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Race me.. Really?

Why is it nearly every time I take my S out that every tuner car in town with the coffee can exhaust wants to race me? It cracks me up.. you guys ever have this issue too? And yes they normally have a chic in the car with them..

2000 Boxster S
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Because they think Boxsters are slow, and that way, if they beat you, they can say they smoked a Porsche.
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still plays with cars...
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Gotta beat the Porsche to show who the real man is...
I had one asshat rev me on last summer, and watched him take off like he had something to prove, only to get pulled over by the fuzz 1/4 mile up the road that he didn't see because he was too busy trying to own me.
I guess he showed me, huh?
The officer had to have heard me laughing as I drove past.
Six speed 2000 Boxster S
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I've had 5 street race attempts in the past few years against my 914 and Boxster. All 5 were Mustang owners. Every single one. I'm keeping track!
DD summer/winter: 2000 Boxster S
DD spring/fall: 914-6 w/ 3.0L SC Dual Webers

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Pulled onto the freeway last summer and a red corvette with the license plate number "OHSORED" pulled up beside me and then shot off. About a half mile down the road a state trooper was showing him how oh so red and blue his lights were. I laughed all the way home.
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I am my own mechanic....
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Was going to post this the other day. Every stupid F150, Mustang of any combo engine / year, every Outback, and '91 Accord. It's daily. Some pass and fall back then pass again.
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Had a TC pull away from me in the passing lane when we were both in it. I was 10 over doing my own thing he pushed it to pull away, as he is pulling away we pass a motorcycle cop. He gets behind me and I put on my right blinker and move to the middle then right lane and watch the little white motorcycle speed off and snag himself a red scion.
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Every Subaru or ricer with a fart tube thinks I'm game. Makes me laugh. I prefer to be seen.
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Ignoring them completely (not even a sideways glance) is the best medicine. It shows them just how little they matter. Really a punch to their egos.
The same works for obnoxious forum posters.
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On the slippery slope
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I don't remember whose comment it was, but "First one to 150 wins" is a great line when someone pulls next to you and wants to race. If they try to take you up on it, just let them blast away and drive off slow.

If they are persistent, lead then to a twisty road and watch them drop back as you fly away

Another great line if you have a 996/997/991 is to say "Turbo up" and reach down and raise the spoiler. Probably does not have the same effect in a Boxster

Of course, as Charles said, just ignore them, you don't have to prove anything to them. Lets face it you are driving a Porsche and they are not. There is no substitute!
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2004 996 Targa Tip
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My favorite method is to make eye contact with the challenger, look his car over, make eye contact again and laugh at them.
Seems to make them sad.
But I won't lie, I have educated a few of them...
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I have never understood the F150 thing, never. It seems to happen all the time here and they are almost always a stock F150...I Mean it's a factory truck....its not supposed to be fast off the line and they do not corner.

I was driving home from my fiance's home in TN one night (wife now), it was late for me around 11:30 or so. I Pulled out onto a fabulous road for a sports car that I drove all the time...curvy and banked the right way with fresh pavement. It was a picture perfect night, 65 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. The 2 lane road was completely deserted and I was in no hurry. I pulled out behind a F150 that had been sprung over with crazy wide tires that stuck out badly and thought nothing of it...it's very common here. I had the top down and was behind him and we were doing about 50mph....when I saw whoever was in looking back at me from the window...I was not tailgating them. After about 2 miles the speed dropped to about 20 at which time I said , well I am going around. The second I eased by him he gunned the truck and swerved toward me a bit and I floored the S and it shot ahead like a rocket. and I assumed the speed limit 50mph....he rode up behind me and flashed his brights, the horn...revved the engine ...you know an imbecile. I thought well I just bought tires, it is a perfect night lets see how that truck will hang on corners. I had driven those same curves at 70 easily so I just took the S up to 60 and waited.......he made the first curve with his tires complaining very loudly....he did not make the second curve...the bloated truck swapped ends and came to a stop...smoke billowing out the imation 18 wheeler stacks and I stopped and backed up and got close and asked if they were OK

I have never been cussed in my life like that night, he said something about my Mother....and I said I didn't know we were related and left him sitting there....didnt care how or if he made it home or his passengers.
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I look over and say "Does your mom know you're driving her car?"
'99 black 986
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Never happens when I am in the Spec Boxster.

Wait - there was one day when a pair of young latino men in an old beat up gardening truck pulled up next to me at a light and revved their engine. I looked over and they were both laughing their asses off at the absurdity of it all; so I had to laugh too.
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I dont have this issue often. Even if I did Im too proud of my spotless driving record and $40 a month full coverage insurance...
02 Seal Grey 5 Speed
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I had a new Challenger with a line lock roll up next to me at a light, both of us stopped in a line of cars. The idiot lit up his rear tires with another car about 5 feet in front of him, rolled down his window and whooped out something like "Come on, I'll take you! Free entertainment by white trash is just one of the many benefits of living in Texas!
2003 S manual
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My best was a senior in a late 80 early 90 midsize Buick / Olds. Mid morning. Pop`s got the little dog in his lap, Timmies ( That`s a coffee for my US friends ) in one hand.He tailgates me then makes his big jump out and pass. I hadn`t done a thing to encourage this I might add. As he goes by he looks at me and raises his coffee in some sort of victory celebration. As he looks back at me he blows through a late yellow light in a super busy intersection. Sad part was he didn`t have a `nuckin clue of what he had done. Buddy was at least 70 yrs old.
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....the Dodge Diesel Heavy Duty truck with big rig smoke stacks. He will want to, "Smoke you out!"

If you have to ask...

550 SE #310---"It's more fun to drive a slow car fast, than a fast car slow."
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Originally Posted by Xpit77 View Post
My best was a senior in a late 80 early 90 midsize Buick / Olds. Mid morning. Pop`s got the little dog in his lap, Timmie

This right here! My most puzzling experience was a man easily past 85 in a golden Ford Taurus.

I was heading up to the mountains and was rolling to the last light in a small town before the road sweeped it's way back into the forest.

I was in the right lane and the old man in the right. The light had just turned red so we had a long time to sit side by side. I looked ahead on this unfamiliar road and realized it went down to two lanes not far down the road.

Okay I say, pass grandpa in the Taurus that way I don't have to ride behind him in the two lanes.

Underestimating the challenge at hand I slowly let out the clutch and eased off the line before getting into the throttle once the light turned green.

The elderly mans tires were chirping and he was pulling away extremely quick.

I likely should've just let him have it but I didn't like the idea of being "beat by an 80 year old in a Taurus"

I drove the car at about 75% holding the revs to 6.5k and by about the third gear pull I had space enough to get around him safely, the lane was out maybe 100 feet after.

I looked in my rear view and his face was just as stoic at the light, as was mine.

The road now a twisty two lane I proceeded at about 55 to see if he was done, but he came up onto my bumper fairly quickly.

I then decided to figure out how much he was willing to push it, I pulled through a long sweeper in third and exited around 75. He was right behind me at the entrance and long behind by the next straight. For the sake of safety I held the car at that speed on the straight rather than pushing more speed but the elderly man pushed his Tarus fast enough to catch up, his face still stoic.

After doing this in a few more corners, we passed a cop on a straight that was turning onto the road to head in the other direction. I was about 10 over on the straight and the crazed Tarus driver catching up.

He slowed down a lot after that.

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