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Here are a few:
1.Look for a close up of the nose of these pliers. Best way to remove rusty MAF security Torx screws.Made in and supplied from Japan
2. Best way to use Propane to chase Vacuum leaks
3. For removing hard to reach 5mm socket heads and other screws.Made in and supplied from Japan:
The Kobalt listed in a previous Post is good but it is not angled like this.Both are magnetic.
4. For dispensing sealant (like Loctite 5900) in difficult places.May still need to soak the tube in warm water:
5.Very readable
6. The best,cheap,robust .brightest mini Inspection lamp:
7. Great addition to a Power Probe kit
8. trim them carefully and use when you really,really do not want to drop a screw/bolt
9. Gearwrench Insert wrench bit set. The photo is useless sothere are 2 links.Smaller sets are available:
I'll add more depending on responses.

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