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986 wouldn't start - then a fuse miracle!

My CDR220 has decided to not work. The cart won't budge and I can't figure out how to take it out of the front trunk where it's located. So I used a metal ruler, trying to slide it behind the cart to try to disengage it. No luck.

So I looked for the fuse that handles the damn thing, and tried a bunch that could have something to do with the CD player. All looked fine.

Then I went to start the car. Nothing. No click click click. Lights and all other electric gear worked fine. Ran a trickle charger overnight. In the morning, nothing. Would not start.

So I thought maybe I goofed something up while looking at the fuses. I pulled each fuse, one by one, and checked each with a little fuse checking device. All were fine. But I noticed a weird little wire (circled) that ran into E8 was loose (no, I don't have a phone installed). I also pushed in a little orange thing (also circled) that I don't think is a fuse, but it was part-way out. It has a little drawing of the front deck open and a plus sign. No idea what it is for.

But I made sure all fuses were pushed in properly, then tried starting the car. What do I have to lose?

The car started perfectly. And I've started it a few more times, and everything works perfectly.

Any clue what the problem was and how I inadvertently fixed it (not that I really need to know - all's well that ends.)

2002 Triple-Black Boxster S
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The little red tab is a power input. When your battery is dead and you can't open the front trunk, pull it out and apply power to get the front trunk open so you can access the battery.

Fuse D8 is for the radio. Not sure why there is a wire there.

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Thanks for the info!

The wire/fuse remains a mystery. Can't imagine why it would affect the ignition.
2002 Triple-Black Boxster S
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Maybe it is for a Lo-jack car tracer?
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Curious.....isn't the front hood opened with a cable attached to the lever on the doorsill? (that's the way my 98 hood opens up). Do newer Boxsters open the front hood differently?....just curious.
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Newer cars have electronic frunk/trunk releases
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Trying to access old un-used brain cells, so forgive me. Many years past when I had audio set ups that used 6 disk CD cartridges (both Pioneer and Alpine) I had encountered a couple of times where the cartridge would not eject; this was primary due to the tray that holds the selected CD not full retracting back into the cartridge. Generally a couple of attempts to eject would work or trying to select another CD from the cartridge to prompt the other one to disengage. If I remember correctly, only once did I have one that would not retract/eject and it required removing the housing to the player and offering a slight assist while trying to eject. Another potential cause is misalignment of the cartridge within the unit...try wobbling it around or lifting it while trying to eject. Failing all of those options, it's possible that the motor has finally failed.

Regarding the red pull out pin with the picture on it...yep, it's the way to apply power to open the frunk to get to a dead battery; read the owners manual for additional details. Also, I see that you are a member from a quite a while back...I'm honestly surprised that you haven't had to use the darn pull out plug to get to your battery. Kudos for owning your car that long and not having to use it. Also, kudos for 13 years.

Finally, that darn wire is obviously not stock, but looks like it isn't the typical botch-job you see posted on here. I would be interested in hearing what you find. Is there anything that is not stock? Is it possible it would have gone to a radar detector? My unsolicited advice is to track it down, and if not in use to remove it before you have an issue where the dead end finds a ground and you end up with bigger issues. Best of luck.
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I can try pulling the wire/fuse thing out again and see if the car will start, but I'm almost afraid to tempt fate. As I wrote, all's well that ends. Although I bought the car second-hand, I don't know of any after-market add-ons. The only "different" things are that it has Litronic headlights and heated seats. No phone, radar detector or other items. Maybe the original owner had a Lojack, or phone and pulled it before selling it.

Regarding the CD changer, there are a couple of hex bolts attaching the CD changer mounting to the firewall, but I took them out and the changer still wouldn't come out. I'd like to take it out and check the wiring (saw that on another old thread) but can't figure out where else it's attached. If I have to pull the spare tire to reach more bolts, forget it. I'll sing to myself or listen to NPR.

2002 Triple-Black Boxster S
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fuses , start , starter

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