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Boxster & extras & buying the right car

Hello to all, I am new to the forum as I have just put a deposit down on a 2004 2.7 Boxster yesterday.

I have spent the past few weeks looking for a low mileage, mint, red boxster but I'm having slight concerns about the limited spec on the vehicle I've secured.

First of all, it has 29,000 genuine miles & full Porsche MD service history which I know from research is valuable to have. It is at a garage that has previoulsy sold the vehicle & I've spoken to the previous 2 owners.

It doesn't have AC, cruise or the upgraded stereo and on reflection have I potentially restricted the resale value of the car?

I am considering upgrading the stereo as these days you need to be able to connect your iPhone (any advice would be appreciated).

General feedback would be appreciated & hopefully put my mind at rest from people that have more knowledge than myself.

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In the states the lack of AC would be a major issue regarding resale value, in Notts (UK I'm assuming) it would depend on the ratio of cars with / without and the demand for it in cars. Cruise is also popular in the states (I never personally use it) but I doubt that would be of major impact on resale for this type of vehicle. On upgrading the stereo, there are plenty if DIY articles on it like this one:


It is an upgrade I performed on my car that has proven well worth it, Bluetooth / hands free calling is very nice and worth every bit of what it costs.

IMO the best way to ensure good resale is to keep the car up to date on it's service, keep any and all records organized in a binder specifically for the car, beyond that you are at the mercy of the market. If you do make the purchase, this forum is invaluable for help and knowledge, really a great group of guys here. I would also recommend these two books, they will pay for themselves quickly if utilized:

Porsche Boxster, Boxster S Service Manual: 1997-2004: Bentley Publishers: 9780837616452: Amazon.com: Books

101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster (Motorbooks Workshop): Wayne R. Dempsey: 9780760335543: Amazon.com: Books
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Thanks for your reply, I am guessing there are UK based owners too on this forum?
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Yep, some including me (North Lincolnshire) but mostly american users. This site is better than UK offerings for sure.....

I like yours, Guards red (not that I am biased or owt as I have one the same!)
It will all end in tears I tell you.......
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I agree with Coreseller on his questions about your regional requirements on AC and CC.

I have a couple of inter-related questions:

1. Are the options (or lack thereof) OK with you? Buying a used car is a compromise but you're the one who has to be satisfied.

2. How long do you plan to keep it?

If you're fine with the options and plan to keep it 5-10 yrs, options will be less important when it comes to resale time on a 15+ yr old car. Mileage and condition will be.

If you get "the itch" every 2-3 yrs, then resale issues should be considered.

Or you initiall plan to keep it 5-10 but it didn't have a "must have" option and you decide to look for another. This happens a lot, whether it's someone who thinks they can live with a base but then decide they have to have an S, or they think they can live without Sport Chrono or heated seats but later find out they can't, etc. Whatever the reason, regional values would be back in play if you're going to sell the car again in a couple of yrs.

You say you've been looking for a few wks. Hopefully you put the downpayment down because this one met your requirements vs you're getting tired of looking. Not sure how many Boxsters are available in your region, but there are plenty over here and people generally take their time finding the right one. Even though this one appears to be a base Base model, an 04 has nice options like a glass rear window and glove box. Take your time and you'll find the right one.

Good luck.
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I would not even consider a car with out air conditioning! I am canadian ( Toronto ) and find it very necessary during the summer. Even if I didn't care about resale, I would want it for myself. Not negotiable

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Welcome to the forum. I have a 2001 base box with air cond. and heated seats.
I can relate to your situation as 2 years ago I had a barebones 99 Miata MX5 which had no heated seats and no air cond. I was okay with it for 4 years but the wife was not. Having lived in the UK(Yorkshire and Berkshire) I would think that air cond. is not really necessary but might be better for resale. I don't have cruise control on my Box and don't feel the need for it.

It gets hot here in summer so air cond. is necessary here. The red Box looks really nice but make sure you get a prepurchase inspection done on it by an independent garage. Look at other Boxsters before you decide on this one although u have put money down, you may feel committed. For sure get a ppi done and make sure it is what u want. It is easy to buy a Porsche but harder to sell. A ppi will give u idea if it is any good and if you decide on this one and has only minor defects, then deduct the cost of the repairs from the purchase price. Read up on ims failure on the internet. Consider getting the ims replaced, or install the ims guardian which I have done or else live with the 5% probability of failure. Also as mentioned above would u rather have a Box s? Do not be in a hurry. Let us know what u decide on.
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Welcome! Husker and Core make good points. You bought the car and clearly where you live it didn't matter to you so it is likely there are others there too that would be interested in the same car.

I assume 1 - you got a good buy on the car, 2 - you didn't buy it as an investment, 3 - lack of AC/Radio won't impact your driving pleasure. Now enjoy Boxster ownership, drive it hard, and keep her clean and pretty. When you get the itch for another Boxster/Porsche (and you will ) part with it knowing any drop in value was worth the ride.

Keep the pics coming, we like pictures here
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I think you'll find www.BoXa.net active and helpful and they know the UK market and models which are sometimes subtly different from those in the US.
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First I was "no A/C??"

Then I realized it is UK and that made it a bit better to understand. Heated seats would be important, too.

All of the above comments pretty much sum it up.

I'd say depending on how long you like to keep the car and if there is a significant other to consider and price it looks like a very nice car!

Let us know, feedback always appreciated

'14 Boxster
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Buy the car for fun. You will not sell it years later for what you paid for it. Keep in mind this car sold new 9 years ago for something north of $50K USD. Now what is it worth ? It is mainly a fun car. Yes you can use it as a daily driver as we do, but the main purpose of this car is cornering. I call it my 4 wheeled motorcycle. And I have 2 of Triumphs best, a Rocket III and Thundedrbird Sport. The Boxster goes out more than the 2 Triumphs combined. Oh...I forgot to mention. We had 2 Boxsters for a while. A base and and S. Both fun to drive. The S is just a little more fun to drive.

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With regards to coreseller's comments on the radio I have a 2003 2.7 and wanted to update the radio but Porsche put their MOST fiber optic radios in, I believe, 2003 and newer making upgrading difficult and costly.

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A/C delete may be the ultimate power option especially on a 2.7 & definetely the most cost effective.
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Many thanks for all the feedback, this seems a great forum. I've considered the non A/C & have accepted that its one option I can live without given the condition & mileage of the car. I will keep the car around a year I guess, that's normal for me, depending on how I get on, may upgrade to an 987 as this was a strong consideration.

I currently own am Audi S4 B7 avant but I've only travelled 2000 miles in the past 6 months as I also have another car. I think by keeping the Boxster low miles it will always sell, especially being red as the majority are silver on this model.
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Keep in mind that the "upgraded" stereo is pretty much the worst unit ever put into an automobile... I think the base unit is worse, although I don't know how it could be. Just terrible.

Way better off aftermarket. Keep the original for future re-sale.

SOLD - 2002 Boxster S - PSM, Litronics, De-ambered, Bird Bike Rack, Hardtop, RMS leak...
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Originally Posted by R33P View Post
....I think by keeping the Boxster low miles it will always sell, especially being red as the majority are silver on this model.
You are keeping it a year...DRIVE IT...no way you will put enough extra miles on it to adversely impact the sale.

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