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A-S: Just think back when the Boxster was introduced - the almost the only info was a brochure at a dealer. With this internet, we've gone a helluva way...and we're getting greedy.
Maybe us as a group could make a brochure here on the forum.

C-G: I've found a meridian with the yellow/tan interior that's beautiful...but it's got miles.

I'm suprised there seem to be so few Silver with Red interiors?! Thinking back to the cars of the '60's - that was a normal combo.

This move to similar interior/exterior coloring doesn't allow the interior to be diferentiated from the exterior. I see them as two different entities. The outside is what I want you to see me in - the inside what I want me to see me in.

I have a silver ML320 that's dull'r-than-dog-sh_t with a navy interior and too dark'a windows. The only optional interior was waaaay outta line.


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