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differences between 986 and 987

I wonder what people here think about the differences between the 986 and 987,would the changes be enought to make the 987 a "new" model. I've read elsewhere how some state that they would not buy the first year of a new model. Do you'll feel this way?
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You know why I wouldn't buy a first year 987? It will seem trivial, but it's my main objection...

I read a review of the car in some magazine (car and driver?) and they said how great it was EXCEPT for the fact that the plexiglass wind deflector rattled so much they took it off and threw it in the trunk! After all these years they STILL can't get something simple right with our cars!!!!

I'll buy a 987 model that has a wind deflector that doesn't rattle, thank you very much.

PS - If I didn't need access to the precious cargo room I have with the top up, I'd buy some black cauk at Home Depot and make that sucker a permanent part of the rollbar. (ok, I'd never do that because it's a Porsche, but doggonit, I've thought about it at least three times now it makes me so mad!)

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Easy fix to rattling wind deflector

I had the same problem too, and it's the easiest thing to fix.

Remove the wind deflector, and apply a small bit of foam tape (the stuff you buy at HomeDepot that stops doors and windows rattling in the wind). Apply it onto the small plastic bits that slot into the holders. It'll be a bit tight, but won't prevent you from removing it in the future.

To stop the black grills in the roll bars rattling, all you have to do is get some of those soft sticky pads that you put underneath chair legs to stop them from scuffing on wooden floors.

Quite simply, a small bit of foam padding with sticky adhesive on one side that fills out the space will prevent the rattling.

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Originally Posted by graybeard
I wonder what people here think about the differences between the 986 and 987,would the changes be enought to make the 987 a "new" model. I've read elsewhere how some state that they would not buy the first year of a new model. Do you'll feel this way?
Porsche's approach to a new model is more "evolution that revolution", to quote Edmunds.com review of the 987. The cars are hard to tell apart unless you are either a) very familiar with them, or b) have them sitting side by side with each other.

That said, according to Porsche, there is only 20% of the 986 left in the 987. They've made a lot of changes. And for a car that has been 80% changed to still look so much like the previous model is one heck of an accomplishment. Porsche really nailed it on the new Boxster.

As for being worried about buying a first year model... My 987 has been surprisingly problem free. The only problem I've had was my Engine Temp Gauge stopped working. I took it to the shop and on the way there it started working again. The dealership couldn't find anything wrong with it, but they told me if it happened again to bring it back. It's been fine since. I've got about 2k miles on my 987 now.
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987 vs 986

I own a 2003 Boxster S and the difference in hp from the new 987 and mine is 20hp. Performance wise there is some but not enough to get rid of the my car now for a new one. In a couple of years then I might reassess my situation and see how Porsche has evolved the engine further in the 987. It is my opinion that the engine of the Cayman S will see itself in the Boxster. At this point you are talking almost 300 hp which should be optimal for the Boxster.
The more rigid chasis is a plus and the interior accomadations are improved as well as the rest of the car. I ultimately will get the 987 S but only when the engine is up to the Cayman's specs. Guessing performance of under 5 secs and a top speed of over 170 mph. That would be a 1/2 quicker than my car now at 260 hp.
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In my experience, Porsche does NOT have a good track record on new models. Personally I would wait at least one model year but that is me.

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I agree. I truly believe that Porsche is going to figure a lot of things out between having the new 987 out, and more importantly, by releasing the Cayman.

I think that there will be some sort of eventual evolution between the two, taking the best parts of both and making them apply to the other.

Personally, I think that the Cayman will be the next great sports car from Porsche. Even if porsche doesn't make the engine nasty fast, someone will put the 3.6 or 3.8 in there, and with the perfect balance, rigidity of a coupe, and mid engine set-up, this car will dominate.

So I will bide my time for the next 3 or 4 years, pay off this 2000 I have, and then look into getting a Cayman S.

Okay, off the soap box now.
"Action is Eloquence." -Shakespeare

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It will be interesting to see what Porsche has to say about factory racing participation with the Cayman.
I just wonder if they haven't come to the conclusion that racing development of the 911, with it's engine hung out behind the rear wheels, has become an exercise in decreasing returns, and they need a mid-engine chassis to keep up. Obviously they haven't yet fallen behind the red cars on the race track, but it doesn't take more than one development hiccup to put you behind the eight ball.
A laundry list of factory go-faster parts that would fit the Boxster as well as the Cayman would be greeted with much bowing and scraping in the direction of Stuttgart on the part of the Boxster owner community, but I'm afraid Porsche will find a way of sabotaging that outcome.
Idle speculation at the moment.
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