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Dumb, make that STUPID, very lucky, and then unlucky

I'm working on my daily driver when I notice out the corner of my eye, my Porsche is rolling across the street. Didn't even notice it going down the driveway. It's too far away to do anything so I watch it jump the curb and hit a light pole.

I ALWAYS set the parking brake. Never leave the car in gear or in my other cars, in just Park. I feel, actually, I am a total idiot. My first reaction was to make sure no one saw how stupid I was. Then I started it up and drove it back in the garage, SET the brake and went to see the damage. Thought I was the luckest guy in the world. Just some very minor scratches in the bumper, which I removed with some Novus plastic scratch remover. I didn't even notice the real damage until I was putting away my tools about an hour later.

So,.... dumb: Not setting the brake
Lucky: Lot of people out walking today, could have hit someone. Could have been a car parked across the street. Could have taken a direct hit in the middle of the bumper instead of a glancing blow, light pole could have fallen over and smashed my car.
Unlucky....well the fact that this whole thing happened. What a way to ruin your day.

So....what am I looking at? I want to avoid an insurance claim. Am I looking at $1,000 or so, or am I dreaming? Ebay for the light, and am hoping I can get an aftermarket bumper, or maybe the dent can just be pushed out. Suggestions???

Rolled out of my garage, across the street and hit that light post.

Ouch! What kind of money and I looking at to fix this?
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Ouch! Unfortunate, but could have been a whole lot worse as you note.

I bet you can make do for less than $1k... ebay for a replacement taillight, and a competent body shop should be able to work with that bumper. I don't see any cracks, so it may just pop out when the light is removed.

Live and learn... bet you will NEVER forget to set the brake again. Go have a frosty beverage and don't sweat it. Ish happens.

Good luck from a fellow Pac-NW'er.


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Don't feel too bad about this, something stupid happened to ALL of us I am sure!!

Get a taillight somewhere like ebay and have a body shop look at the bumper cover, maybe it can be pushed out? How about a paintless dent repair shop, any aroud where you live?

'14 Boxster
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Remove the taillight, remove the bumper and use a heat gun to pop out the dent. If you are very lucky- there may not even be spider cracks left in the clear coat and very litle creases afterwards. Do not try to pop it out on the car.
And definately do not report it to insurance, they may not raise your rates this time but will F*** you next time something happens. Guess how I know
Good luck
1983 928 S Euro- fun to work on
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Old 10-17-2010, 10:36 PM   #5
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Bumper fix

Do a net search on plastic bumper repair, there are lots of articles about how to do-it-yourself dent repair for bumpers.
Pelican Parts has your light listed at $248.00
See ya around on the streets of the Northwest, and I hope I don't run into you.
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doesn't look to bad... as others have said pop off the bumper and use heat to hopefully get the dent out... i might have that side tail light... i know i have just one side when i use to have my boxster i just don't know if its the left or right... i'll check tomorrow...
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Old 10-18-2010, 01:37 AM   #7
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I hit a hare dead middle of the front bumper as I was getting ready to go to the Vintage Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. Car all spiffed up and all. I looked at the dent in the front bumper and figured, What the H**L, and got the tire iron and popped it out from the back. It went back to normal, but did have a couple of spider cracks. Much better than replacing the entire front bumper cover. Ed
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Old 10-18-2010, 02:26 AM   #8
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My sister rolled what was going to be my first car (Abarth 1000, 850 spider) into the neighbors garage and totaled it. I ended up with a 1.1 Opel Kadette, thanks Sue! I always leave my car in gear, if it's on a steep incline reverse or first, having said that you got off very light given the situation. A new tail light, rear bumper cover and repair to under laying bumper shouldn't be too fierce.

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Yeah, ditto that on leaving it in a low gear (especially parking on a hill)--just some added insurance against such misadventures! It's not like you can accidentally start the car in gear with the clutch engaged.
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What a bummer, it's always more painful when you've got no one to blame but yourself. At least no one was hurt.
This type of situation was my constant worry when I had my 914 with no hand brake. Parking became a sort of daily ritual as I always seemed to have to park on a steep hill. Pull into the parking space, open door and set my "parking rock" by reaching back and placing it under the rear tire, double check I'm in gear and cut the wheel hard over.
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Ouch, at least it wasn't so bad. My truck rolled out of my driveway and parked itself in front of the neighbors garage by about 3". A 2 ton truck could have done a lot of damage.
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