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Another quick wax review

So on my search for a spray wax that is the best for plain old silver I tried yet another spray wax. Oddly enough this one is an over the counter product.
Duragloss Aqua Wax (available at NAPA stores) for a whole $6??!!
I got it online where you can also order the gallon size with only $5 shipping.

I had some very good luck recently with new products like Optimum No-Rinse Wash (with a 2 gallon pesticide sprayer bye bye hose and driveway full of suds), Hello quick marr free washes. Leaves a slick surface that is easier to clean in future washes. Also good luck with FK 146 which cleans up any water spots and leaves the surface really nice for Carnaubas or Acrylics and is great at keeping the car cleaner longer.

After a 'double check' cleaning with FK 146 I uncorked the Aqua Wax....drum roll

People have been swearing by this stuff lately.
Well I see why. This stuff is REALLY GOOD. $6!?!
After spraying on a panel and buffing off with the short nap side of the microfiber towel it imediately left the paint looking thicker/denser and gave the whole car a wet look in only 5 minutes. I've tried all the Meguiars SPray waxes (NXT, Gold Class etc), Mother's (Showtime, FX), Sonus, and FK FX100 and this was on another level. If it was able to lavish my Arctic Silver with such results it must be really really great on darker colors.
Aqua Wax was the first "spray wax" I've ever used that gave the appearance of a paste wax but ...in only five minutes

But its not all good news. Drove the car Friday night, lots of compliments I even found an intoxicated girl laying on my hood while her girl friend took her picture.
She kept saying you have a beatiful car while I searched for possible scratches
She said she was going to use the photo for her match.com profile. Sorry babe I'm taken! She ran away crying. well I really didn't say that.
the next morning something that has been missing from my paint finish since I first started using FK sprays (146 and 425) reappeared:
A film of soot (too thick to be just dust) was now covering my whole car!
Bye Bye wet shine after only 7 hours.
I don't dry dust ever so out came the No Rinse in the pesticide sprayer and voila.
Clean car. I cleared away any remaining soil with 146 and reapplied the Aqua Wax. Wet shine is back. But I waited 15 minutes and coated the whole car with
FK 425. No difference in wet shine.

That night I did the same 40 mile drive. When I got home I did the "white glove" test. Car was CLEAN.

so yeah Aqua Wax and FK 425. Incredible results in 15 minutes for $21.
And it stays clean.

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Hey PL...

Just wanted to say that your prepped Miata is one of the nicest looking black cars I've seen in pics I drooled over it last week but didn't get a chance to say nice job!

I'm looking to purchase a 986S in the very near future and was wondering what your recommendations would be for a fresh start?

I was thinking about going the whole Zaino approach. I'm willing to spend whatever kind of time is necessary (over a weekend) but want maximum durability with maximum outcome too

Your input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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good luck on the BoxsterS search. Its a very good time to be a buyer for this car. Most guys who ask me about the car can't believe you find a good at least 2000 year S model at $30K or less. They assume its a much more expensive car.

As for detailing well it all depends on what you do with your car. But first let me say CLAY BAR THE CAR! Most people rarely do this, big mistake. Even 15 minutes with the clay will triple your results. You can wash 3x's and there's still crap on your paint you don't see that dulls the finish. And using 1st rate towels will reduce the dreaded swirls. Try Poorboys or Detail City for MF towels with silk binding.
If the car is just a cruiser that sits mainly in your garage well then I wouldn't be opposed to using more expensive time consuming products like Zaino and Menzerna see below

Menzerna FMJ

If you get the car dirty often then something cheaper/quicker with similar results is in order like Finish Kare, Optimum and Duragloss.
FK Gallery
Finish Kare

For garage queens the Zaino and Menzerma lines are excellent. Zaino has the best durability from what I hear so its a good choice for a car that's outside allot and you don't detail often.
I'm not a fan of buying all my products from the same company. I like to use the best polish, the easiest sealant, etc. Just a personal approach taste thing.
Zaino doesn't like being mixed with other non-zaino products so that doesn't square with my approach. Also, I wasn't impressed with the fact that you had to call long distance to get product information. Their lineup can be confusing so I think a 1-800 is in order.

I break down the detailing products into two categories:
seasonal care and weekly care.

For seasonal care I like Klasse All in One Polish after a good swirl removal with Poorboys (start with the least abbrasive formula and work up until swirl are gone).
Poorboys SSR 2.5 swirl buster

To seal the deswirling and polishing I'm using Werkstatt Acrylic Jett, very very easy. Poorboys EXP is also easy.

For weekly after the wash care, I've become a big fan of the Finish Kare line up.
The stuff is mass produced for the boat and auto industry. They have a very 'scientific approach' that centers on paint decontamination and dust repellents. They claim frequent use of their product will keep the car cleaner, slicker, longer. After looking at my car this morning (it rained last night) I'm 100% sold. I use their cleaning detailer FK 146 and their magic 425 "teflon" liquid.
Their sealing glaze FX100 like 425 is unique in the industry, it will seal any type of product either bio like pure Brazilian Carnauba (s100, souveran, etc) or a synthetic spray gloss.
For a monthly paste wax I like Poorboy's Natty's (or Natty's blue for dark colors) or FK Pink Wax. For weekly wax boosting Duragloss Aqua Wax at $7 is the best bang for the buck by far.

on the interior I only use Einzett or 1z. Their leather care is the best I've used.
Their dash spray "Rubber and Vinyl Care" is the only product that touches my dash and plastic (topped with FK 425 for dust repelling). If you don't live in CA I also use Klass VLRP on anything that's black and plastic. Makes it look new.
On tires I like the Michelin tire dressing which you can get at pepboys or other over the counter places.
GT3 Recaro Seats - Boxster Red
GT3 Aero / Carrera 18" 5 spoke / Potenza RE-11
Fabspeed Headers & Noise Maker
BORN: March 2000 - FINLAND

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I've been very happy with Klasse all in one and the klasse sealer.
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I recommend Collinite #845 as your first coat of wax. Then I would use #915 for
future waxings.

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