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Check out Vertex while you're doing your shopping. They seem to address all the weak spots and aren't prohibitively expensive.

Good luck with your S and your health.

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Originally Posted by rfuerst911sc View Post
My 2 cents - rebuild the engine that you have assuming everything else inside the motor is good/reusable . That way you know you have good parts vs. buying a used engine of unknown quality . Send the block to LN Engineering and have them add Nickie cylinders and punch it out to 3.6 litre . Go with their pistons also .

If there is such a thing , find a Canadian version of Jake Raby to do the engine disassembly and reassembly it will be money well spent . You can send the engine/car to Jake but his backlog generally is a year + out . A quality Porsche rebuilder that knows these engines will build you an engine that will live a long time and run like a raped ape . The cost will be in the 20 - 25K range .

Doing it this way you keep the matching engine number as it left the factory , I mention that only if that matters to you . You can see in my signature line I have a Raby engine so take that into account for my comments . Good luck with your health and whatever decision you make on the Porsche .
This is the way I would go. Good luck with the car but more importantly your health. I have a niece who has had several concussions now and suffers from them. Take care.
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A quick budget will simplify the choices. Just ask those who recommend a particular solution what it cost in total .
A good used engine is a gamble but usually the cheapest option. You can sell your old one ?
Doing a high quality rebuild cost me at least $15k in parts,special tools and machine work. Before you do a diy rebuild. add the cost of a Raby M96 rebuilding class.
The M96 is not an easy,cheap,simple rebuild. Experience with a SBC is inadequate qualification !
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400bhp will be expensive and likely require a lot of ancillary upgrades. A bolt on 3.2 could make close to, if not, 300bhp and be much cheaper.

Putting a $25k engine into a $10k car is a tough pill to swallow.
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So the car has been sitting for 4 years and you're finally getting your mojo back enough to consider having it fixed. You waited this long, why not take your time, find either a proper used engine or a decent enough orphan that you could mine for parts. Your car had a used engine in it when you got it, a used engine will get it back on the road with less stress on your budget. As needed, upgrade the IMS, rms, water pump, AOS, etc.

It's easy spending other people's money, suggesting a new engine or a Raby 3.6, but with a new house and other of life's stuff, a budget solution is probably wise.

How did you manage to mess up the trans and crack a head? Perhaps you need to reflect on how you drive the poor thing. Sorry about your own cracked head, too. Hope CTE doesn't raise it's ugly head.
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I faced the same dilemma. My '02 Boxster S had intermix, it turned out to be a bad cylinder crack. My plan was to look on CoPart.com to find a wrecked/burned etc compatible car, pick it up and swap the engine in. The cars on there go VERY cheaply sometimes. The problem with these cars is that although they're wonderful cars, they just aren't worth much. I know everyone has their own opinion, but to me personally, it's financial lunacy to put a $15K+ engine into a $8K car.

You can buy a wrecked or otherwise damaged 986 on Copart.com for less than $4K all day long, I have seen them go for less than $2K on occasion. Pull out the engine, swap it into your car, and then sell the remainder of the car you bought to recover some of what you paid. Of course you can ping Woody on here to see what engines he might have laying around too. There are others on here who sell engines also.

To me, given the very limited value of these cars, a used engine is the only logical way to go. Obviously check the used engine out very carefully before you go through the bother of installation, and it's a no-brainer to do the IMS, RMS, clutch and AOS while it's out. Others obviously have a different opinion. Your mileage may vary. God luck, been there, done that. It sucks.


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Originally Posted by violametallic-S- View Post
Itís been 5 years since my motor failed on my 2001 Boxster S and itís been 4 years since I got a serious concussion which made me just leave the Porsche in my garage untouched. It was a bad concussion which Iím still dealing with many of the symptoms every day. So I havenít had the motivation to engine shop, let alone even think about my car.

But recently I have been thinking how much joy driving it used to give me. Even though I canít drive it like it should, because driving makes me still pretty nauseous, I still enjoy idea of it starting up.

So long story short, a long time ago I noticed mud in my coolant resivour. Brought it to my mechanic and he took the motor out and apart. Cracked cylinder was the problem. Around that time I got my concussion and was in no shape to take on this problem. So towed it to my house and left it in the garage ever since.

Where do I start now? I want it running already. But I donít want to put the same 3.2 engine back in. Since itís out and apart. I want to put something special in. Iím sure this topic has been beaten to death. But I want the best bang for my buck when Iím looking for a ďnewĒ engine. I want to do it right. Not that money isnít an issue, but I want to put the best engine I can in there.

What is the number one option here? Used 3.6 and beef it up with bolt on performance parts? I hope to have a set up that has minimum 400hp. I want to start shopping and getting an idea as to what needs to be done.

Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

I have a rebuilt 2001 engine with LN billet 3.6 sleeves that will replace your original engine without any modifications. It's a duplicate of what I have had in my Box S since 2010. I will sell it for $15,000.
OE engine rebuilt,3.6 litre LN Engineering billet sleeves,triple row IMSB,LN rods. Deep sump oil pan with DT40 oil.
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I hope you continue to improve re the concussion and its aftermath. I just went through a 3.2 rebuild on my 2003 S and had the displacement increased to 3.6 liters with LN Nickies and JE pistons. It was a six month turnaround at LN - they need to do their machining and installation of the new cylinders, then the real wait starts as the block goes to their plater for plating of the cylinders. My local independent Porsche specialist who have rebuilt several M96/97 engines. I've just finished putting 1,500 break-in miles on the rebuilt engine and I'm very happy with it. It probably cost me 2x what the car is worth for the rebuild. If I had chosen not to go with the Nickies I could have also avoided the custom Softronic tune and Fabspeed sport headers with catalysts. Eliminating those three items would have saved a big chunk of money.

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