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So here's what happened this evening. I grabbed a box with 5 old HVAC controls in it. I plugged them into my 'still running' parts car to test them. Three have bad screens, two have good screens. The one with the part number # 99665310110 has a bad screen. The one with part number #99665310103 blew the fuse for my instrument cluster when I plugged it in, but looked good as new and worked well.

So, there *is* a difference between models and I found an answer on the PCA web site:
... The later units are for the later 986/996 cars with CAN Bus. If you put one of those in an earlier car, it will blow a fuse and knock out the dash. However the fuse is marked Diagnostic, not exactly obvious. There are two marked Diagnostic, it is the second one. Thanks to Peter Smith for that one.
Since I have a pile of these things with bad screens, I just ordered five new screens from (Pelican probably has them too). Installation is fairly straightforward and cost is about $60 if you buy one.

Looking at the parts catalog the -03 parts are good up to year 2000, then the -08 runs from 2001 on up. The -10 shows as 2003 +.

Deeper down the rabbit hole...
We have lots of options.
  1. I can swap the very good screen from a -03 onto the -08 and send it for a price a bit below what I find for 'solds' on eBay.
  2. I can trade your bad one for a good one and charge you $90 to cover my shipping and screen replacement.
  3. You can send me yours and I can replace the screen [assuming that's the problem with it] for $90 to cover shipping and screen replacement.
  4. You can buy your own screen and fix it yourself.

I'm happy with any of those, so just let me know if you'd like me to help.
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