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Originally Posted by casioqv View Post
I did search as much as I could, and most people seemed to be having no problem with it. I noticed one person complaining of 'notchy' shifting, but my shifting is extremely smooth feeling.

Indeed, the logic from the redline engineer makes sense to me. Here is the full text of what they sent:
Just to put his comment in context, the fluid which is made for Porsche does not have a GL rating of any kind; a small division of Royal Dutch Shell (Burhma) makes it to Porsche specs, so it completely unique.

For years, many aftermarket gear oil companies have claimed to have substitute products, but in reality, do not. Years ago, we contacted Mobil, Castrol, and several other oil company's technical groups, and the honest ones responded that the Porsche product is a "one off", and that they had no matching products.
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