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Hmmmmmmmmm too technical for me and not sure i am bothered.. However the 19" Victor Kanhs are light cos i have fitted them on today

Will get some pics up soon when the site has been fixed to upload pics again

Went for a short drive but the new Red Stuff rear pads are tight in the calipers, too tight me thinks, and calipers got very hot and started making horrible noises

So limped home, tail between my legs. Will have the rear wheels off again in the morning and i think i will take the dampening pads out from the back of the pads and see how that goes...will give it couple of mm clearance then...Guess i can always put back in if needed at a later date..once the pads bed in a bit..

Handbrake was also very tight...although i havent touched this at all i guess it will need slacking off a tad as have fitted new rotors.. is this best done at the wheel or from inside the cockpit??

Thanx guys and girls.. Pete
2001 Boxster`S` Artic Silver
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