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Looking to buy a boxster S advice needed

Hi all,

I hope you wouldnt mind helping me with a few questions I have.

Im looking to buy a 2001 Boxster S with about 52,000KM (32,000 miles).

I just wanted to know how much approximately you reckon a 10 year old boxster would cost in maintenance per year?

Do you think it would have alot of problems and how much longer do you think it can run without major issues occurring? I do realize its down to luck and how well the car has been taken care of over the past couple of years.

Just looking for some advice if anyone owns a 2001 boxster and see how they find owning it?

Thanks in advance.

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You are right

There is luck and previous maintenance that are factors. Also how often you drive it, how you drive it, where you live, how available are repair resources (yours, friends, independent mechanics, dealers), etc.

I have an '01S bought with about 42k miles, now has 58k or so. Very reliable, very cheap to maintain relative to my two other cars (Honda, Acura) of same vintage and mileage. But should you have major problem, that could be completely different from your experience. Remember this is a 10 year old car. Things age, things wear out. And low mileage isn't always good for a car. Seals get dried up, dirty oil sits rotting bearings, oil drains and every start is bare metal on bare metal.

As much as I love my car, I can't recommend owning any 10 year old car expecting lowest maintenance costs/hassle.
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Have a pre-purchase inspection done at a good dealer. Then you will know more. Stuff does wear out, but 32k miles is not much on a 10yr car. I have only 20k+ on mine at the moment.

As far as "normal maintenance", I haven't done much at all to my car other that oil changes and new tires. When I bought the car three years ago, I had Jim Ellis in Atlanta do the PPI and a 15k service as the car then only had 13k miles on her.

The service wasn't cheap, but the original Owner kicked in half of the cost....which I thought was pretty cool of him to do.

The tire changeout and mandatory alignment will hurt the most. Check how old the tires are. If over 6 yrs, time to replace.
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As has been said, it's kind of a crap shoot. Having said that, mine's been pretty good so far. Got her with 19K miles a few years ago, now at 59K. Had the dealership do the 30K maintenance (was still under warranty---wanted it on the record that at least that first post-purchase major maintenance was "official", in case something went wrong at some point later). I'll probably do the 60K myself.

Had to work on the alternator a couple years ago...not that difficult a DIY. I do the oil/filter changes every 5K or so. Had a coil pack go on me, which, for some reason, I was unable to diagnose (enlisted professional help). Also had to replace the axle boots, apparently a not-unusual occurrence in an '01S in this mileage range. Got some help with that one, too. (I might have been willing to try that myself, but there's sometimes just not enough hours in the day.) Brakes need bled every couple of years, also not that difficult. Also have replaced a couple of the O2 sensors, again, pretty easy.

It's been a lot more involved than my other car, a Toyota. But you have already figured that out. All in all, I'm very happy I got the Box...drives like nothing else I've ever owned.

In the interests of full disclosure, I guess I should also add that this spring I have plans to replace the motor mount and the water pump (and maybe go with a low temp thermostat?). Brake pads are probably ripe for replacement as well. AND I suspect (though no symptoms yet) I'm pretty much due for a clutch...which then raises the IMS issue. BUT, I'm still havin' fun!!!

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Are there maintenance records with this car? That will tell you what has or hasn't been done. If there's shoddy history, you should assume more items will need replacing, which will affect the price you pay. Many / most Porsche parts are 4x the cost of "normal" parts, so be prepared for sticker shock. If you're not mechanically inclined and have to have your maintenance work done, the cost just went up. Need to factor these items in before buying a "black hole for dead presidents" as one of our members likes to say.

Also, 01 S models had a tendancy to need rt rear wheel bearings. Better check that out too.

It's good that you asked before buying. Just be sure to do your homework and don't fall in love with the first one you look at. Not sure where SG is, but there are lots of Boxsters for sale.
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Bought my 00 S with 31K, have around 50K now and have had to do nothing but oil changes. So far so good, but there is always that thought in the back of my head that tells me when **************** goes south its gonna be expensive
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Mine is standard boxster (non S, manual) and I just went through the painful preventative repairs, car runs fine but I had RMS leak. So far, I have RMS replacement, IMS retrofit with LN engineering bearing, clutch work (got lucky that I don't have to replace the flywheel, 1mm away before the clutch rivets touch and ruin the flywheel at 47K miles), all 6 spark plug tubes + plugs replaced, brake fluid/clutch hydraulic flush, transmission fluid change and AOS change for $3K (parts, labor and tax).
Next phase would be engine mount (has small crack on the rubber, not that bad), water pump and new top, that might cost me close to $2K.
If you need tires, that would be $700 more...

I guess I'm half way there with all the repairs.....
Just get prepared for total $5-6K repairs and then you can enjoy your car without any worry....
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I agree with everything all the others said with one exception, Franklin was never a President.
So far I've gone through about $2K/yr after 3 years of ownership to get it right after all the previous owners. Next project will be the water pump and at some point, new tires. That should take care of most of it until the big one happens.
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No answer from the OP ??
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Thanks guys for the replies much appreciated and useful info!

Im living in Singapore so there arent many around and the prices are very high.
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With 32K miles on the clock (and assuming that the 30K service was done), all you'll really be looking at (from a mandatory viewpoint) are oil changes until 60K miles.

If you want to do some preventative maintenance (because its a 10 yr old car), then you can probably spend around $1-2K more if you do the work yourself or double that to have it done.

Otherwise, its just the usual wearables like tires, brakes, and clutch. Tires can need replacement based on age rather than just wear. Brakes and clutch are mostly based on how it was driven before you purchased it.

Dealer PPI will give you a good evaluation of all of the systems so you have an idea of what needs to be done right away and what can wait.
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I have a few words of advice:

1) If you are not an enthusiast stay away, get a 350Z or S2000, or mustang. The Boxster IS more expensive, its worth it for most but if you dont appreciate mid engine balance and refinement save some money and look elsewhere

2) Service is crazy expensive and will cost double normal cars, again its worth it for many. I do all the work myself and buy my parts online from Sunset Porsche which minimizes the financial pain.

3) I will also add that I've been totally impressed by how few problems my car has had, and how easy it is to work on.

Good Luck


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1968 Camaro
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