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PZero vs. PS2

The car is a 2000 base 5 speed.

Currently running 18" PZeros. N3. Dealer recommended PS2s. a lot of you here recomment them too.

The car handles great as is, but would PS2s be better?

the car right now has great turn in, steering response is good, grip is great.

I guess, what I"m wondering is for those of you who have had both tires - do the PS2s grip as well or better than teh Pzeros. I'm referring to the N3s which have 140 treadwear rating.

i don't have experience with both tires on a boxster - so I have no idea if the PS2 is better in terms of pure dry grip and steering response.

I do believe the PS2 is a quieter and more comfortable tire, but this car is NOT a daily driver. it's a weekend toy. so tire noise and comfort are lower priorities and performane is higher. i don't want a total track tire that wears out in 90 days....but i want a tire that puts dry performance and steering response/turn it at the top of the list!

anyone run both these tires who can speak from experience?
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I started with PS2, then I went with the PZeros. The Pzeros where so inferior to the PS2 that I hated every mile I drove on them. I smoked the tires at every chance just so I could get rid of them. The grip is horriable when compared to the PS2.
I am back to PS2 and will never change again.
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I've recently replaced my PS2s with the P-Zeros. The dealers in my area (Sydney, Aus) had no PS2s available and the only other choice was the Continentals.

First thing I noticed was that steering response is not a quick, however, ride and grip are better than the PS2s in my opinion. The car really seems to grip and hang on now more than ever, and the rear end feels tighter and more planted to the road. There is no more of that annoying "one-spinning" of the inside rear wheel off the line and out of tight bends, and on the limit of traction these tyres seem to howl instead of screech like the PS2s, which is so much better IMO.

From the perspective of someone who plods around the car in town during the week and then guns it on the open roads on the weekend, I have to say, my preference is learning towards the P-Zeros. Steering and overall response is dulled ever so slightly, but once I got used to it and learnt how (more like found the courage) to use the sheer grip of these tyres, I find myself enjoying these at least as much as the PS2s.

There is one BIG but though, and it has something to do with tyre wear. I hear these P-Zeros seem to melt off the rim. I've had them for only 9 months, and they still look like new--as you would hope--so there is not much more I can add in this department.

Wet weather grip is inferior to the PS2s. It's by no means dangerous, but I've noticed that the PS2s vastly out perform the P-Zeros in this department. I took the PS2s to a skidpan and was simply gobsmacked by the grip they had on slippery, wet concrete.

Will I go back to the PS2s? Maybe, depending if I want another change in dynamics. The car does drive markedly differently on the P-Zeros in my opinion. If you want to be astonished by grip, then get the P-Zeros. If you want a more responsive and--for lack of a better word--skittish car, then get the PS2s. It all comes down to preference.

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well... one vote for PS2, one vote for PZero.

anyone car to break the tie???

I'm ordering from tire rack. prices on both are virtually the same. the Pirellis are cheaper by maybe $50...so it's wash.

i like grip, but i want the car to be responsive too.

the treadwear rating is higher on the PS2s. maybe they will last a tad longer??

part of me wonders if no matter which one i put on - i'll still be mesmerized by the performance. the car i just bought has 18", and M030. the car rides very firm, i feel all the bumps, and it's on rails. i test drove some boxsters w/out M030 and they felt more sloppy in comparison..i could feel more body roll when i pitched them into corners. i love this suspension setup. if you don't have it - get it.

so maybe ps2 or pzero - either way this car will just rip through turns.
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Um, didn't we just have this discussion
Best Tires?? Recommendations!!
I can't help really, I have never driven the PZero's and you know how I feel about the PS2's

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the car needs front tires bad. the rears might make it a few months.

part of me figures if it's not broke don't fix it. i like what's on there, so i'll probalby go with more Pzeros and keep the same tires front/rear.

part of me is worried that if I change to PS2s, even if it's "better" it will be different and I won't like it.
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I've been running P-Zero Nero M+S (high performance all season) for about a year and have no complaints so far. I picked these at the recommendation of a well respected tire shop in our area (Radial Tire in Silver Spring, MD for those local to DC). He asked what type of driving I'd be doing, which is nearly year round commuting and he advised these. I'm not sorry I choose them at all and well satisfied at this point.

The PS2s that these replaced were really worn and noisy so I can't make a fair comparison.
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I'm not comparing or considering the Nero.

I"m looking at the "N3" PZero system vs the N1 Pilot Sport "Ribs" which I believe are simply rebranded PS2s with teh Porsche N rating. price is about the same for all these tires...

The car NOW has PZeros. the tires are very worn, and if you push it hard into a turn, the rear will break lose and come around on me - these tires are worn/hard not working. i just bought the car, and these were on the car for almost 12,000 miles...

I am either doing the Pzeros or I will switch over the PS2s. right NOW the car handles GREAT in terms of steering responsiveness and ride. it's just not grippy enough b/c the tires are worn/hard/etc.

my ONLY fear with switching to PS2s will be the steering responsiveness might not be as good as the Pirellis b/c the sidewalls are supposed to be softer...
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I have P-Zeros (18"), my 2nd set and I'm very happy with them. I also have PS2s on another car and don't like them as well - more noisy, about equal grip, slightly lower tread life than the P-Zeros. They are very close equals, but the Pirellis win by a hair. Just my $0.02
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"I"m looking at the "N3" PZero system vs the N1 Pilot Sport "Ribs" which I believe are simply rebranded PS2s with the Porsche N rating. "

The Pirelli and the Michelin are both excellent tires. The Pilot Sport Rib is not the same tire as the PS2. The Rib was designed by Michelin and Porsche to handle better than the standard Pilot Sport. It was also designed to be quieter. Tire manufacturers put the "N" ratings on tires that have been approved by Porsche to not change the way the cars feel from the factory. The Pilot Sport Rib and the PS2 are completely different tires. Porsche also recommends to keep like tires on the vehicles which means if you have N1 tires on the front they should be N1 tires on the rear.

I would go with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2's. I sell many tires and more often than not people are extremely happy with the Michelins they purchase.
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