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Originally Posted by jaykay View Post
Okay, is there more freedom with the six speed or is strictly another dedicated oil from Porsche? I think I have come across something pertaining to Mobil Delvac being superior…but may have this muddled
Porsche has always set the specs for their manual gear box oil independently of what is available on the street for general usage. Years ago, I contacted Mobil 1, Castrol, and others about suitable aftermarket products and was told that what Porsche uses is unique to them and because they are such a small market, the aftermarket people tend to "drive a square peg into a round hole" with products they already make rather than make one to match. M1 also called the Porsche factory fill products "very high quality full synthetics". They also told me to just buy the factory stuff for either gearbox and get on with life rather than try to make something work. We did and have never had a problem.
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