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Talking Where can I add clutch fluid?

I drove my 97 boxster manual tranny last night. On my way home, I drove it spiritedly and all of a sudden my gear cannot go in! Had to depress clutch several times but still 1st gear cant go in. Seems like clutch had a problem.

I had the car towed back to my place. I think the fluid level is low or something or it might need bleeding since it came from a paint shop and was there for like 3 months.

Where can I find levels for fliuds or add clutch fluid? Upon searching the net, I only found where the bleeding plug for the clutch is located (underneat the car, at the tranny side) but not on where to check fliud levels for the clutch or at least on where to add fluids.

Btw, I had recently replaced my pressure plate, clutch disc and release bearing last 5-6 months ago. Brand new. New fluids as well. I had the job done by a local imported cars dealership here in my area. I drive the car very seldom.

What do you think happened guys? Or where can I add fluids for the clutch?

Thank you for reading.
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The brakes and clutch utilize the same reservoir.

If you have a solid brake pedal, I'm thinking you have another issue, but I could be wrong.

The shifter cables go through your firewall, over your motor, through the back firewall, and connect to the back of the tranny just ahead of your muffler. If you can get under the car and look at your cable connectors, you may find one of them loose or completely off. Zip tie it back in place. One of my cables is zip tied to the tranny and has been that way for five years.

If this is not the issue, I'd take it back to the shop that did the original work and ask them to at least diagnose the problem for you. The car should move by starting off in 2nd gear. As long as you don't make a habit of 2nd gear starts you won't do much if any damage to the car (unless you have a lot of intersections where you must stop at a very steep incline... and then you need a tow!)

BTW, just looked at your location. Owning a 97 boxster like ours in the Philippines is one expensive proposition! I hope you have a fat wallet that you can refill often. Your old boxster is gonna cost you a pile of cash to keep rolling... it's bad here in the US, so I can only imagine parts and qualified labor over there are outragous!
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I checked and saw that the brake fluid is at normal level. This means that there is another reason for this problem.

I noticed that my clutch pedal is lighter than before. Yes maybe the cable was out or something. Ill have a mechanic come over and check it.

Any other insights?

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Hello my kababayan, I agree with Randall, check first the tranny linkages. Simple visual inspection will reveal any issues. If linkages are ok, then I'll probably do clutch re-bleeding. Also, since the car is a 97, do you think the transmission fluid has been replaced? When I got my 996 last year with 97k miles, shifting gears were notchy especially in reverse due to old tranny fluid. Change it with lubro moly with night and day difference. Another thing is clutch cable adjustment. These are just relatively simple procedures you can actually do at home with standard tools and hopefully works for you but like Randall said, you can always bring your car back to the garage who worked on your clutch.

Btw Randall, good insight on the Philippines and Porsches maintenance prices. I walked into a sole Porsche dealership in Manila a few years ago to buy a serpintine belt for my previous 986, quoted me almost $80 US for it! Porsches has also recently gotten more popular there, probably got something to do with the bachelor Philippine president buying a pre-owned higher end 911 during his austerity measure program. Made quite a ruckus there.

Also, try to drive your car some more, it'll do it good! I drove to newly built express way (sctex) last May with an old Nissan sentra wishing I had my 996 there. Highway is lightly monitored hehehe!!!
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