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Originally Posted by Brian in Tucson View Post
Your sig: 2003 Boxster 3.6 LN Nickies Black
NHP exhaust, 987 Intake, IPD Plenum, 74 MM Throtle body, L&N Pan Extension, L&N IMS, RSS Underdrive pulley, Recaro Pole Position seats, Accusump, Remote filter, Softronics Flashed ECU, GSR electric power steering pump Kit. GT3 control arm, KSport coil overs

Holy crap, dude, I though I was going nuts this Xmas buying my 01 a used 2.7, an under drive pulley, a spin on oil filter kit, and a cheezie aftermarket exhaust. I need a brother or a daddy with deep pockets.

Just one question does all that swag make any difference?
I've been tracking my car for nearly 8 years. Each year I've added some big improvement in the off season. The look on the driver of a 996 GT3 as you go past them is worth every cent. Even better driving past a Boss 302 or C4 or C5 vette priceless.
2003 Black 986. modified for Advanced level HPDE and open track days.
* 3.6L LN block, 06 heads, Carrillo H rods, IDP with 987 intake, Oil mods, LN IMS. * Spec II Clutch, 3.2L S Spec P-P FW. * D2 shocks, GT3 arms & and links, Spacers front and rear * Weight reduced, No carpet, AC deleted, Remote PS pump, PS pump deleted. Recaro Pole position seats, Brey crouse ext. 5 point harness, NHP sport exhaust
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