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Originally Posted by casioqv View Post
Any idea why Porsche would use such a custom fluid when they're just using a VW/Audi transmission that itself has a spec (VW/Audi G 052 911) that is widely matched by a lot of products?

I'd imagine maybe they are trying to tune the 'feel' of the transmission engagement for performance driving in a way VW wouldn't care about?

Still, it makes me doubt that using a VW/Audi spec oil will cause premature transmission failure.

Honestly, I didn't know all of this when I bought the MT-90. Likely I will change back to the Porsche fluid if I change it again, but in the mean time there are much more pressing maintenance issues on this 22 year old car... and I am satisfied that the MT-90 isn't likely to cause transmission failure.
A retired Porsche engineer told me it is because the transmission used in the Boxster has synchro rings made from an unusual alloy that are not used in the gear box when it is in other applications. We have seen similar unique oils used in other applications for similar reasons; the one that comes to mind is the 5-speed used in late 1990's Nissan Maximas, it required a different oil than all other Nissan applications.
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