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Help Requested for a 99 Boxster with 29k Miles

This forum has been a great source of information for me and now I need some help. I am looking at a 99 Boxster (base model no upgrades as far as I could tell) with 29,500 miles on it. The price is at $19,000 but I am 99% sure the 30,000 mile check has not been done yet. What is that going to set me back? Also I checked with my local Porsche dealer (Pioneer Porsche is San Diego) and they will sell me a Millennium aftermarket warranty, has anyone had any experience with this company? Thanks everyone...

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You'll know it's the base model if there is a keyhole on the passenger side door and if the car does not have a keyless entry/alarm system or speakers on the doors.

That sounds like a pretty good deal if the car is in good condition - mechanical, body, top, tires, etc.

Figure the 30k service to run you about $900 from the dealer or cheaper from an indepent shop, it should include and oil change, new spark plugs, new air and cabin filters, some other things and a bunch of checks. It will be cheaper if you do all or some of it yourself.

Does the owner not have the service records? That's a red flag to me.

Pioneer will do a PPI, pre-purchase inspection to check out the car for you (and I think it's required if you go with one of their warranties). Not sure how much it will cost though.

Don't know anything about the Millennium warranties, but if you feel like it will give you peace of mind, go for it. Just be sure to check out the fine print...

I live in San Diego, if the car for sale is near me, I could probably take a look for you if you want another opinion, just PM me.

Good Luck,
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PPI at Hoen is $230. They do top rate work there.

Re: Millenium, never heard of them. Warranty companies in CA must be licensed by CA Dept of Insurance.

If you go to their website, they usually have complaint data on their licensed companies.

READ THE FINE PRINT ON COVERAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Good luck and caveat emptor.

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Make sure you pay for the 100 Point inspection BEFORE you make an offer.

Here the things I overlooked on the 2002 S I just bought:

#1 - Look at the paint at high noon - Check for spider webs and swirl marks.

#2 - Don't settle for one key - make sure you get two + valet key.

#3 - Look very closely at the brake pads - bring a flashlight - mine needed them and the OEM pads alone were about $275.00

#4 Take digital pictures of the car from all angles before you buy it. Make sure the seller does not remove anything like the roll bar inserts and Porsche Crest wheel caps. Mine did just that. If he removed them before he offered you the car at least be aware of it and adjust the price accordingly.

#5 Look at the option code sticker located under the front hood. Make sure you understand them. Boxter options are numerous and can effect the worth of the car significantly.

#6 Demand hard copies of the maintenance records. I got mine form my seller but only upon delivery. Turns out he took reasonable care of the car mechanically, but it could have been a very different story.

#7 Have the seller pull the dipstick in your presence and show you the car is not low on oil. If it's more than a quart low you should walk. Keeping your oil toped of is minimal when it comes to car maintenance and if it's low it kind of says allot about the way the seller took care of the car eh?

#8 California law requires the seller to have the vehicle smogged. Make sure he knows this.

#9 Check the coolant expansion tank for cracks. This will require that you remove the carpet around it in the rear trunk. Mine was cracked, but I got it replaced under warrantee. If it had not been covered it would have been mighty pricey to replace. One would think this would get uncovered by the 100 Point inspection but I guess that would depend on who is doing the inspecting.

#10 Check the plastic rear window as well as the whole soft for discoloration and operation. My rear window had separated and was replaced under warrantee.

In addition I recommend you do this:

#1 Run a Car fax on it for whatever it will be worth. The data displayed is likely to be incomplete, but may save you from buying a car that has been a frame wreck.

#2 Bring another Porsche enthusiast with an unbiased opinion with you and get it from him.

#3 - Check Randallís webpage RE Buying a used Boxster and follow all of his recommendations. Randall knows.

#4 Look really close at the tread were. Boxsters, Due to excessive camber go through rear tires at about 15K and there not cheap.

#5 Take your time. Look at several vehicles.

#6 Make sure you know exactly what your Millennium warrantee covers and does not cover. I am extremely leery of after market Warrantees.

#7 - If it leaks oil at all Ė RUN - Educate yourself about Rear Main Seal Failure. There are posts about all over this board.

All in all so far I came out OK. If I had to do it all over again, I might of looked a little harder for one that had been garaged allot more than mine had. I mostly got excited about it as it has a 100K mile 6 year CPO warrantee attached to the VIN and these are kind or rare.

I just got finished with the 30K maintenance.

You can and should do allot of it yourself. The air and pollen filters are very easy to change. Get a safe way to get under the car and change the oil and oil filter yourself. Know your torque values! I had the dealer change my spark plugs, so I don't know if they can be done ala DIY, but I would look into it. My local dealer bills out labor at $125.00 per hour, parts are all off the chart high, so you can do the math. I also had the brake fluid changed for an additional $165.00. This is not necessarily part of the 30K maintenance but Porsche recommends it every two years. Keeps the H20 out of the system and thatís a good thing. It will be a minimum of $125.00 to have the dealer run the diagnostic on the car. Sit down with the service rep and he will detail everything out for you.

Good Luck
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There are only two reliable ways to ensure there is no accident damage that you should be concerned about.

Both of these should be used by a reputable dealer in performing the PPI.

1-Use a paint meter. There is NO ONE who can spot every amount of paint work, no matter what they say. The meter does not lie, the eye does!

2-You have to get an experienced eye UNDER THE CAR.

Even cars that have not had any paint work CAN have damage underneath.

It takes a skilled person who knows what they are looking for to spot a car that may have had ALL of its damage down below.

Good luck!
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Thanks everyone...

Part of the problem is I am getting the car in El Paso, TX which has no Porsche dealer. The same mechanic has been taking care of the car so at least I will be able to go to him to find out if there are ANY problems with the car. If all goes well I look forward to driving to Cali very soon. How big of a deal is not having traction control? Thanks again everyone for the great info!
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Mr. Boone, your fine advice will be added to my boxster buyer page. Most excellent advice and I sure wish I had it a year ago!!!

skisd: We have a forum member who lives in El Paso... find him and take him with you to look at the car if you can. We gotta stick together here and watch each other's backs!

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New motor, transmission, suspension, and on and on and on it goes...
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