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Very decent color chart...

I'm a little late to the party - and am in the throws of looking for an 01. On major problem for us who live in the boonies is selecting a color worthy of driving 3-4hrs to go look at.

The nice folks at Automobile Atlanta have pictures of cars in the various colors offered. See at: http://www.********************************************.com/model/986catalog/color-code.html

...and, Yes - I can see the pictures on Ebay, etc. ..but I'm looking for something different in the lighter shades. I've decided that Green and Yellow are not the different I'm seeking, but there's Meridian and Indigo...hell, even the two silver's; Polar and Arctic. (I can't tell the difference in pictures...)

And P-A-A-A-I-N !!! There's a Silver in Maimi with a really trick optional interior..lotsa miles...and frickin' Automatic. (my apologies to those who like them - but my wife would loose her lunch at the thought of her name on the title)

Sorry to whine.

..I'm sure the view is worth the climb.

Salisbury MD
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