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i hate to be the one breaking the news, but it will only get worse, up to the point you will not be able to open the door.
the only solution is to replace the locking mechanism.
i had the issue on my boxster passenger side, two months later the driver side started acting up, and at about the same time (how convenient) my 996 driver side got stuck to the point it will not open at all.
notice that if you push the door in words, it will open with no issue.
the problem lies in the electric motor that gets wick over the years, and cannot overcome the tension of the mechanism.
i spent many hours taking it apart cleaning and adjusting with no success.
lucky for me, on the 996 the door got stuck with the door cover off, so i managed to open it from the inside.
the frustrating part for me was that after reassembly, it seem to work fine.
with the door open i locked the striker with a screwdriver, and it worked flawlessly numeros times. did not work as soon as i shut the door.
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