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Very decent color chart...

I'm a little late to the party - and am in the throws of looking for an 01. On major problem for us who live in the boonies is selecting a color worthy of driving 3-4hrs to go look at.

The nice folks at Automobile Atlanta have pictures of cars in the various colors offered. See at: http://www.********************************************.com/model/986catalog/color-code.html

...and, Yes - I can see the pictures on Ebay, etc. ..but I'm looking for something different in the lighter shades. I've decided that Green and Yellow are not the different I'm seeking, but there's Meridian and Indigo...hell, even the two silver's; Polar and Arctic. (I can't tell the difference in pictures...)

And P-A-A-A-I-N !!! There's a Silver in Maimi with a really trick optional interior..lotsa packages...no miles...and frickin' Automatic. (my apologies to those who like them - but my wife would loose her lunch at the thought of her name on the title)

Sorry to whine.

..I'm sure the view is worth the climb.

Salisbury MD

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I suspect you might want to decide which colors you definately do not want, then look for the others and be ready to compromise a little.
For example, if you do not want silver, black, blue, or red, you have eliminated about 75% of the of the available cars already. The percentages of colors that you will see in the color survey on this site match pretty well with the real world. Silver is noted as the color for 29% of the 169 respondents vs 26.5% in the 1,070 Boxsters available on Cars.com.
As you have noted, there is silver, and then there is Arctic Silver. I agree you can't tell much by looking at pictures on web sites. They don't really show you that Arctic has a subtle blue cast to it vs the whiter shade of some of the other silvers. You 'bout have to see them for yourself.
Plus, there is the factor of what was a standard color in '04 was not a standard color in '01. So if you particularly the like Basalt Grey (not necessarily a real color) you saw in the showroom on a new car, it may be virtually nonexistant on an '01.
Good luck.

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I applaud your desire to have a unique colored Boxster, but dude, there is simply nothing like a triple black Porsche!

I liken it to a steath fighter jet that flys really, really low.
'97 Boxster (Black Hole for 42,000 Dead Presidents and counting) - 122k
New motor, transmission, suspension, and on and on and on it goes...
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Hmmm...a stealth fighter jet that flies really really low...that is a pretty cool feeling.

::looks out the window at the flightline, sees all the jets lined up on base::

Not many know what that feels like, I would suspect!
"Action is Eloquence." -Shakespeare

"I ran until my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid. And then I ran some more." -Fight Club
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Thanks guys... My wife has already nix'd Black as being too hot for our part of the country. And if you look at the list of std. and optional...and then 'special' colors on this site http://www.industryfigure.com/berkeley/Porsche/Options/OptionsMatrix.htm for 2001

...well, I expect to see very few of some colors because throwing an extra $3K on the fire was probably not too popular.

I'll keep looking... Cheers.

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By 2001, Porsche removed most of the neat, light color choices and replaced them with a bunch of "off-blacks." Other than red, yellow, green, and zenith blue, there isn't much to pick from (at least in my taste).

If I was forced to do silver, I'd do meridian. It has a bit of warmth to it that makes it look better than the typical railroad car or 747.
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I'm not too impressed with the color values of the interior shots - none of the partial leather colors seem quite right. The exteriors were pretty good.

I wish I had a good link interior colors
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A-S: Just think back when the Boxster was introduced - the almost the only info was a brochure at a dealer. With this internet, we've gone a helluva way...and we're getting greedy.
Maybe us as a group could make a brochure here on the forum.

C-G: I've found a meridian with the yellow/tan interior that's beautiful...but it's got miles.

I'm suprised there seem to be so few Silver with Red interiors?! Thinking back to the cars of the '60's - that was a normal combo.

This move to similar interior/exterior coloring doesn't allow the interior to be diferentiated from the exterior. I see them as two different entities. The outside is what I want you to see me in - the inside what I want me to see me in.

I have a silver ML320 that's dull'r-than-dog-sh_t with a navy interior and too dark'a windows. The only optional interior was waaaay outta line.



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