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Originally Posted by Meir View Post
you didn't specified your mileage, but if not too late, throw in a new clutch (at least new disc).
Oops, knew I forgot something on my list. Yes, I'm also doing the clutch disc, pressure plate, and throwout bearing as long as they're in there.

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Originally Posted by Bryan topping View Post
I have a 2001 base coming up on 1 year of ownership.
Done so far:
Climate control LCD
Serp belt
Air cleaner & cabin filter & fuel filter
Oddments tray lid upgrade/repair
Alarm horn
Convertible top
Fuel door lock
2 new key fobs
Front control arms & diagonal arms
Front strut mounts & strut bearings & bump stops
Rear tires
2 oil changes with filter
Trans fluid change
Front sway bar drop links
Plugs & tubes
One radiator fan
Misc trim items
Activate the OBC with dash switches

On the horizon:
Coolant pump/thermostat/hoses with cooling system flush & refill
Short shift kit

Total so far in parts is a little over 4K
Replaced headlights (used, mostly in great shape)
New front tires & wheel alignment (due to front suspension rebuild)
997 shifter
Ashtray delete
Painted calipers with new decals
More misc small trim stuff

Still on the horizon:
Coolant pump/thermostat/hoses with cooling system flush & refill
Center radiator??
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Purchased my 1998 Guards Red Boxster 13 months ago and drove it from Austin, Texas to Chicago, Illinois the next day.

So far:
•replaced coolant tank
•coolant flush and fill
•replaced spoiler relays
•replaced rear trunk struts
•replaced stolen center cap
•replaced battery (it died in the car and was securely locked under the hood, thanks Porsche!)
•swapped cd holder for dash pocket
•swapped one headlight assembly

I think that is it for repair and/or maintenance so far. I have taken many a road trip and spent more time washing it than total for my 5 year old daily driver.
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I purchased my '97 base 2 months ago and...

New tires all around- "N" rated Michelin Exalto PE2's installed this week (attached pic shows old tires)
Front brakes
Sony head unit with rear speakers
GPS console install
Chrome sill plates
Porsche Spyder stripes
Shifter and boot
Oil change with magnetic plug (oil and air filter)
Turn signal fuse

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This thread is depressing.
'97 Boxster (Black Hole for 42,000 Dead Presidents and counting) - 122k
New motor, transmission, suspension, and on and on and on it goes...
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But strangely fun
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Originally Posted by RandallNeighbour View Post
This thread is depressing.
Ha. FWIW, all the stuff I've done was utterly, absolutely not necessary. All of it, including an oil/filter change. The previous owner had changed the oil about a month before I bought the car - and had saved the filter.

Some of what I've done was to do a little basic maintenance on a 13 year old car with 26K miles; some was to buy a little peace of mind (IMS-G); and everything else I did because it was fun.

If you can find the right car, you won't have to spend the purported $1 to $2K per year.
2000 Boxster S, 6 speed, Sport Package, Litronics, LED tail lights, LNE IMS-B, OBC, Skybreaker wind deflector, Arctic Silver/Graphite Grey
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Totally agree... I bought my car 2 months ago with 62,000 miles; it runs like a top and looks great. Outside of the front brakes, everything else I've done is to enhance my experience and make my car more of my own.

So far so good!
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what have I done

I have had mine since this summer, so, I'm only a few months into ownership. I bought it with 58k miles, it has nearly 65k on it now. I negotiated new front tires and all wheel alignment into the purchase.
-1st oil change, oil filter
-air filter
-lower temp thermostat (it really does keep the temp at 180 at hiway speeds and cooler weather)
-new passenger seat belt (eliminated air bag light)
-Durametric cable and software so I could reset my own codes AND see what's going on. Cool diagnostics tool.
-replaced engine coolant. This was by accident. When I topped off the coolant, it didn't thread the cap on correctly and nearly all the fluid belched out when I parked a few days later. I was really freaked.
-topped off power steering fluid
-routed an RCA to 1/8 cable from the remote CD audio to the cab so I can use my iPod player instead.
-installed a grey on grey "Boxster" lettering to rear trunk lid.
-thinking about an aftermarket exhaust header.
-thinking about the gehto holes drilled in the exhaust tip.

-The engine came apart with PO at 37k in 2008. New Porshce factory engine was installed so I'm at about 28k miles on new engine and clutch.

that's all I can think about for now. It's my daily driver in southwest Colorado about 60 miles/day.
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11 months

In this 11 months of ownership I've:

Changed all brakepads and rear rotors
Changed old center caps for chrome ones
Bought new rear tires
Plastidipped wheels
Changed Oil and Filter
Re-filled AC
Changed Cabin Air Filter
Changed Air Filter
Washed engine
Cleaned MAF
Cleaned Radiators
Installed grills on from bumper intakes
Changed coolant tank
Repaired vacuum leak on secondary air injection system
Bought aftermarket LED all black tailights
Bought LED aftermarket headlights
Covered arm rests with leather
Bought new titanium emblem
New battery

Maybe i did too little...
2002 Boxster 2.7
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Had the 03 since march. Have spent about $700 in gas so far. Begin of edit: Feeling really good about how much money I haven't spent on the car so far, I decided to take it out for a run before the rains start tomorrow. I was out on the Trans Canada Highway travelling with the traffic and noticed a ratty looking Z3 a bit ahead of me. Time for a little ' seeya, wouldn't wanna beya' time. I punched the pedal and instead of instant gratification, I noticed the revs shoot way up, but the speedo didn't move much. Thinking it was a one off, I did it again. Same results. A less than quick ride home and a phone call to my dealer. - Yep, clutch slipping. About $2200 for that, and since they were in there - the IMS bearing too. Might as well change the oil at the same time. Another $450 I reckon.
03 boxster

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Thinking back, in my first year of ownership I had one repair (replacement of ignition switch) and then regular maintenance (oil/filter changes, replaced air filter and serpentine belt). In the second year, only oil/filter changes, although this winter I will be replacing my spark plug tubes/seals and plugs as one is leaking slightly. I am also close to needing replacement of my rear tires.

Car is a 2000 Boxster 2.7 that was purchased with 86,000 km (54,000 miles) and now has 103,000 km (64,000). I paid more than some, but as the car was cosmetically pristine with excellent service records, oil changes every year/5-6,000 km (3-4,000 miles) and passed a thorough PPI with flying colors, I was prepared to pay a little more. So far I have no regrets. Once again, I think it shows the importance of a thorough PPI and service records when buying a used Porsche.

I know that there has been a lot of criticism of the marque on this and other sites with respect to reliability, but we have to keep in mind that these cars are now getting rather long in the tooth and that a number have been abused and subjected to inadequate maintenance. Sadly, as the prices have plummeted, I suspect that poorly maintained and abused examples will become the norm.


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2004 Boxster S
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Heh... this is the thread we should link to when young kids post about buying their first car and wonder if the old box they want to buy for 7K will be expensive to maintain!

For me - 6 months in and too many things to list. All of them have been maintenance items, and I'm soon reaching $9k. Not one fun mod yet... any my car was in excellent condition when I got it. Partly I've gone overboard with the preventative stuff, and partly its expensive to buy parts in Europe with the high sales tax and markup. The car runs great though and I love it!
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Had my 05 Boxster S for almost three years now. Only time it left me stranded was a month or so after buying it when the fuel pump failed. Been good so far. Here it goes.

Fuel Pump (my car sat for a while waiting for me)
O rign for AOS (should of replaced the whole thing)
Cleaned Radiators x2 (2nd time by me looked good)
Bled Brakes (North Tx Box Enthusiast first outing)
Convertible top push arm ( paid the dealership after they knew I was going to do it myself. Bday weekend)
New to me floor mats
New Key Fob (ebay swop version)
Window micro switch
New set of tires all around
Four Oil changes
Cabin filter Particle filter x2
LN Retrofit
New Clutch
New Water Pump
New RMS Seal
New Spark Plugs 6 ( done by me now a qualified contortionist)
Bought but not installed front brake pads and rotors. Still going on 1st set. Dealer recommending changing when I first bought it but there not done yet!

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2001 Boxster / black, savannah beige / bought in may 2013
Replace convertible top
2 front Bilstein shock
Left rear control arm with ball joint
6 ignition coils
6 new sparkplug
Key switch
new Pioneer radio with XM
2 new Vredestein 265/35ZR18 XL Ultrac Sessanta 97Y (rear)
Re-dye seats

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I had to replace the water pump on the 3rd day of ownership at 45k miles.

But since then, not a damn thing! Aside from a flat tire. Now at 55k miles.
DD summer/winter: 2000 Boxster S
DD spring/fall: 914-6 w/ 3.0L SC Dual Webers

http://imgur.com/a/k0Wtl - My 914-6 Build/Project Story
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I am scared to see this in writing. Bought the car in October 2012. It is a 2001 S that had 57K miles on it. It has 67,500 on it now. Getting the DE bug hasn't helped at all cost wise, but sure is fun...

Clutch/IMS/RMS at 63K. Planed to do it when I bought the car but still ouch. IMS Flange started leaking so II had the work done sooner than I had planned. Only work not DIY
Tires (after 6 track days, tires were new when I bought the car)
Rotors/Pads all around - again track related
Used rear strut - replaced to cure a wheel hop issue
HID for low beams and fogs
Ebay short shift and 997 short shift couldn't decide which one I liked more...
Ipod adapter cord
Rear speakers (home install in rear storage compartment)
Wind deflector clips
Little red clip
Trailer wiring
Tire trailer/hitch
extra track wheels/tires
Oil change (Motul)
Trans Fluid flush
Bleed the brakes (mult times)
303 top cleaner/protectant
OBC and garage door hacks
Hood shocks
wiper blades
leather for recovering the door pocket covers
smoked corner lights

and I am sure there is more stuff....

'01 Boxster S - Silver/Gray
'58 356A Cab - Fjord Green/tan
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