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Why did you buy - your - Boxster?

For me, it was because I had lost the love for driving that I had as a kid, and was looking to see if I could find that again. I remember when I first got my licence, I couldn't stop driving - I'd find places to go to, just so that I could enjoy that feeling of driving some more.

That feeling had been sorely missed over the years. With my Boxster I've got back that feeling, and whenever I think about where I have to go to, it makes me smile and brings back the great memories of just driving, and enjoying the journey.

What about you guys/girls, why did you?


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For me i wasnt even planning on buying a Porsche bc i couldnt afford it but at work one day i was scrolling through autotrader and saw this great deal and went and bought it. I was currently driving a supercharged GTP at the time but this car has added 6.2 years onto my life
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hey GREAT thread

i had too many cars and couldn't make up my mind, and to this day people tell me how in the hell did u keep that porsche so long? haha

but i told myself that i want a convertible, preferably w hardtop, something that not many people drive around, unique, and wanted to have a color that wasn't common.
once i saw this car i HAD to have it...so talked to dealer for 4 days straight and got it...for unbelievable price too
and i keep on dumping more and more money that i dont have into it hahahah (but arent we all obsessed with that?)
"I couldn't find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself." ~F. Porsche
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Amen to that djomlas! I loved this car for so many reasons. For the most part the fun factor, the originality of it, the fact that the look never ages. Its perfect. People can't tell how old my car is, cause the paint is still beautiful even after 8 years, and the engine still runs great.

I originally wanted a 2001 z3 but man am i glad i didn't. Props to porsche for making such a timeless work of art
Whats a Porsche?

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I drove it...

They made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

I bought it.

Been doing this ever since.

Orlando - 99 BMW M Coupe (autocross toy), '11 Mazdaspeed 3 (dog hauler), '99 10AE Miata (the new daily driver)
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Because my wife wanted it!

Thank god she has good taste in cars.
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I have wanted a Porsche as long as I can remember.

When I first saw the Boxster in 1997 in the parking lot at work I remember standing there open-jawed and in awe. I loved it !

So, my first Porsche was a 1988 924S. Picked it up for $3k, great little fun car. I was leasing a Jeep Grand Cherokee at the time, and bought the 924 just for fun.

When the lease was up on the Jeep, I sold the 924 and bought a Jaguar X Type. The plan was to keep the Jag for 5 years, then buy a new Boxster. This was 2004.

In 2006, I went with a buddy to look at a BMW 740. That's when I saw the Box. The sales guy offered trade in on my 2 year old Jag, and I realized it was doable.

Didn't buy that one, but 12 Boxster test drives later, I found my baby.

Do I regret trading in a 2 year old Jag for a 7 year old Porsche ?

Not in a million years


1999 986 ( Black )
1998 MB C280 ( Black )
1999 BMW K1200RS ( Yellow )
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I went to high school in southern California in the late 1960's and to say girls, surfing and cars were the icons of the day would be an understatement. I really wanted a sports car, but only could afford at the time was a 10-year old Karman Ghia. Great car, but hey, it was a VW. Ever since then I wanted a real sports car, with Porsches at the top of the wish list. School, then family sidetracked my interest in cars until fairly recently.

A few years ago the bug for a sports car started to manifest itself more aggressively. Several of my colleagues were picking up two-seater convertibles and seeing them driving by and waving with huge grins made it hard to ignore the siren call of the drop-top ride. I was looking at a number of cars including the Z3, Boxster and the Miata, the later was really the car in the family budget. That was until I was at a dealership "just looknig" at used Boxsters. The shrewed salesperson said even though I was not really interested in buying, if I wanted I could take a 2000 base Boxster home for the weekend. Thats all it took....


My Car Webpage

2000 2.7L Boxster 102K; TTP intake, headers, high-flow cats; Dansk high-flow muffler; Autothority ECU chip; TechnoTorque 2; Bilstein coilovers; Racing Dynamics strut brace; stress-bar suspension kit; Aasco lightweight flywheel, B&M short shiftkit; 18" wheels; spare tire delete; OEM GT3 seats; JL audio speakers and subwoofer; Alpine PDX-5/PDX-2 amps; Kenwood DNX8120 CD/DVD/Nav; litronics, deambered
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Prior to buying my boxster I had absolutely NO plan to buy a Porsche. Never crossed my mind. I had been planning on buying a car for about 8 months. Running through my head various options. I went from a new truck to honda civic ( for gas mileage ), to a nissan 350 Z, and everything inbetween. Porsche never considered. Then one day flipping through carmax website I came across this little car that looked good. It was a boxster. Started researching them a little without really considering to buy one. Anyway long story short, when I went car shopping decided to test drive a boxster for the hell of it. It was like being on a rollercoaster, like on rails. I NEVER imaged a car could take corners like that. I had to have it, bought it, and havent regretted my decision for a second ever since.....
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Logical choice

Like BoxsterLewis, I was driving a supercharged GTP with every imaginable option, and had quite enjoyed the car. It was getting a bit old, so I started looking at my options. I have always loved Porsches, having always admired them at all the driving events the BMW club did with the Porsche club in my BMW years (1983 to 1999). I evaluated quite a few other cars, but the wife suggested I not even consider them, as she knew if I 'settled' for a vehicle that was just 'o.k.' we would regret it, and probably just end up getting something else. Hence my attention turned to Porsche.

I was naturally thinking 911, but my wife convinced me to consider the Boxster as well. The Boxster S seemed to be the perfect compromise, and after almost two years of careful consideration and shopping, I finally made the purchase in February of this year. So far it has been excellent - I've only driven it with the top up twice - and both times it was pouring. Unfortunately, the summer heat will soon return to South Florida (already starting) so I may not be able to keep that streak going, but it has been great fun since I got it.

Come fall and the return of cool weather I will be looking for DE events. I am also considering a trip to find some nice roads - something lacking here - so I can really enjoy the car in full.
2003 Boxster S - Speed Yellow
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You said you only had top up when it was pouring rain. I've never driven in the rain. How did your top hold up ? Did it leak at all ? That's something I've been concerned with.
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The sound.
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I've always wanted a Porsche since High School.(I'm class of '82) My Best friend hald a 924S and for his birthday his Dad traded in the 924 for the 944...every since then I wanted a Porsche, and always loved the 356 along with James Deans 550 spyder

Flash forward several years and my wife's sister Teresa was a Senior Project Manager with Porsche North America...when the Boxster came out I just about died...I thought "Oh my God...it's the evolution of the 550!"...Loved it. With my sister in law working for Porsche I knew she could get me a great deal. In the past she had worked for ford, and we had always bought Ford products because of the HUGE family discounts. Two years ago Teresa passed about from AML after complication of breast cancer at 42 years old, so the idea of a new Porsche was out of the question...so I put the idea on the back burner.

For my wife's 40th birthday, I bought her dream car...a Mercedes SLK...
Flash forward to this year...Huge promotion at work, HUGE pay increase, HUGE bonus program...Ok time for my car.

With the pay increase I thought..Ok, I'll just buy a 911...So I went out and spent a few month trying to find the perfect 911...I drove evrything from older ('86)911 to 993, to 2002-203 996 even tried a 997. Even with the pay increase I wanted to keep it affordable...didn't want to blow all of my bonus, so I decided keep under $36,000...

Welll, as much as the boxster was a car I had dreamed of, I thought I now made too much money for an "entry level" Porsche.....then I had the chance to drive a Boxster.....WOW I had a grin on my face that is still plastered all over ( see my pics in the show and tell gallery) and decided that the Boxster not only was a great value, but I found to be alot more fun to drive than the 911....I found the car of my dreams for a fraction of what I had budgeted and took her home less than a week ago...couldn't be happier!!!
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I've been a Porsche fan since I was a little boy. Through my adolescent and teen years, I had the obligatory Porsche posters all over my room.

I restored an MG Midget for for my wife for Christmas the year her Mother died. No matter how much time, effort and cash I poured into that car, I could not make it reliable enough for her to enjoy. I offered her every classic convertible I could think of to get her to part with that MG. No dice. One day, she came home from work and said she'd seen a brand new car that she loved - the Pontiac Solstice. I took her right to the Pontiac dealer to order one. When the dealer added his $7,500 "adjusted market value" to the sticker, I told him where to drive his Solstice, and that I could buy a Porsche convertible for that kind of money. After a few moments of disappointed silence on the ride home, my wife asked "Could we really get a Porsche for that kind of money?" BANG...done deal.
'97 986
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Why ...

Regain my lost youth one drive at a time.
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There Is No Substitute.
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I needed to get a new car last year, and the '07 Mini Coopers and Volvo C30 hadn't been released yet and I wasn't sure about either one. So I was going to go get a Wrangler to driven until something I liked came along.

To make a long story short, as I was walking in CarMax to the back of the lot to look at a Wrangler, and I passed a Blue Porsche Boxster. I didn't think I could afford it but when I checked the price I was stunned to see it was affordable, and only had 17k miles. Then my dad told me that his 944 lasted him 16 years.
Two days later that Blue Porsche Boxster was mine. I never intended to get one, but I am glad I did!

(I just noticed something weird, this is my 944th post, and thread post #16 - )
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For me it was the simple act of sitting in seat that sold me. It had such a natural feel to it. ( for me anyways).
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This commercial says it all: http://youtube.com/watch?v=pGTv7lMY9XA

......Could anything every make us feel that way again, could the clock be turned back, could we ever regain that special feeling.......is there a way to feel like a kid in a go-cart again.......maybe there is: After 45 years the affair continues; the Porsche Boxster.
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I sold my business a few months ago after going through a bit of burnout and decided that I needed a convertible after living in Florida all these years. I have been a huge Porsche fan since I was a kid but never thought I could ever afford one. I bought the Consumer Reports Used Car Buying Guide and narrowed it down to the Boxster, Corvette Convertible, Audi TT, and BMW M3. I loved the interior styling of the TT but it was a bit of a dog. After my 1st drive in the Boxster S I was sold. I love everything about it. I joined a local PCA, made new friends on this forum, and asked my wife for the Porsche Driving Course for my birthday. Although we have never spoken, one of your fellow members - Perfectlap has given me an education in car detailing. I spent more money on towels than I did on my first car - lol. Financially this is the absolute worse move I have made in my life but it has brought so much enjoyment. My wife and I find an excuse to drive to the beach every day.
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My cousin bought a Boxster in July of 1997. Brand New, Artic Silver, Black Interior. He brought it to our house the night he bought it and I was 11years old and I looked at my dad and said "when I get my license thats what I want!"

Flash forward to 2001/2002 I was ready to get my drivers License and I told my dad I still wanted a Boxster and he said fine call your cousin and tell him we will buy it from him since he no longer drives it. The stage was set, my cousin agreed to sell us his 1997 Boxster. Two weeks before I got my drivers license his car was Stolen from BEVERLY HILLS PORSCHE while it was in for service.

I was pissed!

In the end it all worked out, Car was stolen, Dealer paid for car and sold me a Brand New 2001 Boxster with awesome options for a great price. So I ended up with a brand new Boxster.

2001 Boxster Artic Silver / Black Interior
-GT3 Front Bumper w/ Lip
-Side Skirts
-Gemballa Exhuast and Cats
-O.Z. Racing 18" Wheels
--18X8.5Front 18X10 Rears
-Michilen PS Tires 225/40/18 & 285/30/18
-5mm Rear Spacers
-Porsche Door Sills
-H&R Springs
-Powerflow Intake
-B&M Short Shifter
-Pioneer Avic-F90BT Navigation
-Focal Polyglass 165VR3
-Alpine PDX 5 Amp
-Bose OEM Subwoofer & Midrange
-Audio Controld DQXS (DSP)
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