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The cheapest and easiest way to go Boxster racing is with a Spec Boxster. Spec Boxster's are limited to the early 1997-1999 2.5L models. The later 2.7 and 3.2 liter models can't race in Spec Boxster.

The advantage of Spec Boxster is that the rules keep the cars mostly equal in terms of performance, the cost is reasonable (for Porsche racing), and there are decent size fields in many parts of the country (so there is someone to race against).

Now the later 2.7/3.2 models can race in a variety of racing series and classes but there may or may not be very many of the same or equal cars in your class.

Buying an existing Spec Boxster is almost always cheaper than building one - even if you do most of the work yourself. This is because new parts are expensive and the costs add up quickly. There are a few Spec Boxster build sheets (excel files) floating around on the internet and it might be a good idea to find one and review it. If you can't find one, PM me and I can send it to you.

As rastta said, the advantages to building a Spec Boxster is that you can spread the costs over time and get exactly what you want. But you are sure to pay more in the long run (ask me how I know). Like most things in life, these are tradeoffs and only you can decide which path is best for you.

I would suggest starting in a 97-99 2.5L Boxster if you think you might want to go racing. The early 2.5L cars are also generally the cheapest models. Buy one and do some track days and get some driving instruction.

If you're still hooked, then do more track days and get more instruction. All of this can be done in your still mostly stock Boxster as the stock car has much more capability than the typical novice track driver (assuming that you're a normal human being like the rest of us and not the next F1 star in the making).

If you get to this point, then you'll know a lot more and be able to make an informed decision about whether to buy or build a Spec Boxster as your next step to get into racing.
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