grommets
  24. Complete roof replacement
  25. 987 Airbox: a different approach
  26. DIY 987 Air Intake mod PART 3 !
  27. My updates, 2nd set of wheels, rear wheel spacers, DIY tail light
  28. H&R Lowering Springs Part 2 (rear)
  29. H&R lowering springs install, Part 1 (front)
  30. Disassemble instrument cluster (2001)
  31. RFID Push Button Start for 03 base model Boxster.
  32. Secondary cat bypass DIY -easy peasy
  33. DIY 987 Air Intake mod PART 2
  34. DIY 987 Air Intake mod
  35. Phone connection?
  36. Frunk lid strut fix-easiest job ever
  37. Lets build some adjustable drop links
  38. Decals
  39. Boxster 986 Clutch and Transmission Inspection and Repair
  40. Internal exhaust mod
  41. Low Speed Fan Resistor Alternative
  42. Roll bar padding
  43. Lift suspension 1 inch?
  44. Realoem alternative?
  45. HAES 6x40 good or bad idea?
  46. OBC Upgrade Wiring Question.
  47. OBC Upgrade Wiring Question.
  48. Front Blowout rim fix
  49. Coming home: Side mirror LED lights on a 986
  50. Radiator fans
  51. Stuck Convertible Top - Manual operation...
  52. From the trenches: AUX cable install
  53. Rear Trailing Arm Rebuild DIY
  54. Tip For Newbies
  55. short shift kits, yes/no?
  56. Spring Spacers?
  57. DIY Full Bearing Short Shifter
  58. Seat belt retracted all the way-DIY fix
  59. Seat belt colour change
  60. Wheels back from powder coaters
  61. DIY Cruise Control Wiring Harness
  62. 3rd brake light, Satin or Gloss?
  63. Coolant Expansion tanks
  64. Bit more fettling
  65. Installing Continental Radio into a 2003 Boxster S with Most Bus - DIY
  66. Iv broken it lol.
  67. Easiest DIY job with great results
  68. Frozen Lateral Control Arm Bolt Removal
  69. now iv painted my callipers
  70. radio static, all gone!
  71. Wheels, hubs and callipers
  72. Heater Core Bypass
  73. Exhaust tips saved from death
  74. Exhaust tips saved from death
  75. rear window harness
  76. Now iv painted my release catches
  77. How to Remove Airbag Warning Decals from US-spec Vanity Mirror Covers
  78. Iv painted my roof bars
  79. Roof Refurb / Dye
  80. Steering wheel wrap
  81. Headlight seals
  82. 03 Boxster fuse reference chart
  83. Salvaging Under Hood Option Label
  84. First gear seem not to go in all the way.
  85. Console cup holder
  86. Infotainment System for Porsche Car [from CAD, prototyping to finish]
  87. Install new rear control arms
  88. P Digits for 3D Printing and Decals
  89. New muffler with custom exhaust
  90. Key Transmitter Repair (new switch didn't fix it?)
  91. Possible to install rear speakers?
  92. Craigslist "bargain"...
  93. Interior re-fresh
  94. Refinishg BBS Sport Design Wheels
  95. Re-install CDR-210 radio
  96. Upgraded Rear Deck Speakers to 3 1/2
  97. Remove the Clam Shell for Better Engine Access
  98. Installing air horns
  99. Repairing a failed Dash Cluster LCD
  100. Changing Leather Seats
  101. brake-locking anti-theft mod
  102. Installing Freds HID Kit
  103. Will it work?
  104. Dropping the Engine+Transmission
  105. Floor Mat Wear Spots - Solved with Some Paint
  106. Howling Noise From Fuel Cap Area: Replacing the Carbon Control Valve
  107. Use Heatshield armor and stainless zip ties for test pipes to shield inner cv boots
  108. glovebox retrofit
  109. Green bolts
  110. Hacking the Child Seat Air bag Deactivation system
  111. Tip questions
  112. How to fix a broken indicator stalk on a 986 Boxster (with video)
  113. which brake rotors to buy?
  114. What gives? Porsche Key FOB issue
  115. How to change coolant (with video)
  116. Variocam fault code diagnosis with Durametric
  117. Convertible Top transmission replacement
  118. How to disassemble air vents?
  119. Rear toe link DIY Help
  120. Tell us about your tool
  121. MAF sensor R&R what size Torx ?
  122. Custom Center Caps for Porsche Wheel [from CAD, prototyping to finish]
  123. Links for DIY & parts help for your Boxster/Cayman
  124. Remove amber film on headlights, Guide
  125. Camshafts timing alignment
  126. Quick question on wiring a headunit
  127. oil level?
  128. spin on oil filter
  129. brakes?
  130. Repairing and rejuvinating Leather
  131. How to change the automatic transmission fluid and filter
  132. Move HVAC module
  133. Convertible top closing issue
  134. Passenger Airbag Cover Rattle Fix
  135. Match Factory Glazier White paint for front bumper
  136. Water in battery area 1999 Boxster
  137. 1999 Boxster Door Lock Issues
  138. 2006 top on a 1998 Boxster
  139. Spark Plug Tube Removal Tool
  140. Mystery connector
  141. Upgrade Speakers and Amp?...or not?
  142. 8mm hex socket stuck
  143. Full led tail light swap
  144. Full led tail light swap
  145. Cowl drain
  146. Cowl drains
  147. Bleeding clutch fluid
  148. PDR on your own!
  149. Blowing LOTS of smoke
  150. All the Road & Race videos at Neil’s official site
  151. Water under passenger seat - should I remove seat, and if so, any gotchas?
  152. Metal Clamp for Underbody Plastic Coverings
  153. Making a better air oil separator
  154. Short Shifter from
  155. RPM not passing 3000 Problem
  156. Carbon fiber center console fix needed
  157. Tail light upgrade (replacement)
  158. How to: Remove and clean the Throttle Body and MAF Sensor (with video)
  159. Replacing the rear suspension bracket
  160. Windshield Washer Fluid
  161. Rear Bumper Removal with Pictures
  162. Wtb: Spe
  163. Garage Door Opener
  164. Metallic Rattle on warm idle - 986
  165. Simple DIY: Battery tray refurbish
  166. Axle Boots, Disconnect What?
  167. Clean-look ParkAssist
  168. Transmission gear oil change made easy.
  169. How to: Replace anti-roll bar bushes (sway bar) (with video)
  170. How to Disable DRL, 2002, 986, Canadian
  171. Replacing Bad Gauge Cluster LCD (pre 2000)
  172. Electrical Problems
  173. How to: Replace ignition coil tubes and seals (with video)
  174. Add hard rear storage shelf and speakers to '98 that had soft shelf.
  175. ignition switch
  176. How to DeSnorkel & Removing side vents on your Porsche Boxster
  177. Exhaust Manifold Gasket Replacement
  178. Sidelight and Taillight remove raised lettering
  179. How to: Change air filter and cabin filter (with video)
  180. A sister to adopt
  181. How to: Access the engine / Service Mode (with video)
  182. CEL: Repair advice is needed
  183. Notes on Headlight Switch Replacement
  184. How to: Fix your air con by topping up the gas (with video)
  185. DIY cheap vaccum gauge inWC
  186. Trunk cable release fix
  187. How to check and replace ignition coils and spark plugs (with video)
  188. Headlight tray to fender
  189. removing instrument cluster to get at ignition switch
  190. DIY Painted Buper Guards for about $70
  191. drop link
  192. High speed only radiator fans
  193. Problems with Engine Transplant
  194. DIY Manual radiator fans control
  195. Wheel paint color?
  196. How to: Brake caliper rebuild (with video)
  197. Boxster 986 sporty sound!
  198. How to: Fit braided steel brake lines / hoses (with video)
  199. Swap in LED tail lights
  200. wheel refurbish.
  201. Courtesy light projecting logo
  202. How to: Replace brake master cylinder and booster / servo (with video)
  203. Best way to wire an amp in the frunk?
  204. 2007 Foglight removal
  205. 18" Sport Classic II wheel refurbish
  206. How to weigh you car for cheap with bathroom scales
  207. E-gas accelerator pedal service
  208. Headlight question
  209. Audio Help
  210. Pedal extension!
  211. 986 soft top remote control
  212. How to: Check brake pads, disc thickness, hoses, master cylinder, booster(with video)
  213. Boxster seat replacement
  214. RS door pulls (latch release inside)???
  215. How to start servicing your car yourself (with video)
  216. Help reprograming a gauge cluster
  217. Can I replace the burnt lens in my headlight?
  218. anybody try the pelican ims retrofit kit?
  219. seat separation
  220. How to: Change brake fluid by yourself
  221. Full detail video
  222. Removing pins from the amplifier connector?
  223. How to remove a car wheel, check tyre condition, thread depth and inflate correctly
  224. Lifting and Jacking a Boxster
  225. Painting Calipers Red
  226. Brake Pad change guide DIY
  227. Engine Oil and Filter change guide DIY
  228. Can I Replace the Dashboard?
  229. Couple of questions
  230. Headlight Removal
  231. Adding variable intermittent wipers on an early box, the easy way
  232. DIY PSE with electronic valves?
  233. What can I do about a cracked plastic window?
  234. Saving Brembo
  235. wheel bearing tool needed....
  236. Key Fob programming?
  237. New Cat Delete Pipes
  238. How do I de-power my rack?
  239. Rear right brake hard line
  240. Upgrading Two-Way Power Seats
  241. Durametric Alarm Fault I32
  242. Engine Compartment Fan Manual Switch
  243. LN spin on oil filter adapter
  244. Idea for roof control hack...
  245. Upgrade from non-DOT Matrix to DOT matrix cluster?
  246. ECU, ABS, Traction control...
  247. HELP! 986 battery is dead,Canīt open Trunk!
  248. 3D Printed Boxster Parts
  249. Ims guardian drain plug...
  250. Car Won't Start