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2007 Sightings and A/C question

Hi, all. Fascinating forum.

I am in the delightful position of contemplating my first Boxster. This seems to be a good time of year to acquire a new Box, since the 2007 models hit the street any day now.

Has anyone here seen a 2007 model? I think it's worth it to wait for one, then pay MSRP for a properly-equipped model. I'm looking forward to the retooled Tiptronic and slightly stronger engine. I read a post on CNN Money.com to suggest paying a little more for the new model year of cars in general, though I am open to suggestions about the already great 2006 987 model.

BTW, another question is about the air conditioning system in the Boxster. Seeing as how the world seems to be getting warmer with each passing year, do you guys think the Boxster's air conditioning system is able to keep up? Do you feel adequately cooled on a triple-digit day? How long does the A/C take to really get cranking? I have heard that German cars in general are not good warm-weather cars, since it doesn't get that hot in Germany. I can attest that the A/C in a BMW or Benz is not as good as the A/C in my Infiniti, for example. Now that pretty much every part of the country is plagued by 100+ degree temps, I think a discussion of A/C adequacy is much in order.

A distant third question is how to get MP3 technology in these cars. I wonder if anyone has had success mounting an MP3-capable CD changer in the front boot. Does Crutchfield have a harness cable adaptor?

I hope to join the rarified ranks of Boxster owners soon!

Regards from LA (The Valley),
Dr. B.

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Someone over at Rennteam received his new 3.4 today over in France, but that's the first arrival I've heard of. I think US dealers usually take delivery of the new model year in late August-September .

I don't think you can go wrong with either model year or even a 2005, as there haven't been any quirks that I know of that were specific to the first year's run (nothing to note in my 05 base either). In fact, my service advisor told me the 987s have had excellent reliability/lack of defects so far.

I was going to wait for the 07S but found a great 06S which I "had to have" and posted about previously. I've driven the Cayman S and the driving dynamics are pretty much identical in my mind to the current Boxster S (although I did not drive them back to back, as I had my base 987 at the time).

Couple of advantages with the 07 -

14 lb. ft. more torque always helps, and that extra tenth of a second to sixty might come in handy some day ; I don't think the hp increase will matter much for street use.

1 mile more per gallon city/hwy (one of the advantages of variocam plus rather than variocam), but for us in Cali, don't be expecting great mileage running on 91 octane.

TPMS standard - which I have on the 06 as an option. Readings aren't particularly accurate. Value-add is that it tells you when there's major deviations, or you have a blowout, or a slow leak (had a leak in one of my 19s and wouldn't have known if it wasn't for the TPMS, since they truly are rubberbands, and always look kind of flat).

Oil/coolant filter is more recessed to increase rear trunk space. Pretty much a non-factor, but I guess it shows that Porsche is always thinking of improvements...at least when they're not thinking up new ways to screw their customer base.

Two types of AC. Climate control and standard HVAC controls (more Porsche options nonsense). I hear good things about the climate control, and I can attest to the excellence of the standard controls (which I've had in both of mine). Heating is quite strong (not suprising with the engine two feet behind your head), and the cooling is top-notch also (worked like a champ in the latest heat spell). Very quick, very cold, very little performance impedance. Having such a small cabin makes it easy to cool and heat. I have a late-model Merc with climate control that is just as good; in my older BMW the climate control is merely adequate.

Don't bring up the subject of MP3 playing and iPod integration up at this forum...it just gets everyone mad...

Basically the stereo can play mp3s burned on a CD, but not a data disc with files in mp3 format, unless you have PCM. Integrating an iPod relies on FM modulators at this point.

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No problems with the A/C here in Dubai, UAE, where it can get to 50 degrees centigrade! The best way to make it cool faster is not to keep it on auto mode - just keep it on LO, and modulate the fan speed - it cools from 55-60 degrees in the cabin to 22 in approx 5 mins. (That's another stat to brag about!!)
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The AC is great in my car! When I use it. I am mostly top-down. I would not recomment the climate control for $550. Spend the money on different options.

You should send me a PM. I know of a brand new 2006 987S for sale at an excellent price (16% off MSRP). The car is silver, black leather, black top with black wheels.

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No need to pay MSRP for a new model.

Shop wisely.

Good luck and enjoy!
Rich Belloff

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This weekend I emphatically stated to my wife that in September of 2010, I would start shopping for a 2007 CPO 987S with all the trimmings. The addition of the 3.4 and variocam plus is gonna make me spend more money on a big boy toy than I ever imagined.

Can't wait for someone on this forum to get one and tell us what it's like! Somebody go for it asap!

Does anyone know if the 3.4 has the same RMS issues as the previous Boxster engines?

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