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Originally Posted by jmitro View Post
what I'm trying to do is dial out (what I perceive to be) understeer on corner entry and midcorner.

Running a square setup with 255/40/17 RE71R on 8.5" rims all around.
With a square 255 setup on all 4 corners, you should have tremendous amounts of front grip. The time I drove a spec boxster with a square setup like this the front grip was incredible. The challenge with a square setup is to tame the oversteer at the limit.

Even with my 225 front 255 Boxster I didn't have any understeer trouble on corner entry, especially if I had any amount of trailbraking, even like a big toe worth.

I did have mid-corner understeer on long sweepers like at Roebling.

And then I would have a little understeer on full throttle track out.

What sway bars are you running, and if adjustable, what settings do you have them on?

What brand of springs/shocks and if adjustable, what settings do you have them on? Since you talk about ride height, I am guessing coilovers?

I have seen 2 cars now that had terrible oversteer due to too stiff springs in the rear and also set too low and running out of strut travel. I've never seen one that had that condition in the front but maybe it is possible?
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