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jrcui 01-16-2013 04:39 PM

How much have you done in your first year of ownership?
I bought my 2000 Boxster in December 2011, and since then have spent more than I think my wife knows. The latest addition was a set of 18" wheels that I had refinished and put on new rubber. I put on a NHP muffler and some exterior bits - smoked side markers, a silver/black emblem, and replaced the broken Boxster script.

I wrapped some of the interior pieces with carbon fiber wrap, but I'm thinking of having them hydro graphic'd for a more professional look.

With maintenance costs and the add-ons, I think I'm easily close to $3000.00 (I had to fix a dent from the previous owner).

I don't mind spending the money cause it makes me smile every time I hear that engine roar.http://986forum.com/forums/uploads01...1358383032.jpg

oc-boxster 01-16-2013 05:13 PM

ill be coming up on a year and all the money i have spent has been mechanical in nature
water pump and thermostat-500
engine mount-250
wheel bearing 400
oil changes 300
gas and coolant caps-40
clutch and tires are next, should be good to go after that

linklaw 01-16-2013 05:21 PM

I bought my latest Boxster, a 2001 S, in November 2011 and in the year following made the following improvements:
2003 Glass window top and frame
Roof Transport System
Wilwood Bike Rack
Carrera 5 spoke wheels
Short Shifter
Wood Porsche shift knob
Ipod and aux input for CDR220
Refinished sport design interior paint
Rear speakers
Tonneau cover (purchased but not installed yet)

I think I am done for a while.

shadrach74 01-16-2013 05:34 PM

I got my 02 S in May of 2012 with 53k. So far I've done the following:

New Sachs clutch
LN IMSB Retrofit
New axles
TS Cat bypass for secondary cats
Interior black plastic is currently out of the car for a complete refinish in Article Silver
V1 hard wired
HVAC liquid crystal replaced
Schnell Short Shift Kit

On my list are (already have most of the parts):

Coolant tank
Motor mount
ROW ECU flash with new headers and a reinstall of the secondary cats (those will be my only cats)
Lloyd mats
Ignition switch
Wind blocker
Rear deck sub woofer
Install new center console cover (black with red stitch)
Find and install a shift boot to match console cover...

jrcui 01-16-2013 06:15 PM

Shadrach74 - How do you like the TS cat bypass pipes? I ride the thread and was thinking about getting a set.

Bryan topping 01-16-2013 06:32 PM

I have a 2001 base coming up on 1 year of ownership.
Done so far:
Climate control LCD
Serp belt
Air cleaner & cabin filter & fuel filter
Oddments tray lid upgrade/repair
Alarm horn
Convertible top
Fuel door lock
2 new key fobs
Front control arms & diagonal arms
Front strut mounts & strut bearings & bump stops
Rear tires
2 oil changes with filter
Trans fluid change
Front sway bar drop links
Plugs & tubes
One radiator fan
Misc trim items
Activate the OBC with dash switches

On the horizon:
Coolant pump/thermostat/hoses with cooling system flush & refill
Short shift kit

Total so far in parts is a little over 4K

litespeedp 01-16-2013 07:00 PM

Got my 2000 S in late August last year with 60,000 miles

New clutch,LN IMS, RMS. All were OK but peace of mind bought! $2800
Had original 030 springs re installed and suspension set to factory neutral. $700
New shift cables and drivers side door lock repaired $900

Total= $4400

Hopefully, only thing needed now is front motor mount!

dan.oneufer 01-16-2013 07:00 PM

After those posts, I feel like I'm not pulling my weight!

In my 1 year of ownership, starting Feb 2012 on my 2003 S (all DIY):

CV Boots
Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter
Climate Control LCD
Support rods for the Frunk
Coolant Cap

Future Plans:
Engine Mount
Water pump

dan.oneufer 01-16-2013 07:04 PM

Hey linklaw, I don't see Das Schild install on that list. ;)

2003S 01-16-2013 07:49 PM

Just past a year of ownership; in no particular order:
- replacement key
- hard wired radar detector
- convertible top push rods
- 18" wheels & summer tires
- rear speaker kit
- LN IMS retrofit
- clutch
- flywheel
- Aux in for CDR-23

1olddude 01-16-2013 08:31 PM

Bought my 02 S in July of 2012 with 8700 miles. Installed new filter and 91 octane fuel. That's about it so far. Almost ready to do my first oil change too. Guess I better knock on wood!

Van914 01-17-2013 03:05 AM

I got my 00 S in October of 2012 with 46k. So far I've done the following:

New Sachs clutch
LN IMSB Retrofit
New Blilstein Sports
H&R Springs
TS Cat bypass for secondary cats
Ipod and Phone hook up
Schnell Short Shift Kit
Water Pump
CV Boots
Air Filter
Cabin Air Filter
Coolest tank
Repaired Drivers seat bolster ( new leather)
Spark Plugs and Tubes

Too much $ but I am looking forward the the spring!


Eric G 01-17-2013 04:15 AM

Starting from the front of the car going toward the tail end:

Drivers side radiator: Small leak on at the mounting lug, symptoms occasional fluid by tire on hot days. Seems the bumper was tapped and cracked the mount.
Grill guards on radiator intake Protection from debris build up in radiators.
Canister Purge valve: Code from Durametric
Horn Old horn was to quite, replaced with Stebulis air horn
Front suspension and rear complete suspension and sway bar bushings Struts were completely shot with no dampening, bushing were worn and cracked.
Wheel bearings Replaced all four wheel bearings with a tool that allowed the job to be completed in only 5 hours for all four wheels!
Rotors and pads Worn to maximum extent possible.
Water pump and low temp thermostat: No symptoms, just an upgrade. Old components were working
Fan Belt:Replaced older belt
AOSSaw increased oil build up in the throttle body and small puffs of smoke in the morning.
Spark plugs/tube/coils Plugs were clean but replaced with new, tubes showed signs of moderate to severe leaks, coils replaced as preventative measure.
Rear Main Seal (RMS) Seal had failed and was leaking
IMS No visible leakage, but bearing was in stage 1 failure in that there was no grease and bearing was filled with engine oil.
All three cam chain tensioners Under harmonic analysis there was a large signal to noise ratio, when removed all three showed signs of internal spring failure when compared to new tensioners.
Clutch, pressure plate, throughout bearing, dual mass flywheel While there were no symptoms, they were all roasted and were close to failure.
Super clutch kit from Pelican This is offered from Pelican and replaced all the other parts associated with the clutch components
Clutch Master and Slave cylinders Replaced as part of a preventative measure
Clutch fluid line and connector This is required with upgrading the slave cylinder (will add about $320 to add these two parts)
CV joints and all boots and axle nuts Preventative replacement.
Transmission and Engine mounts All were shot but showed no signs of failure (I may not have recognized the signs???)
Oil filter housing Upgrading a 14 year old component
Radiator Reservoir While there was no leakage the tank was severely aged and showed spiderwebs cracks.
New JDM seats with lowered mounting bracket Considered to be an upgrade from OEM seats providing better seating position.
JDM performance steering wheel Personal choice allowing better driving position
Gahh new top (soft window) Replacing older top which is beginning to show cracking in window.
Conversion of top Converted top to manual while retaining power clam shell operation (personal choice).
Sirius radio Upgraded for personal choice
LCD control panel for heater/AC Replaced due to failure of switches and LCD (nice replacement for $57 verses the $750 OEM replacement cost!
Various pieces and parts as well as tools to aide in the work process
Alignment Once my wheels are back from powder coating she will get her patas set straight so she runs true.

Here is a list of the parts from Pelican:

Cam chain tensioner 900-123-147-30-OEM Sealing Ring, 27 X 32, each
Cam chain tensioner 900-380-019-02-M100 HEX NUT M8 X 1
Cam chain tensioner 996-105-017-02-M100 SHAFT BASE
Cam chain tensioner 996-105-180-57-OEM Chain Tensioner, For Intermediate Shaft
Cam chain tensioner 996-105-186-01-OEM Chain Tensioner, For Cylinders 1-3
Cam chain tensioner 996-105-188-01-OEM Chain Tensioner, For Cylinders 4-6
Cam chain tensioner 999-707-344-40-OEM O-ring, 18.77 X 1.78, Each
Clutch 012-141-180-B-M100 Guide Tube For Clutch Release
Clutch 012-141-719-E-M100 Release Bearing Lever, Boxster (1997-04), Each
Clutch 012-141-741-M100 Retaining Spring for Clutch Release Lever, 986 Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
Clutch 012-141-751-C-M100 Pivot Piece for Clutch Release Lever, 986 Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
Clutch 012-141-777-D-M100 Ball Pin for Clutch Release Lever, 986 Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
Clutch 034-105-313-A-M5040 Pilot Bearing, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
Clutch 8E0-721-257-M-M5038 Clutch Slave Cylinder
Clutch 900-067-131-03-M260 Pressure Plate Bolt, 8 X 16 mm, 6 Per Car, 996 Carrera 2/4 (1999-04), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
Clutch 996-423-171-06-M33 Clutch Master Cylinder, 996 Carrera 2/4 (1998-04), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
Clutch 997-101-212-01-M17 Flywheel Seal, 996 Carrera 2/4 (1999-04), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
Clutch 999-073-092-02-M260 Flywheel Bolt - M10 x 50mm
Clutch 999-230-541-10-M100 Union for Clutch Fluid Pipe, Boxster (1997-04), Each
Clutch I3020-377426-OES Clutch Fluid Hose, Boxster, From Chassis Number 98XS620221 To Chassis Number 98XU624362 1999, Each
Clutch N-903-542-01-M100 RUBBER O-RING
Cooling system 996-106-011-56-M244 Water Pump with Composite Impeller (requires one 996-106-340-54-M30 gasket)
Cooling system 996-106-013-59-M902 Water Thermostat, Low Temperature (begins opening at 160 deg F) with Cover and Gasket
Cooling system 996-106-147-08-OEM Coolant Expansion Tank, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
Cooling system 996-106-340-54-M30 Water Pump Gasket, 996 (1999-2004), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004)
Engine components 016-311-113-C-M213 Main Shaft Seal for Manual Transmission
Engine components 987-375-023-05-M100 Engine Mount, One Per Car, Each
Engine components 996-105-325-52-M100 Spark Plug Tube (Note: Does Not Include O-Rings)
Engine components 996-107-023-04-M100 Oil Separator, Boxster (1997-02) 1997-99 models up to 1999 engine# 65X 01419 also use (1) 996-107-145-06-M100 vent line and (1) 999-707-446-40-M100 o-ring, Boxster S (2000-02)
Engine components 996-107-225-60-M45 Hengst (OEM) Oil Filter Insert (Filter Cartridge and Seal)
Engine components 997-602-107-00-M47 Ignition Coil (sold per each, 6 required)
Engine components 999-512-630-00-M100 Oil Separator Hose Clamp, Lower (35 X 12)
Engine components 999-707-215-40-M17 Outer Spark Plug Tube O-Ring, 27.94 X 5.33 (6 Per Car) Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004), Each
Engine components 999-701-789-40-OEM Seal for Air Oil Separator (Inside Oil Sump), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
Engine components OEM-99610715006 Genuine Porsche Part: OIL FILLING PIPE
Engine components 996-104-215-54-M100 Camshaft End Plug 6 Per Car, 996 Carrera 2/4 1999-04, Boxster/Boxster S 1997-04, Each
Engine components 900-377-011-01-OEM M10 hex nut, each
Engine components 999-072-008-09-OEM STUD M 10 X 30, each
Engine components 999-218-088-09-OEM 999-072-008-09-OEM
Engine components 999-707-343-41-M17 Inner Spark Plug Tube O-Ring, 25.07 X 2.62 (6 Per Car) Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004)
Steering 996-347-131-04-M80 Outer Tie Rod End (sold per each, 2 per car), 996/996 Turbo (1999-2004), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
Steering 996-347-191-04-OEM Tie Rod/Steering Rack Boot, for original rack #996-347-011-06 or #996-347-011-07 (2 Per Car, sold individually)
Suspension 900-380-005-01-OEM Rear Shock Absorber Mounting Nut, For Securing Mount to Chassis, 6 Per Car, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004), Each
Suspension 900-380-012-01-OEM Shock Top Nut, M14 x 1.5
Suspension 986-331-043-07-M80 Control Arm Link (Track Arm), Rear Suspension, Left and Right, each, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
Suspension 987-333-059-00-OEM Rear Shock Absorber Mount, 2 Per Car, Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
Suspension 996-333-792-24-OEM Rear Sway Bar Bushing, Stock Rubber, 18.7 mm (sold per each, 2 required), 996 (1999-2004), Boxster (1999-03)
Suspension 996-333-792-25-OEM Rear Sway Bar Bushing, Stock Rubber, 19.8 mm (sold per each, 2 required), 996 (1999-2004), M 030 Boxster (1997-99)
Suspension 996-341-043-06-M80 Control Arm Link, Front/Rear Suspension - Front Lower, Left and Right, each, 911 Carrera 2/4 (1999-05), 911 Turbo (2001-05), Front - Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
Suspension 996-341-053-17-M80 Control Arm, Front/Rear Suspension - Lower, Left or Right
Suspension 996-343-069-04-M80 Front Sway Bar Droplink, left front: 996 (1999-2005); left front or left rear: Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004)
Suspension 996-343-070-04-M80 Sway Bar Droplink (sold per each), right front 996 (1999-2005), right rear or right front Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004)
Suspension 996-343-107-03-OEM Upper Shock Stop Plate (sold per each, 2 per shock), front 996/996 Turbo (1999-2004), front or rear Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004)
Suspension 996-343-301-02-M58 Rubber Bump Stop (Bushing), Front Strut, 986 Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), 987 Boxster/Boxster S (2005- ), Cayman/Cayman S, 996 Carrera/Carrera 4 (1999-05), 911 Turbo (2001-05, except GT2), 997 Carrera/Carrera S with M475 PASM (2005- )
Suspension 996-343-505-00-M737 Protection Boot for Front Shock Absorber Left/Right (2 Per Car)
Suspension 996-343-515-05-M100 Front Shock Absorber Mount, Lower Rubber Bushing, 2 Per Car, 996 Carrera 2 (1999-04), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), Each
Suspension 996-343-792-14-OEM Front Sway Bar Bushing, Stock Rubber (sold per each, 2 required), 996 (1999-2003)
Suspension 996-347-322-03-M80 Inner Tie Rod (sold per each, 2 per car), 996/996 Turbo (1999-2004), Boxster S (2000-04)
Suspension 997-331-045-04-M80 Control Arm Link, Rear Suspension - Rear Lower, Left and Right, each, 911 Carrera 2/4 (1999-05), 911 Turbo (2001-05), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04)
Suspension 997-343-018-01-M69 Shock Absorber Mount, Front, Upper Plate (2 per car, sold individually)
Suspension 999-084-447-01-OEM Front Shock Absorber Mounting Nut, For Securing Mount to Chassis, 6 Per Car, 996 Carrera 2/4 (1999-04), 996 Turbo (2001-2004), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-2004), Each
Suspension OEM-98633328501 Sealing ring Brand: Genuine Porsche
Suspension OEM-98633330101 Genuine Porsche Part: SHOCK RUBBER BUFFER
Suspension OEM-98633350402 Compensating plate, 3,0 MM Brand: Genuine Porsche
Suspension OEM-98633350501 Genuine Porsche Part: SHOCK BELLOWS
Suspension OEM-98633350902 Genuine Porsche Part: SHOCK MOUNT RING
Suspension OEM-99634351100 Compensating plate, 3,0 MM Brand: Genuine Porsche
Suspension OEM-99634351101 Compensating plate, 6,5 MM Brand: Genuine Porsche
Suspension OEM-99634351300 Cone washer Brand: Genuine Porsche
Suspension OEM-99634351701EM0 Support ring Brand: Genuine Porsche
Tools & Misc 996-721-151-00-M100 Factory Tow Hook, 911 Carrera 2/4 (1995-04), 911 Turbo (2001-05), Boxster/Boxster S (1997-04), 924/924S/924 Turbo all, each
Tools & Misc PEL-TOL-P222 Magnetic Box V Wrench (17mm)
Tools & Misc PEL-TOL-ST0229 16mm XZN Triple Square (Tamper Proof) Drain Plug Removal Tool for 5-Speed Manual Transmission, 1/2 in drive, Boxster (1997-04)
Tools & Misc PEL-TOL-T136 Clutch Alignment Tool, (Spline count = 23; Pilot diameter = 14.9 mm; Spline diameter = 23.8 mm)
Tools & Misc SCHW-P-648 Fuel Line Pliers (adjustable), fits newer BMW, Audi/VW, Porsche
Tools & Misc PEL-IMS-1 Pelican M96 Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) Retrofit Kit, for either Single or Dual Row IMS
Tools & Misc LN-106-08-13 LN Engineering Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) Puller/Counterstay, for extraction of single or dual-row bearing intermediate shaft bearings safely. Includes: puller, driver, 5 chain and 3 chain engine cam locks, TDC lock pin, and broken stud easy-out.
Tools & Misc PEL-0100 European Power Bleeder Kit, Porsche All
Tools & Misc 005773-0-M84 17mm Transmission Drain Plug Removal Tool (3/8 inch drive)
Wheels & Axles 016-409-399-B-M5213 Seal for Differential Output Shaft (45 x 60 x 8 mm)
Wheels & Axles 900-041-013-01-OEM Circlip - CV Joint (sold per each, 2 per axle), Boxster (1997-2003), Expandable Oil Return Tube Circlip (for 2 piece tube, sold per each, 4 required), 911/911 Turbo (1974-89)
Wheels & Axles 911-332-257-00-M395 CV Boot Clamp, 73mm (sold per each), 911 (1985-89), 911 Carrera 4 front inner and rear (1989-98), 928 (1982-95), 911 Turbo (1991-94), 944S2/Turbo, 996 (1999-02), 996 Turbo rear (2001-05), Boxster (1997-02), Boxster S (2000-04), 987 Boxster/Boxster S (2005- )
Wheels & Axles 928-332-257-01-M395 Axle Boot Clamp (34 mm), 911 (1985-98), 928 (1982-95), 911 Turbo (1991-94), 944S2/Turbo, 996 (1999-02), 996 Turbo rear (2001-05), Boxster (1997-02), Boxster S (2000-04), 987 Boxster/Boxster S (2005- )
Wheels & Axles 928-332-293-02-M60 CV Joint Boot, Inner or Outer (sold per each)
Wheels & Axles 951-332-901-00-M60 CV Joint Kit w/boot (25 splines), 944S2/968 All, 944 Turbo from 88, Boxster (1997-02)
Wheels & Axles 964-332-267-01-OEM CV Joint Splined End Cap
Wheels & Axles 996-332-257-00-M395 CLIP
Wheels & Axles 996-332-957-00-M395 Axle Boot Clamp (70.8 - 74 mm), Rear Inner/Outer
Wheels & Axles 999-053-041-04-M34 Wheel Bearing
Wheels & Axles 999-084-641-01-M100 Hub Tension Flange Nut, M22 x 1.5, front or rear (sold per each)

Total cost...just under $8000.00

Deserion 01-17-2013 06:14 AM

2004 2.7L 5-speed with 67k miles acquired December 2010.

In the first year:
Headlight bulb
Tires, set (Michelin Pilot Sport A+S from Michelin Pilot Sport 2)
996 GT3 center console delete
Hella gray front side marker lights
Air filter
Oil filters (+ oil)
Charcoal cabin filter
Power mirror switch housing (triangular shaped trim panel on door)
Roof tension cables (rear, x2)

In the second year:
Air filter
Oil filters (+ oil)
Wiper blades
Armrest lid, console knee bolsters (switched from black vinyl to red leather)
Roof pivot mount bushings

Entering year three:
Drivers door armrest lid (pending)
Passenger vanity mirror lid (pending)
Brake pads (pending)
Tires, set (pending, Hankook Ventus V12)

Hootie 01-17-2013 07:02 AM

01 Base 70K acquired June 2011. In the first year and a half:

Water pump rplcd just before purchase.
Cabin Filter (DIY) $18
Front tires (Nexens) $245
Front Bumper Repair $300
Windshield Washer Reservoir $150
Service (Oil/filter/air filter) $205
E-Brake adjustment $55
Front Brakes (rotors/pads/sensors) $505
Replace polyrib belt (DIY) $35
Fuel Filter $120
Turn signal lever $206
Rpl Air Mass Meter / MAF sensor $513
Xmission svc $384
Rpl AOS/CVV $554
E-Brake adjustment $55
NC Inspection $30
Cowl grommets $6
Sea Foam $9
Clean & repack CV joints /Rpl CV boots/
right rear axle / differential seal $690
Replaced Frunk Seal $35
Oil / Filter change $140
Rpl Conv Top (insurance) $80

Sub-Total $4,335

Key Chain $22
Brake Caliper covers $40
Used Bra $12
101 Projects Book $25
Clear side markers $65
Wind Screen Plexi Covers $75
Used rear stor comp w Spkrs $200
Spkr wire kit & removal tool $70
Rplcmnt door pocket lids $60
Spoiler decal $20
Wind Screen decal $15
OEM valve caps $20
Side decals $36
Tail light film $12

Sub-Total $672

Total $5,007

Could stand to spend that much more now at 93K. Needs rear brakes and tires, RMS/IMS upgrades, key FOB, etc. :( But she be rollin! :)


thstone 01-17-2013 07:16 AM

I did a pretty good accounting for costs from last year here: http://986forum.com/forums/boxster-racing-forum/41688-yearly-track-costs-how-spend-%2420k-yr-%2410k-porsche.html

Since I published that list, I've replaced the spark plugs, all 6 coil packs, and I am having the the top replaced today (Robbins glass window).

Previous to that list I've replaced the AOS, starter, rear wheel bearings, rebuilt/repacked CV joints, transaxle spider gear, clutch, throw-out bearing, flywheel, major service, spark plug tubes.

I have a water pump, 160F thermostat, and the Boxster S oil cooler sitting here ready for installation this weekend.

Looks like us 986 owners are doing more than our fair share to re-vitalize the economy! :D

linklaw 01-17-2013 11:23 AM


Originally Posted by dan.oneufer (Post 323978)
Hey linklaw, I don't see Das Schild install on that list. ;)

Please. Help me find a set so I can add it to the list!

AndyA6 01-17-2013 11:42 AM

Oh man! A lot of things.....

UD pulley
Front strut brace
TB and bigger tee
New rear tires
Bypass pipes
Covered a few things in dry carbon
New battery
Rear O2 sensors (covered by Porsche)
997 shifter
"CRIOS" mod to exhaust
Various items like oil/filters etc.

teleski 01-17-2013 11:50 AM

Not much up until today!
2000 base

Day 2 - replace ignition switch at dealership. They only had the full ignition switch / steering lock in stock. Best $570 I ever spent ;-) as it let me actually drive the car I just purchased!

CV boots on one axle - $250

Oil change - $150

New tires (today!) - $1150

Alignment (tomorrow) - $125

Miscellaneous (wiper blades, hood/trunk shocks etc...) ~$200

So I appear to be at ~$2500 in six months..... Hmm that hurts to add it up.

I expect the brakes to be good for another year, maybe longer now!

I would never have put this kind of money in any other car, so whats the point of doing this math? This is much cheaper than therapy and a whole lot more fun! I suggest deleting this pointless thread.

BruceH 01-17-2013 11:56 AM

I have only had mine since July so the year is not over!

CV Boots
Spark plug tubes
Front Brake Pads and Rotors
CDR 220 iPod connector
Gas cap
Hella Clear side markers
Floor Mats
Oil change
Brake Flush
TS Cat Bypass
TS Exhaust
Light Switch module

To do:
-Short Shift
-New top, not sure which one to go with yet(GAHH or Robbins but it will be glass) or color(Blue or Black)
-clutch, IMS, RMS
-repaint calipers
-replace rear emblem
-engine mount

That's it for now. My biggest problem is time! I have a house that needs some more work as well plus I need time to just go drive!

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