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2001 Boxster S Sport suspension replacement

Hi all!

Maybe an odd question:

I have a 2001 Boxster S with sport package (CODE 030), but I want to increase ground clearance. So I'm thinking about getting the normal suspension installed. So my questions:

What is the difference between the normal Suspension and 030? Only springs, or also dampers, Anti-roll-Bars?

Was there a package available between 030 and the absolute standard version?

What has to be changed to get a legal setup with more clearance, and what will be the approx. costs?

Thank you for your help, Greetings from Porsche-City,


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I am assuming from your location that your car has never left Europe? If so, then you have the sport suspension that most here in the USA would love to have.

Not to long ago, I purchased a RoW (European) M030 suspension from the UK.

It came with springs, shocks, anti-roll bars and bushings, Basically a complete replacement.

I kept my standard US springs and anti-roll bars. I did not keep the shocks due to them being 10 yrs old. They may have still been fine, but the height of the car is based on the springs.

In 2001, you had three setups you could get from Porsche that I am aware of. The US standard suspension (highest ground clearance), a US Sport M030 setup (Middle of the road), and the RoW (Rest of World) M030 package which many on this site like that was unavilable to US buyers. The RoW is the lowest and for me, simply makes the car.

If you want to convert to a US standard suspension to achieve the highest ground clearance possible, you would need to get the US standard height springs and would also get the anti-roll bars and some new bushings to bring it into full US standard specs. If shocks are bad, you could replace them too while in process. I suppose you could only opt for the springs, but not many have them sitting around...

If interested in used parts, I'll bet someone here wouldn't mind trading with you your full RoW suspension for their US system.

I paid about 1100 USD for a brand new RoW M030 complete system a few months ago. Installation was about 600 USD on top of that including an alignment by my indy Porsche mechanic.

Then all you would be out maybe some new tires if your are old and worn.

Hope this helps!
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the M030 USA has the same ride height as the standard suspension (same worldwide).

If everything else is still in good order, a set of usa M030 or standard springs for your model are all you need. the sway bars and struts(assuming not blown) on yours are fine for either set up. you will only gain 10 mm though.

You might consider an airbag system by Ksport though.
I think there is another coil over kit available with air lift too.
one has regular coils for normal/ performance driving, and the air just raises it for additional clearance, the ksport one uses only airbags all the time
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OK, thanks for your replies, and - Yes, is a european car.
I assume that the standard springs are not only longer (10mm) but also softer. Are the 030 US springs completely the same like the RoW standard springs (considering not only length but also stiffness)?

As far as I understood the complete setup for the 3 versions looks like this:

1. RoW 030: Spring short & hard, damper hard, ARB hard
2. Standard (US and RoW): Spring long & soft(?), damper soft, ARB soft

and the US 030 is kind of a mixture of these two (please specify the OR's):

3. US 030: Spring long & hard OR soft, damper hard OR soft, ARB hard OR soft

As for ground clearance there is no difference between standard spec and US 030 - I'm aiming for US 030 because:

- same gound clearance (as already said)
- more sporty than the standard
- I have to replace less parts to get it
- I have a combination of parts (springs, dampers, ARBs) that was sold by Porsche exactly like that, so that no insurance company can tell my, that changing to a "non approved" combination lets me loose my insurance (which is not unlikely here in Germany).

I'm looking forward to your replies,

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I think you have the right idea in going to us 030.

the springs should be approximately the same stiffness as your RoW but 10mm taller.
I looked at the specs and the wire guage is slightly greater, and coil diameters are the same on us and RoW M030, but the USA M030 has a 1/4 turn more coil, which will increase the hieght with similiar spring rate.

all you should need is a set of springs, which should run about $440 US from the porsche dealer.
the USA M030 and RoW M030 ARBs are the same
the USAM030 nd RoW M030 dampers are different:
usa:front:986 343 041 31 row front: 986 343 041 30
usa rear: 986 333 051 31 row rear: 986 333 051 30
I guess the damping rates and possibly the actual internal lengths are different.
I know it would not cause any issues for driving, since it would probably just be slightly stiffer damping, similiar to going to bilstien sport or bilstien HD aftermarket dampeners with a US M030 car. I don't know what your insurance might do. How will they even know you changed the springs? especially if you rub the color code off(two colored dots that look like they are made with a paintbrush), which I doubt they could identify anyways.

I am also looking to get a set of USA m030 springs for my stock class autocross car. I could probably get away with the RoW springs, but I better keep it legal and get the right ones. right now I am running H&R's which sit about 20mm lower than the standard(10mm lower than RoW M030) which are definitely illegal in stock class(I painted them flat black, hoping no one will notice)

I was just wondering when you are having ground clearance issues? I have a steep driveway, and even with the H&Rs which should be 10mm lower still than your M030RoW, I have been able to just use a good angle to avoid scraping.
Do you also have the aerokit?
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How much higher do you want to go? It's common practice on Subarus to add a shim between the strut and the body to raise the rear of the car (saggy butt spacer). I think it would probably be pretty easy to get a pattern and have some spacers made for your car. But you want to make sure you still can get the strut threaded onto the body so that might limit the height you could go. Definitely less expensive than replacing suspension parts.
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The RoW M030 sits lower than the US cars do, and is sprung stiffer and more damped. I had installed this setup on my 02 S (which comes with springs, dampers, and sways) and it was an extremely well balanced car with it installed.

If you want to raise the ride height, just swap out the springs. However, depending upon your mileage, it may make sense to replace the dampers as well.
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I have always wanted to know of anyone's experience with RoW M030 package and swapping out the RoW M030 springs for ones that give a slightly lower stance....perhaps H and R.

I would hate to mess with a good set up but would like the look of the lower ride height

00 986 S....with a few tweaks
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