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Need Advice on a New Boxster S purchase

I'm new to the forum and just did a test drive in a Boxster S (6-speed manual). Should have done it before I purchased the new C6 Corvette...because I just fell in love with this Porsche.

Anyway my question is regarding any advice you guys could give me relative to a realistic discount price on 1 of 5 remaining 2005's the dealer has on the lot (Price reducing is something they will definitely do as we come into the cold North eastern winter months). The invoice is in the $46,000 range with the suggested MSRP at just 54k...the trick is the list of parts options that I can't find any invoice pricing for. The total car options out at about 62K.

The other part of the equation is trading a loaded C6 that retailed for 54,000. They are talking wholesale numbers at 40k for a car with 4000 miles. Seems a little low. Or the depreciation is just stunning.

I think there is room to move both on the Porsche and Corvette. What do you guys think? Help me come up with some realistic numbers?

Let's get my A** outta fiberglass. Thanks for the help

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Read through this thread. Among other things, it discusses the dealer cost for options.
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Originally Posted by SoCal
Read through this thread. Among other things, it discusses the dealer cost for options.
Thanks for the response...my dealer is so ambigious about all actual costs (he's trying to get me into a payment). And is just fluffing me with glowing praise of the car. Must have read the art of selling in an old college class. I'm talking numbers, he's talking hand stitched leather.
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RevDice, you need to make sure you negotiate the 2 transactions separately. One, being the purchase of the new Porsche, and two, being the trade-in of the Corvette.

You might be better off just purchasing the Porsche, and selling the Corvette on your own through different channels. More work for you, but you'll get a better price. The good thing about trading it in, is the reduced sales taxes.

If the new Porsche is $62K and is a 2005, they really-really want to sell that thing, and get it off their inventory. They should be very-very motivated. A good price for you to buy it would be no more than $54K. They need to discount the car 13-14%.
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Depending upon how willing you are to take the risk that the Car may be sold, I'd wait 1 week - 10 Days to do any negotiating. Car Sales usually fall off the Table between Thanksgiving and January 10th, so the Dealer will be much more Pliable.

Then, come up with Your price (I'd go with $52K, pointing out the Depreciation Loss and the Fact that this Depreciation will also Hit them if the Car stays on their Lot - I'd also be willing to increase this Price with a Direct Warranty extension of Equal Value) and make them an offer, but also send this offer to 4 other Dealerships within a 200 Mi. Radius (What's a 4 Hr. Drive to save $$?) and state that you'll do the Deal with the 1st Dealership to respond within 72 Hrs. (Let them all know that they are one of 5 in the Running).

Also, if your C6 is well sorted and optioned, as mentioned, sell this on your own - you'll probably do much better. You could offer it in Trade, but at the NADA, Kelley BlueBook, Edmunds Wholesale Price Averaged out and see if they Bite. Good Luck!...

Happy Motoring!... Jim'99
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Just curious, why does the dealership have 05's sitting on the lot? I thought each new Porsche was 'made to order'. Are these canceled cars?

Have you considered waiting for the 2006 models? I'm sure there are quiet a few bugs and gremlins that were discovered and will cured in the second version of the 987S. Not to mention some other unrelated improvements and enhancements.

and I don't understand of negotiating a lower price on a new car purchase if you will then be trading in a car and giving back the discount when you sell the old car for lower than private seller value. In the end your not getting a deal at all, just saving time.
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Perfectlap, these are not canceled cars. There are literally hundreds of 05's sitting in dealers lots across the USA. I still see brand new 02's, 03's and 04's out there too.

While they may be made to order, they are ordered by the dealers, based on their market knowledge and customer base, with a best-guess as to colors and options and etc. And they hope to sell them.

Now, a custom order is different. And sometimes those get canceled, and the dealer needs to find a home for it. Sometimes you can tell what car that is because it is usually pretty optioned-out with some of the more unique selections.[/
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You have a problem of sorts.

Now is a great time to buy a leftover Boxster and a lousy time to sell your C6 (esp in your area).

Tell me a bit more about your C6 and I can develop some REAL prices and strategies for moving that car.

Regarding the Porsche, the absolute best time to buy this type of car is between 12/26 and 12/31.

Your bargaining power will never be better.

On the C6, the same thing in reverse holds true. Your Porsche dealer does not want that car right now and his offer will reflect that indifference.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice guys...I visit the dealer on Saturday to talk about the purchase. I now may have a private buyer considering the Vette. So fortunately I may go that route and negotiate my deal on the Boxster.

The help is much appreciated...
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Edmunds now has option prices loaded for 2005 Porsches on their site. You should be able to get the car at or just above invoice this time of year, maybe even cheaper if you wait til December.

Now on the Vette...gonna be tough to get much on trade due to season and the natural depreciation on the car. Have them show you the Manheim report to see the floor on what your car's worth. If you're not willing to take the $10K hit (with the tax savings and offset by the amazing deal on the 987) sell it privately.

Net, you will end up with the better car at a decent price (even considering the loss on the Vette). I got 6% off on a 2006 last month, but would have taken an 05 at cost if I could have found one with my specs.
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40'ish is about right on for wholesale on the Vette.

Manheim is only showing 3 6speeds in the last month (NE Market) and they range from $37,800 to $41,800 with miles ranging from 2,190 to 12,936

There are 8 Automatics in the last 3 weeks (NE Market) and range is $38,900 to $43,000 with miles ranging from 258 to 14,428
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I got 8% discount on a 2006 Boxster S last month from Brumos in Jacksonville, FL. I live in Upstate, SC and my local dealer is not very customer friendly. Anyway, I sent emails to several dealers in 500 mile radius and Brumos and Jim Ellis in Atlanta were the most responsive, both offering deep discounts on 2005 models. I was able to get a good deal on the '06 thanks to timing. Brumos sold the '05 while I was in the process of finalizing the deal, so I offered to buy an '06 at 8% and they accepted with condition that it must be an S model. It worked out because I really wanted the S but needed justification for the extra $$$. Anyway, I made the 400 mile drive and it was a great experience.. I cannot say enough good things about Brumos. When I asked my salesman where to purchase the $50 Porsche Umbrella to fit in the door slot, he gave it to me as a parting gift. very classy establishment. Brumos also offers a free Porsche driving school with each car sold. Check them out and ask for Bill Bianco.

Now if I could only sell my 2005 Chrysler 300C (asking $27K).
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Old 11-19-2005, 09:12 AM   #13
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Manhattan dealership discounting 16.7% on base '05 987s

They're advertising five new cars at $39,995 with fairly good options. I went to their web site and they're actually showing a dozen '05s in stock, including two 987S models. They all have pretty normal colors and options.

You should be able to get a really good deal on an '05. And I agree with others on here that you should sell the C6 separately and privately. Good luck!

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