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Originally Posted by steved0x View Post
That is the 2nd time I have heard the term "diamonding a corner", the first time was at Sebring a few months ago when I rode with John Gaydos from Soul Performance in his Cayman R (what a car!). He sailed into T5 way faster than I would have thought, then using the brakes he swung the back end around and then nailed the gas and rocketed out of the corner. He called that Diamonding the corner. He has tremendous car control, he was sliding through T1 and through Bishop very fast. it was crazy fun and was the last session of the day, I wish I could have jumped back in my car while it was still fresh in my mind.

Is that what you mean by Diamond the entry?
Allot of people I watch trun and hold the turn thru all of T12. Which mean you have to slow completely to your turn speed before you cut in. I try to slow enough to turn in and cut across the first rumble strip maintaining some speed. Now your headed diagonally across the track to the outside rumble strip, tap the brake set the nose and turn towards the inside exit. As soon as the the car grips hit the gas. This will shoot you out at better speed and push you too the outside exit rumble strip.

If you look at it from overhead it's squares off the turn. Light turn in, straight, finish the turn. Diamond shaped
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