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Unhappy "Boxsters suck!" From an 11 year old. (my personal rant)

I was leaving a fair last night in Mandeville visiting my 2 sisters who were actually working the event. One of my sisters is as wealthy as a movie star and as luck would have it --- of course the other is not at all. Well, I didn't tell em anything about my "new" Boxster until I got there and they were excited for me. Upon leaving, the "movie star" sister's (both in looks and $) son (yes my nephew) ----
looks at my car parked behind his mom's S600 AMG apparently waiting for reaction to my sister who says, "Look at his new Porsche, it is a Boxster S convertible" says "ohh, Boxsters they suck." and jumps into his mom's car.

Of course this is coming from a spoiled brat who just turned 11 and whose father drives everything from Viper GTS-R's to Gallardo's, so I guess in some ways his dad has mentioned that Boxster's "suck" in comparison. Just thought it was a rude comment (no offfense taken honestly), but definitely a poor way to raise a child IMHO. I know that other wealthy people know how to raise their children and they do it with proper morals, respect and character.

I never had the silver spoon, I remember literally scraping coins together off the floorboard of a 1980 rusted out Fifth Avenue that I paid $200.00 after college (when I was 23, had a new shotgun wife and an unexpected new daughter) just to drive thru the burger place one more time to feed us ($0.99 burger) for one more night. I made the choice to go out with an engineering degree in hand and still work 3 jobs: stocking groceries at night 7 days a week, framing and roofing on the weekends (every weekend) and working my entry-level engineering job during the day for nearly 2 years to get us on proper footing. It was hard work, it was sacrifice and it definitely was humbling & humiliating at times... but it built character and strength.

Later I gave back by joining the Army (256th Infantry HQ) & becoming extremely active in Habitat for Humanity and now still run teams for rebuilding projects at least twice a month....it makes me feel a tad bit selfish sometimes when I drive my 'S' after having to work for so much for so long to get where I am today, but I still remember myself as a child with posters, collecting magazine ads, and just dreaming of one day owning a Porsche....just because I loved the pure emotion of what it stood for in my heart.

Yeah, apparently that same Porsche that "just sucks" ----
Oh well, we cannot all be spoiled disrespectful sons of movie stars.

I just hope that somewhere along the way a lesson is taught to this child that isn't too painful. Status of our times or just poor parenting? Dont know.

Just thought I would share --- thanks for tolerating my rant.
All my best,

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hahahahahahahahahahahahaha......................be t you feel better after writing that.

He will probably wont learn his lesson about money. Rich people like that never do
its not his fault, he has been born into it.
When he turns 16-17 and time for his 'first' car im sure boxsters wont suck then.

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Hes a kid what does he know? boxster Dont Suck , Tell him that that the S600 isnt a amg , amg does not tune the S600

enjoy your New boxster
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two words...
spoiled brat.

sounds like this kid (and en entire generation) will get much worse before they get any better.

kid probably needs a good spanking. oh wait. isn't that against the law now? lol. see it quite often these days. kids just have no and get no discipline.

as i see it, this is more about the parents than the kid.
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I agree and that is what my girl thought too.....she is a pathlogist and we both have always worked so hard for everything and to have it openly dismissed by a 11-year old is just plain disrespectful....and she said it best, "He probably heard his dad (my BIL) talking bad about them and saying they suck......they only learn at that age what they hear....and behave how they are taught"

It is definitely a trend that will only get worse with that family, but what can you do? Live your life and teach my kids, who unfortunately don't live with me, the best that I can and try hard as possible to support them each day. It is a sad state of the world when kids are raised with such contempt, superiority and entitlement at such young ages.

Absolutely correct.
It is purely the results of bad parenting --- plain and simple.

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he said that because he was told by his dad or heard from his dad.
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Examine a statement like that

and you find it coming from an insecure kid who has to convince himself that he is superior by putting down both other people and their choices. Has nothing to do with your car, you could have had a GT3. But his choice and his daddy's choice would always be superior because that is how they convince themselves of their worth.

True worth is measured in friends and enjoyment. Go enjoy your car, take a ride.
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but boxsters do suck
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Nice story. Maybe send it to your sister and she'll read it to him. Kinda reminds me of this (hope the link works):

blood sweat and tears
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Hi Meerzee, Reading your post I sensed some degree of animosity between you and your sister's family, blaming the parents for what your nephew said, seriously these 11 year old brats are better informed than us old farts with all that **************** on TV, Net, Magazines, Friends, etc., and lets hope he doesn't read 986 Forum or we're screwed ., and please don't listen to any girls opinions about all the he said she said crap unless you want to live the rest of your life alone without your family.Women will generally (always ) instill negative things in your mind about your side and nice things about theirs because they're are all jealous of each others hair.

Think positive

OH almost forgot when he turns 18 you have the right to smack him
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At the pet store there is a device that goes on the dogs collar that can shock the dog in the neck when the owner presses a button on a remote control. I always felt that if I had children I would buy one of these as soon as they learned how to make noise. Have we all forgot the saying "children should be seen but not heard"?

I was at the airport about a year ago and I remember this family trying to check their luggage with 3 little diablos. They were aged about 6, 3 and the other was an infant. The oldest was constantly running around kicking things while screaming, the 3 year old would not stop crying and the mother was unable to run after the brats since she was holding the infant while trying to check her luggage. The father kept saying "now now Jr, settle down please" in a Metroman sort of way. The oldest needed a firm boot in the ass but parents these days have forgot the concept.

I just kept thinking though how the mother really needed the remote control dog shocker.

"Oh Jr, come back here!" says the desperate mother.

"No! WAAAAAAA" screams the small brat.

Out comes the remote control and PZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!

Ha ha ha!!! laughs Cartagena as he watches the child scream in pain and fall to the ground.

But of course this is only my dream.
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Originally Posted by djomlas
but boxsters do suck
Yeah.... LIKE A FOX!
--Proud Boxster Owner/Tech,

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It's absolutely about parenting. If money in valued more than character in his upbringing, he's in for one hell of a ride when he becomes an adult. Look at all those teen stars out of control (who can escape the "news" these days ) money + bad parenting = serious problems.
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It's never about what others think about your car. The kid obviously wouldn't know **************** from putty however..
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My Boxster sucks...
Sucks up other cars on the road
Sucks into the appex of every curve i can find
Suck in the compliments at gas stations
Sucks up the side of my face and makes me smile
Sucks in the other car guys at the corvette shop we where at this morning

Boxters do suck
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Growing up the car magazines said how amazing Porsches are. Was I brainwashed? Somehow...I doubt it.

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ah, such good advice and ideas.....Love the brat buzz shocker, cartagena. Let me know where you get a set in stock, I might to just have to pay my sister an unexpected visit & early Christmas gift.

All in all, life is good!!! None of this crap bothers me, I have been in some horrific situations in my life and held the line regardless, so a punk and his comments mean nothing to me in the grand scheme of things....I just took the opportunity to share the event since I thought it was appropriate and maybe even a little "signs of the times" ---- Well, right now....I am sitting in a coffee shop in Covington on a beautiful sunny day, temps in the mid 70s and just loving life. Me and my sucky Boxster are having an awesome day (haha) and about to watch LSU game with some friends. So, just goes to show you just how amazing life can be even when you have to settle for and love a car that just plain sucks.


Thanks for the support...
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hey your a good man dont let this child get to you. I feel bad that he is numb to everything and has lost his ability to feel and understand. then again he is 11.

we all work hard and for me having this car was an accomplishment. Im now 22 and got my car when i was 21. Im a student, support my self and happened to get a good deal and my payments are low. I am thankful and I too am giving back to my community.
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You should have thrown hot coffee on the little guy. That would teach him...
Happy Motoring!... Timí05

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On YouTube there are a number of super smart people who are willing to be videotaped with the dog collar on! Here is one such video:


Here is another:


Originally Posted by meerzee
ah, such good advice and ideas.....Love the brat buzz shocker, cartagena. Let me know where you get a set in stock, I might to just have to pay my sister an unexpected visit & early Christmas gift.

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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by Gary in BR
My Boxster sucks...
Sucks up other cars on the road
Sucks into the appex of every curve i can find
Suck in the compliments at gas stations
Sucks up the side of my face and makes me smile
Sucks in the other car guys at the corvette shop we where at this morning

Boxters do suck

lol good ones.
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