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6 speed to 5 speed swap?

Before you yell at me at least hear me out.

Short version, my friend had a 54k mile base boxster get totalled by someone that pulled out in front of him. I bought it cheap from the insurance.

It took forever but I finally found a car without drivetrain, but it was an boxster S.

Because the base had 54k I figured I'd swap everything from it due to the low mileage (the S car has 122k).

Now it's looking like swapping the 5 speed in isn't going to work out as well as I had hoped.

I already swapped the shifter, cables, mounts, was in the middle of swapping slaves when I read that the axles and uprights are different.

At this point I want to make sure I can actually complete this swap or if I have to pull it all back apart and swap the actual 6 speed in?

I do have a six speed, and in theory it should be fine at 122k, but I knew the 5 speed was good to go, plus I'm missing the 6 speed axles which isn't a deal breaker, but just adds up sorta thing.

Anyways, that's why I was doing it, but if it can't be done or will be a massive hassle requiring swapping out half the car then I'll put the 6 speed in.

Thanks, and please don't yell at me. My friend claimed he looked into this and couldn't find anything definitive (even though I think I already found some of the answers myself, but that's neither here nor there)...
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