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Advice for replacing failed BoxSter Engine.

I have a 2000 Boxster 2.7L Manual; this was a UK registered car that was exported to Cyprus as a used car. A few weeks ago the engine failed. So I am looking to import a used or a refurbished engine.

I have found, through online searches, a few used engines in the UK. One shop, Volks-apart, can fit the updated IMS retrofit for me and gives me 3 month warranty for the engine and one year for the new IMS (uprated (ceramic) bearing to the intermediate shaft in their terminology). I assume they are referring to the LN Engineering product.

I was more interested in a refurbished engine. I was told me that the only thing that fails in such engines is the IMS, so I will be safe if I replace it. Is this the case: only the IMS failure can cause catastrophic failure in such an engine?

Taking into consideration that this engine will be shipped to Cyprus the 3 month warranty will be very hard and costly to exercise. Obviously, I am very worried about the possibility of the engine failing again soon. What are the chances a used engine to have serious defects given that the IMS has not failed?

I will appreciate any suggestions and recommendations because I have very little knowledge on automotive engineering. I have been reading a lot since the engine failure and I am now semi-literate, which might be worse!
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First, do not "assume" anything; a basic rule of thumb is that anything that is not clearly spelled out in writing is not what you think it is. If the rebuilder will not provide you with a detailed written proposal cover what they are providing, go elsewhere.

You may want to look at FlatSix Innovations (Jake Raby's site); while he is in the US, he rebuilds and ships all over the world. Not cheap, but the quality and performance are top notch................
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or autofarm in the uk.
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Originally Posted by CyBoxter
I was told me that the only thing that fails in such engines is the IMS, so I will be safe if I replace it. Is this the case: only the IMS failure can cause catastrophic failure in such an engine?
The aforementioned Jake Raby has documented at least 21 or 22 "failure modes" for the M96 engine. Don't ask me what the chances are of them happening!

If you update the IMS you will maybe have hit up the worst?

I would also make sure the water pump is new, as failure of the impeller can lead to cracked heads. And probably the air-oil separator would be good to do if the engine is out. Replacing the rear main seal with the latest, too. Hmm, where do we stop?

Check out Mike Focke's site:

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CyBoxter - as per Radium King: there are 2 excellent engine suppliers in the UK,
Autofarm (www.autofarm.co.uk) and Hartech (www.hartech.org.uk).
Both have an enviable reputation, as does Flat 6 (site sponsor) in the US. They can supply fully overhauled engines with warranty & I would strongly recommend you contact all 3 of them to see what they can offer before you decide to run the gauntlet with an unknown second hand engine - you live a long way from the supplier and need confidence in the product before handing over your money....
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Option 1: Used Donor (eBay or equivalent) Engine. This is the cheapest route - simply replace the engine you have with another used engine and do a 60K service to get the car back on the road. Future reliability is unknown and you may be right back where you are now (needing an engine replacement) in anywhere from 10K-100K miles. Obviously 10K miles would be a bummer and 100K miles would be awesome - but no one can say for sure which it will be. $3K-$6K.

Option 2: Refreshed Engine Some shops call them "refreshed" or even "certified pre-owned" and some sellers will even call them "rebuilt" even though they are not really rebuilt. But this option will generally consist of a used engine that has good compression as-is with maybe new timing chain/guides, a new water pump and/or alternator, new thermostat, and a 60K service. Be sure to check which exact parts are new/replaced because it varies. Again, you may be right back where you are now in anywhere from 10K-100K miles. $4K-$10K with higher priced engines having fewer original miles and/or add'l components replaced and/or coming from better known shops.

3. Rebuilt/Remanufactured Engine: A remanufactured engine where the engine is rebuilt to meet the original spec's, mostly using OEM parts. This is a classic rebuilt engine. Some engines may have updates like IMS/RMS but you'll need to specifically check . This option should give you ~100K miles of service but the reliability is (again) completely dependent on the engine builder and the extent and quality of the updates installed to address reliability issues. Likely to have a warranty of some kind so be sure to check the warranty details. $8K-$12K. Higher priced engines have more high quality parts/updates and/or come from better known shops.

4. High End Fully Rebuilt - The engine is rebuilt from the ground up with lots of new parts and all upgrades. Buyer may be able to specify some build details as desired. Engine is probably better than anything coming straight out of the factory brand new. Shops that do this work are top-end and their business relies on a good repuatation. Should expect ~100K+ miles but check the warranty details. $12K-$22K. This will give you the most peace of mind (and maybe the highest performance) but it comes at a cost. Be aware that you may not get 100% of the engine cost back in resale value but that really depends on the buyer.

In summary, only you can decide which path is right for you and depends on how long you expect to keep the car, how much you love the car, how much money you are willing to spend, etc, etc.

Don't be ashamed to install a donor engine to get your car running again or if its not worth further investment to you. On the other hand, don't be ashamed to put $15K into a high end rebuild if this helps you sleep better.
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