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IMS, RMS & clutch before I sell?

Hi guys, I've had my Boster for over 6 years... a base 2000 with 72k. I've already done the following:
Front engine mount
Plugs and tubes
Serp belt
Coolant tank
300W amp and sub
Oil changes of course
and may other things... painted calipers with PORSCHE vinyls, brake pads etc etc.
It's all stock as far as suspension and the such.

Anyway, the car is perfect with the exception of the fuel sender which I will fix this winter. I'm thinking to make the car more attractive to a buyer I should go ahead and do the IMS, RMS and clutch. If I decide to keep it its good for many more years...
I might get a 996... in which case I will have to do the IMS on that as well... so the experience wouldnt be bad.

But do you think it is worth doing all of this?

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I'd sell it as is unless you are keeping it, getting the premium back for the effort may prove more difficult than you think. I'll be going though this with a rental this spring. I think it would sell better with a new kitchen, given the horrible market where I live I'm inclined to let it go cheaper and let the new owners make the kitchen they desire.
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It's a tough call... I'm on the fence about even selling it and winter time is when I need to do a project like this. I don't mind turning the wrench I'm not necessarily looking to get the $ back... But rather an added selling point. It's tough to predict what ill feel like doing next summer too. But, it is a lot of $ in parts! $1300+
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The upgrades WILL make the car stand out against the sales competition but you won't get back much in the purchase price. In fact, the buyer might de-value the work almost entirely unless it was done by a reputable shop and you have receipts. DIY work is very hard to value on re-sale.
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I think that's about all I can expect... To just be a more attractive buy. I do save receipts and also take photos etc. I've posted enough on the boards that it wouldn't be to hard to validate the things I've done. And like I said before... I may just change my mind after doing the work
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I've always taken the same route of going beyond what was necessary on something I'm getting ready to sell.It made a huge difference on the sale of my condo.Sold it in 30 days.My thought is that it might not result in much extra $ from the sale, but it would certainly make the item STAND OUT above the others and at least get it sold without languishing.

Seems that only the car dealerships fail to get this and won't pay extra.The car dealers generally are so very sloppy when providing any service history when selling their used cars.Individual intelligent enthusiast's appreciate the value.IMO.

I've done RMS/IMS/Clutch on my 2000 S w/62,000 miles and I plan to keep it for a long time. My 97 JEEP Wrangler w/133,000 miles is getting the full treatment that it needs as well.
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If you are bored, looking for a winter project and the ~ $1500 isn't going to ding the budget too bad go ahead and do it. It will be a great selling point for the right crowd, but then again it could be a major red flag for a casual Porsche shopper.

When I had my 986 up for sale a local fellow was looking for a "fun" car, when I showed him the receipts and tried to explain IMS and RMS issue his eyes glazed over (as would most non-technical types) and I could tell he kind of freaked out at the stack of paperwork I had amassed.

When another fellow who was well versed on what to look out for on 986's (I sold the car through this board to another member) had seen what work was done it was definitely a very major selling point.

If you are going to sell through Autotrader, CL, For Sale sign in the window, etc. I'd say it wouldn't matter. If you are going to try to move it through a Porsche based forum it will help immensely.

IMO either way you would probably make out OK; if you put it in and sell you'll be very educated when it comes time to do it in the 996, if you put it in and keep it you're covered for the future then.
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Old 12-02-2012, 09:58 PM   #8
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when I was trying to sell my 02 S 99% of the people that called about it did not give a rats ass about the IMSB and updated RMS (which I also had just upgraded)
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My take is that you could likely sell w/o doing the work. However, From a marketability standpoint with an educated buyer, it would likely make the car an easier sell. The flip side is that an uneducated buyer may actually take any reference to the IMSB as a negative. If you have the time and want to learn, consider it an investment in your knowledge base. The new clutch will also make it an easier sell and will yield a return, but not likely equal to the cost. That clutch is likely pretty tired at 72K. The clutch in my S had 53K when I changed it. It felt perfect but the mileage and the desire to do an IMSB retrofit inspired me to change it. I was shocked when I actually looked at it. It was down to rivets. It was one or two hard clutch dumps away from the friction material shearing off the plate.

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I don't think its a tough call. Don't do it. Only if you find yourself unable to move the car quickly should you consider dumping that kind of money into something you won't be able to get back entirely. You'd get more eyeballs buying new floor matts and having the car professionally detailed. People are often backwards in their logic that way. Like a house-buyer that makes a big deal out of the carpet on the stairs instead of worrying about the repair in the roof.
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I agree with Perfect. You'll never get the money back.

Using a forum like this gives a misleading impression that buyers will be looking for things IMS and RMS work. The reality is that the Boxster is a mass produced and mass market car and hardly anyone will be looking out for this stuff.
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You guys are right... I've decided that ill put it on the market as it sits this spring... It's going to be tough going a year without a Porsche... I've had the Boxster for 6 years and my 951 two years before that...
But, for me to jump up to the 997 I need to get some ducks in a row and selling the Boxster will help a lot! Not to mention another year of 997 depreciation!

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