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Transmission Issues at end of Warranty

My car, a 2004 S 6 Spd, comes off warranty in March. Shortly after I bought it in Nov 07, it started to crunch (intermittently) in 2nd gear especially when cold. At the first visit to the dealer, in December, they adjusted the **************** linkage, which made no improvement. At the second visit, a couple of weeks ago, they replaced a shift coupler, 2nd gear, 2nd gear synchro and a host of other parts. They had the car for 1 1/2 weeks. It now shifts differently, better once warm, but still grinds and is very tricky to shift into 2nd without grinding, again when cold (mostly). On top of this, there is now a drip of gear oil coming from the shift linkage area at the transmission case (near the lever with the counterweight.) I'm not sure what to do, but clearly want to get this dealt with before coming off warranty. I've spoken to the service manager and shared my displeasure, but that was before I noticed the drip. Any thoughts on how to become a satisfied warranty customer in the next few weeks. I'm really surprised that they didn't replace the transmission like others I've heard about, but instead they chose to go into it.

Any suggestions on how to get this cleared up for good before warranty expires? Could use some tips for applying appropriate leverage and getting this corrected.

Kurt Weber
2004 986S
Tucson, AZ
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I've noticed on the 986/996 6-spd I've driven that going from 1st-2nd can be somewhat tricky if you haven't gotten used to it. Here is what would happen to me;

I'd go to shift into 2nd and think it was in gear.....it wouldn't be,the shifter would shimmy right before it grinded. I've gotten used to it but it did happen 3 or 4 times.
I think it was do the very long and vague stock shifter assembly.

I installed a 9x7 shifter assembly in two 9x6 6-spd. It really gave me more confidence in letting you know whether you in gear or not.

Could that be happening to you?
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Document every encounter you have had and will have. Stay on them like flies on poop.

I don't think ANYONE trusts Porsche when it comes warranty issues.

Good luck.
Rich Belloff

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Any updates on what happened with this? Curious if a shift linkage change worked, or if it was a new transmission, or what?

I have a 2001S with the same issues described below--second pops out with a grind if not held sometimes, it's worse when cold, and it doesn't seem to happen if I double-clutch, which I shouldn't have to do.

First attempt at fixing was to replace the motor mount, which improved things a lot (it was far too easy to hit reverse instead of first, and downshifting occasionally wasn't possible--simply wouldn't go into second at all from third or higher--both problems cured).

The intermittent nature of the problem, and the vast improvement from the motor mount, makes me think shift linkage. The effectiveness of double-clutching makes me think synchros.

The guy at the shop told me you couldn't get parts for this transmission, but Kurt's experience seems to dictate otherwise assuming these are the same transmission (I'm dismayed changing the synchros didn't help). And I'm inclined to try the shift linkage first, as that will be cheaper.

Any experiences are of interest--this forum alerted me to the motor mount problem, which was very helpful!
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this is a classic synchro ring symptom. shift linkage adjustments will do nothing here. in some circumstances, replacing the tranny fluid with some good stuff (i.e. redline) will help.

kurt - since you just had your synchro replaced, drive it easy for awhile. the mating surfaces on the assembly take a little time to break in & form a good fit. drive it easy and take shift slowly from 1st to 2nd. don't just shift as fast as you can. press the clutch and ease the car into 2nd; give the new synchro time to do its job and sync up the next gear.

FYI, the synchros in the 986 / 996 aren't all that quick to react. if you try to shift fast, it will often grind. once the rings wear, they'll grind almost every time.
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Hi guys.

I know the thread is a bit dead, but I hat the exact same problems as described.
My car is a 2003 Boxster s (6-speed)
As Kurt described the gear crunched (sometimes) when shifting to 2nd gear especially when cold. It was like it would not engage completely into 2gear. However it felt like shifter it would go further down, but when I let go of the clutch it crunched. After I hit the clutch again, there was normally no problem shifting all the way.
The first thing I did was to find a used 987 Shifter on ebay and readjust the linkage. This did not help with my grinding. But gave a better (shorter shifting).
My next step was to remove the gearbox. And handed it over to a gearbox specialist. He opened it and assured me that all looked normal for a car with 40.000 miles on it. But as the gearbox any way was apart, I told him to replace the synchro rings for the 2nd gear.

After installation I filed the gear box with Valvoline 75w90 GL 4/5 oil. Still no improvements! And I was starting to get frustrated!
As my last attempt I tried to experimented with oils; tried another (no name) oil 75w90 still with no luck.
Last week I replaced the oil with Castrolís SMX-S 75W85 GL3 oil. In Europe I paid 60$ per liter! So round 180$ for the 2,8L in the gearbox. But it was really worth every cent! The gear box really works perfect now!
The oil is made for some made for some Ford gearboxes, so Iím sure there must be cheaper alternatives out there and most properly the SMX-S (if available in the us) is cheaper over there as well.

I hope this helps the rest of you guys in the same boat.


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