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1st Post - Potential Buyer - Should I?

I had a 914 many, many years ago, and a 911S coupe. Have always loved the brand. Been studying the info available on the later Porsches.

Trying to talk wifey into a box, trade her '01 325Ci convertible for one. We bought the 'vert as a CPO five years ago, now has 86K and have maintained it to flawless condition. Maybe trade it off.

Local exotic dealer has a '04 Boxster with 22K and tip for just under $20K. Car is flawless. Should we trade??? Have not driven it yet, afraid I might like it too much.

We used to need a back seat, but our teenaged son is 6' now so can't ride in the back any more anyway so she may as well get a 2-seater. I get to drive on the weekend. We have two other cars.

Waddaya think??

My reservations:
IMS prone to failure anytime, could install the update bearings.
RMS leak
Expensive maint, but I have yet to find anything I couldn't tackle. Would do my own maint.

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Originally Posted by CJBROWN

My reservations:
IMS prone to failure anytime, could install the update bearings.
RMS leak
Expensive maint, but I have yet to find anything I couldn't tackle. Would do my own maint.

You pretty much covered the main issues plaguing the 986. The best (and most realistic) advice i can give anyone who has, planning on purchasing an out-of warranty 986...make sure you have a slush fund of at least $10k- to prepare for the worst case scenario (blown engine, IMS failure).
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The older boxsters like mine had oodles of problems that required sorting. The 04's and up are far more dependable and to be totally truthful, the RMS and IMS issues are not something you should worry about. It's a small percentage of M96 motors and I have never had either problem, although my first gen motor was replaced at 75k... and I now have 108k on it.

Go drive the car, and bring your wife and let her drive it too.

Then HAMMER the dealer on price. In this economy, you should be able to walk off that lot with the car, an extended warranty, new floormats, and a kiss on the cheek after given a very healthy discount.

I will say this though: before you sign anything, get a pre purchase inspection from the Pcar dealer or a reputable indy with certified technicians.

BTW, Litronics and Bose are two features I'd be wanting on my newer boxster.
'97 Boxster (Black Hole for 42,000 Dead Presidents and counting) - 122k
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Buy the best car you can afford and do not be in a hurry. There are lots of good Boxsters out there, and it is currently a buyers market.

Figure out which options you have to have and which ones you would not pay extra for. Color of interior and exterior are always important. Wheels too, but they can be changed easily if not cheaply.

I had to have an S with 6speed, heated seats, cruise control and black over Savanna. Basalt (metallic) or non-metallic did not matter. And 18" Carrera Lights.

Litronics and Bose were okay as were several lesser options.

Get Pre-purchase inspection (PPI) from qualified inspector and demand maintenance records. No records no buy! Critical!

And enjoy the process. I did a lot if web searching to narrow the field before driving to see cars. If no price was listed I blew them off. A lot of stoopid dealers use the web to get contacts and have no other interest in the Internet.

I actually inquired about a ca in FL by e-mail and some idiot sent me an 800 number! I am not a phone person until I make an appointment to see/drive a car.
04 Boxster S - Basalt/Savanna, 6sp, Carrera lites, hardtop
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Follow the advise above and you won't be disappointed. I recommend an S model if you are performance oriented.
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After a vigerous test drive, you might find the Boxster reminds you of one of those other cars...

You need to worry about an IMS failure. It happens. If it happens to me one day, I'll be sad. I will, however, immediately go out and by another Boxster.

The RMS thing really isn't a big deal. I got some oil drips on my garage floor. Then it stopped and hasn't leaked since. The RMS is nothing more than a drop or two of oil that leaks between the engine and transmission (the rear main seal). IF it happens, you replace the seal when you replace the cluch. In the meantime, you top off the oil once in a while. I've never had to top off my oil. It sounds like the RMS leak is very rare in an auto.

Expensive to maintain? That's not my personal experience. So far, my out of pocket expenses have been quite modest (mine is an '02. Have 2 years and I've put close to 25K miles on it).

No regrets. Good luck.

By the way - $20K for an '04 with low miles sounds like a good price. I'm not suggesting you don't negotiate, but the asking price sounds reasonable.
SOLD - 2002 Boxster S - PSM, Litronics, De-ambered, Bird Bike Rack, Hardtop, RMS leak...
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An 04 with that mileage, you wouldn't have to worry about maintenance for a long while. Unless you believe the dealer and change your spark plugs every 4 years.
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Any time you switch cars

selling one to buy another, you are going to take a hit especially if a dealer is involved. They have top make $ and so they have limited ability to lower prices. Finding a motivated seller, one who really has to sell for reasons other than the car is the way to the best price.

Though a low mileage 2004 for $20k is a darn good price.

TIPs historically have less RMS and IMS issues than sticks. There are lost of DIY web pages to help you with routine maintenance.

My '01S TIP with 56K has cost me less than $15 a month in unscheduled maintenance costs across 15k miles and 50+ months. I've been lucky.

Something to ask the dealer is 1 year of the ability to buy parts at dealer cost. Heck I even made that a condition of buying a golf car. Saves you $ if something goes wrong and doesn't cost the selling side of the dealership anything. Get it in writing.

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