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Newbie Boxster Questions

Just some questions about Boxsters in general. I've had mine (2000 base model) for 11 days now, and I think I'm a little too paranoid.
  • Am I supposed to hear the shocks firing on certain bumps? This is the first time I've ever heard that from any vehicle. Maybe it's just the soft top and proximity to the wheels. I hear the back ones more than the front ones.
  • Steering can be creaky at very low speeds. Think backing into a parking space.
  • I hear a squeak from the steering column during certain turns--usually fairly long and slow left turns. Turning left from a traffic light into, say, a parking lot triggers this the most.
  • Steering wheel has a small amount of play on interstates. Knowing German cars, this seems out of character.
  • Steering vibrates a little at interstate speeds. OK, it looks like I have a lot of steering questions...
  • Interior lights and/or trunk lights don't turn on when door/lid is open. Could this be because the after-market battery currently installed is just a slight bit too small? Fuse? Wiring?
  • TC Off light and ABS light will randomly turn on. Turning off and restarting the car cleared this issue. I found that out once my stalling out on a start. Not sure I should have admitted that, but I'm still getting used to the clutch.

I have to say that the Novus cleaner worked wonders on the rear window. I don't think that thing had ever been cleaned, and now it's...clear

This is my first German vehicle as well as a vehicle that isn't an SUV, so I'm probably over-thinking the minor details, but overall I'm highly impressed and satisfied with this machine. Best of all, NO CUP HOLDERS!
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My new struts made and still make a squish noise when going ove speed bumps.

It sounds like you have a steering problem. Probably in the mountung of the rack to the chassis because none of the things your describing in the steering should be happening.

The interior lights never come on? It's most likely a fuse.
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Welcome and congratulations!

You didn't mention a pre-purchase inspection - did you get one? If not, one of the first things to do is to change the oil/filter and get the car inspected from top to bottom at either a dealer or a local independent repair shop. This will give you a starting point on the car in terms of maintenance and/or needed repairs.

If you're new to a convertible, its likely that you're going to hear a lot of noises that normal that you've not heard before. The soft top can sometimes muffle certain noises that are clearer/louder with the top down as well as amplify others that you can't even hear with the top down. In time you'll get used to what is normal and not normal.
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Regarding the interstate steering questions, how are the tires? When I bought my 2002 S, I thought the tires were ok, but a shop told me otherwise. And I was having very similar high speed concerns.

I was actually amazed at how much new tires transformed the whole car. It got a lot smoother over bumps, cornered a lot better, and handled high speed like a.... Well, like a Porsche!

Good luck!
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Also, random warning lights can sometimes be caused by a faulty ignition switch. It's fairly common, pretty easy to replace, and can be found for reasonable prices on the Internet. I think there is an updated design, so be sure to get the right one.

A search on this board will reveal more details on that task.
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To explain some, the Boxster was my stepmother's, but now it's mine. I posted the story before, but it's worth telling again. Her S-500 is her daily driver. It probably has close to 260,000 miles on it. Her Boxster was the Sunday fun drive. It had 12,500 miles on it. They were going to sell/trade in both of her cars to get a Panamera, but then I was offered the Boxster if I sold my Xterra and gave them that money. So I did...and here I am.

I didn't have a prepurchase inspection mostly for that reason, however the tires are new and it had an oil change about 500 miles ago. I talked to the mechanic servicing this, and he assured me that the RMS is "as dry as the day it left the factory." That was my biggest concern.

The interior lights only turn on when the car is started or has the key turned to some sort of "on" position.

Thanks for the help, and I'll look into the steering thing.
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