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My 2 cents - rebuild the engine that you have assuming everything else inside the motor is good/reusable . That way you know you have good parts vs. buying a used engine of unknown quality . Send the block to LN Engineering and have them add Nickie cylinders and punch it out to 3.6 litre . Go with their pistons also .

If there is such a thing , find a Canadian version of Jake Raby to do the engine disassembly and reassembly it will be money well spent . You can send the engine/car to Jake but his backlog generally is a year + out . A quality Porsche rebuilder that knows these engines will build you an engine that will live a long time and run like a raped ape . The cost will be in the 20 - 25K range .

Doing it this way you keep the matching engine number as it left the factory , I mention that only if that matters to you . You can see in my signature line I have a Raby engine so take that into account for my comments . Good luck with your health and whatever decision you make on the Porsche .
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